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'Dancing With the Stars': The celeb-pro pairings!

Maksim-Dancing-Kirstie-AlleyImage Credit: Everett Collection; Maksim Chmerkovskiy: ABCWell, well, well. I’m sure you’ve been on the edges of your sequined armchairs waiting for my reaction to the new DWTS cast. Sorry about the delay — I had to spend the entire day figuring out who the hell these people are. Just kidding! Google is easy. No, I spent much of the day seeking out the rumored Star-Pro pairings for season 12.

Sadly, Enthusiastic Activia Lady Jamie Lee Curtis could not find time in her busy schedule of eating yogurt and crafting paper bracelets to answer my late November prayers. WTF, EAL?

The couples in the running for season 12′s COVETED MIRRORBALL TROPHY…. are…. coming up, after the break! READ FULL STORY

'DWTS' pro Derek Hough out for season 12: An EW.com Hidden Gems Tribute to his (partial) career

Derek Hough, Dancing With the Stars pro and legal guardian of “Little Derek,” is taking season 12 (premiering Monday, March 21 on ABC) off to play a New Orleans street dancer in the upcoming movie Cobu 3D. The three-time winner of the COVETED MIRRORBALL TROPHY should be back for season 13 in September. After the jump, let’s take a trip down Planet Mirrorballus’ spray-tanned mammary lane. EW proudly presents: The Best of Derek Hough’s Hidden Gems from 2010. READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef All-Stars': Hidden Truffles of Week 2!

You didn’t think I’d suppress my hidden gem-hunting nature for four whole months, right? Many thanks to the few, the proud, the Top Chef recap-readers who nominated Hidden Truffles this week! After the jump, Tom sprouts pigtails, Happy Dale gets frisky with a tube of Ritz Crackers, Casey wakes up with someone’s patterned-panted butt in her face, and more! I’m like a pig in dirt, now more than ever. READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' stars practice their American accents, charm us all

I’m always pleasantly surprised when actors play along with off-the-wall interview angles, but after answering “How does it feel to be done with filming Harry Potter?” for the millionth time, it makes sense that the good-humored Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 stars would be game to test their American accents with MTV. Watch the video below. I got slightly distracted by Daniel Radcliffe’s heavage (hairy!) and how great that color of blue looked on him, but I was focused enough on what he was saying to chuckle when he asked, “Do I have to say this one?” before pronouncing “Glenn Beck.” Emma Watson proves she is, in fact, a very smart young lady when she balks at saying, “Twilight blows,” because it could be a trick (and used against her in the wrong hands). Rupert Grint’s enthusiasm for “Charlie Sheen” is adorable. And Tom Felton charms with improvisation.  READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars' Crazy Costume Watch: Which couple wore it better?

Remember when Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey attempted to re-imagine Scary Spice and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s “Pleather Power” paso doble from season 5? Of course you don’t — it was a whole week ago. (Also acceptable: “No; who are those people?”) We’ve pitted the season 11 contestants against their “inspirations” from seasons of yore. Be sure to click through today’s ‘DWTS’: Which team wore it better? photo gallery and vote for the couples who embodied the spirit of the sequin in a more believable/ridiculous way. FREE YOUR MIND and rock the vote!

My favorite battle is Pink Comet in the Glitz Galaxy (Kelly Osbourne) vs. Peaches ‘N’ Cream Barbie (Bristol Palin), but I also like Banana Man vs. Jolly Green Giant and Chocolate Ganache vs. Red Velvet Cake. Maybe I just wanted to type those food words again.

It’s so important to vote.

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Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

'Hawaii Five-0' Bingo: Week 1

alex-oloughlin-hawaiiImage Credit: Neil Jacobs/CBSSteve McGarrett started off last night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 sleeping next to the most perfect woman ever. She’s a Navy lieutenant who catches bad guys, is a great cook, likes her steak bloody, doesn’t seem to mind if you disappear for 36 hours at a time, and is played by Michelle Borth, last seen in flagrante on Tell Me You Love Me. Steve and his dream girl were all set to skip breakfast. They rubbed noses. They kissed. “I think I’m vibrating,” says Ms. Perfect. CBS, I know it’s 10 p.m., but behave yourself! Oh, wait, no, hahaha, it was just the iPhone. The Caller ID proclaimed: “Governor Jameson.” Thanks, Uncle iPhone!

Shenanigans ensued. The first bad guys of the evening were girl-enslaving gangsters, but then the real bad guys were Filipino terrorists. Meanwhile, the Steve/Danno flirtation reached a new high level of low geekery: Steve asked Danno if he ever made it to the Double-Pretzel level of Ms. Pac-Man. Danno: “Triple-Banana, bitch.” God, these guys are awesome. In the end, the evil Coach Tanaka was captured, the diplomat’s daughter was saved, and Steve treated his ladyfriend to a roast dinner on the beach. Except, uh-oh, they got too distracted by each other’s ridonk hotness to finish dinner! So, to recap the narrative arc of the latest episode of Hawaii Five-0:

1. Steve McGarrett had hot glamorous sex with the perfect woman.

2. Steve McGarrett solved a mystery and defeated terrorism in the Philippines forever.

3. Steve McGarrett had hot glamorous sex with the perfect woman on a beach.

Click forward for this week’s Bingo Board!


'Glee': 'Rocky Horror' promos get you excited (for more than skin)?

Confession: Even though I have a signed photo of Anthony Stewart Head as Frank-N-Furter hanging in my office, I’ve never actually seen any incarnation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in its entirety. (I know.) I assume there’s a reason why, according to the promos for Glee‘s Oct. 26 Rocky Horror episode, at least three male cast members need to end up shirtless (and oddly tan), and it’s not just Ryan Murphy working his let’s-put-Mario-Lopez-in-the-shower-on-Nip/Tuck magic. Watch two promos below. Do they look promising? (Go, Emma!) How do they affect your opinion of Glee‘s much-debated theme episodes? For me, it already feels like they’ve worked Rocky Horror into the story more seamlessly than they did Britney Spears…  READ FULL STORY

'Saved by the Baby': The title of Mario Lopez's new reality show has blown my mind.

mario-lopez-mazzaImage Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.comA new VH1 reality show will take viewers into the life of new father and former Saved By the Beller Mario Lopez “from the hottest parties to the dirtiest diapers,” according to a press release. (Funny, I never considered those two things  mutually exclusive.)

The Extra host and his girlfriend Courtney Mazza (a dancer he met while performing in A Chorus Line.) welcomed a baby girl, Gia Francesca, in September. The show, full title Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby, will follow their journey as new parents and Lopez’s quest to show off his bulging biceps as often as possible. That’s not a complaint.

It appears my calendar is frighteningly clear the night of the Nov. 1 premiere, so for that reason and that reason only, I’ll give the show one episode to wow me. (It honestly has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t let the past go. Nothing at all.)

Who else is in, PopWatchers? If you plan on watching, is it for nostalgia or because you think this show has promise? Most importantly, do you think Lopez refers to his girlfriend as “Mama”?

More nostalgia on Twitter: @EWSandraG

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'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 3!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems! READ FULL STORY

'Hawaii Five-0' skin watch: Episode 2 gratuitous shots low

hawaii-five-0Image Credit: Kim: Mario Perez/CBSLast night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 showed remarkable restraint when you consider that Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett went for a swim in the morning montage (weekly occurrence, please, watch the clip below) and Grace Park’s Kono Kalakaua landed in a swimming pool while fighting a cyber terrorist (guest star Ivana Milicevic). The camera could’ve followed his walk out of the water and into his house, and she could’ve been wearing something other than a blue henley, jeans, and flats when she hit the water. It’s refreshing to watch a woman dressed like that kick ass. She doesn’t need to be wearing leather pants, a leather bustier, or a leather jacket to prove she’s tough. Plus, it’s too hot to.

Other notes on Week 2:

• It’s apparently also too hot for McGarrett’s team to wear gloves at a crime scene.

• You’d think O’Loughlin would’ve looked the sexiest in a bulletproof vest. because he wore a black tee that showed off his biceps underneath. But it was definitely Daniel Dae Kim. Chin Ho Kelly should always wear that light, white, long-sleeved henley just in case he needs to put on the vest. It’s a great neckline for him, and the fabric pulls tight on his arms when he opens a door holding a shotgun. (Watch the clip below.)

• The writers should continue to use Hawaii’s tourist population for comedic effect. Last night, the guys, fully armed, had to ride a hotel elevator with a family. (Watch the clip below.) READ FULL STORY

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