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Google Doodle celebrates sculptor Auguste Rodin

Will Ferrell’s “Art Class Guy” is going to be thrilled to hear this.

Google’s latest homepage design celebrates what would have been French sculptor Auguste Rodin’s 172 birthday. When you click on The Thinker in Google, you are brought to the search results for “Auguste Rodin.” Considered the progenitor of modern sculpture, Rodin’s most celebrated works are likely familiar to you, whether you’re an art history buff or not. From “The Age of Bronze” to “St. John the Baptist Preaching” Rodin’s art, influenced heavily by Michelangelo, was quite controversial during his time.

His most famous piece, “Le Penseur (The Thinker),” that Google replicated above, was created in 1902 in Paris. According to his bio on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website, “The increasingly erotic character of Rodin’s sculpture can be explained by his preoccupation with two highly charged literary sources. These were Dante’s Inferno and Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil.”

Check out Ferrell’s (NSFW) SNL art spoof below: READ FULL STORY

'Cosmopolitan' cover girl: Taylor Swift is 'Crazy for a Kennedy!'

Eat your heart out, Joe, John, Jake, Conor!

A very grown-up-looking Taylor Swift graces the cover of the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmopolitan, known for its raunchy coverlines, went in a different (now reportedly dated) direction for Swift’s cover blurb: “Crazy for a Kennedy.”

Ouch. For a woman that just sold 1.2 million copies of her new album, Red, that cover declaration is pretty err.., mean.

And while the cover picture is obviously not super-scandalous, I think it’s the first time the now 22-year-old singer has posed next to the line “Late Night Sex.” She may sing about never growing up, but this is clearly a step in that direction. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga gets a fern named after her

Just call it The Adventures of FernGaga.

Lady Gaga is a well-known fan of monsters, but now even plants are getting involved with her army of music and social justice. Botanists at Duke University have honored the pop star by naming a new genus of ferns, and 19 species within the genus, after her, E! reports.

“We wanted to name this genus for Lady Gaga because of her fervent defense of equality and individual expression,” Kathleen Pryer, director of Duke’s herbarium and professor of biology, told E! READ FULL STORY

Penis enlargement, Twitter pranks and a love child: A brief history of lawsuits involving Justin Bieber

For most, turning 18 means being able to buy lottery ticket or vote. For Justin Bieber, it meant he became the target of a wealth of lawsuits ranging from the strange to the, um, very strange.

Take this latest case: TMZ has obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed in Michigan wherein a man claims that Bieber purchased a penis enlargement with a stolen credit card. And that’s not even the craziest part! He also impregnated the man’s “daughter” Selena Gomez on his “Canadian bear rug,” gave Gomez an STD, and used the man’s stolen American Express card to pay for an abortion.

In honor of this surprisingly detailed lawsuit, we’ve compiled a timeline of all the legal action involving Bieber.


Donald Trump has YUUGE info about Obama that could change the election, claims Donald Trump

So that‘s why Donald Trump’s hair is so fluffy: It’s full of secrets. And tomorrow, he’ll reveal one of those secrets to the world at large.

It’s gonna be yuge.

Trump announced on Fox & Friends yesterday that he knows “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States.” The mogul told TMZ Live that he plans to release said information “around noonish” on Wednesday, though he demurred when asked to give any more information about it — including whether Obama will be happy once Trump’s October Surprise has gone public. So far, Trump’s extremely active Twitter page has remained mum on the issue, though he has opined about Lance Armstrong and his “enemies.”

So, what could Trump possibly have up his incredibly luxurious sleeves?  READ FULL STORY

What's your favorite parody of Brad Pitt's Chanel No. 5 commercial?

Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 commercial – with his nonsensical rambling (“The world turns and we turn with it.”) and his unnerving stare — is ripe for parody. Taran Killam skewered the commercial on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live (“I can just start making up words… Bittalicious.”), but he’s not the only one to have done so. Check out five other parodies we loved, then vote for your favorite below!


Kellan Lutz says he'll win an Oscar someday

From vampire red blood to Oscar’s red carpet?

Kellan Lutz (who plays Edward’s big bro Emmett in the Twilight franchise) recently told DuJour magazine, “I want to act for the rest of my life. I’ll win an Oscar one day, but I’m in no rush to get there. I don’t care if that takes me 50 years, and I’m old. I just love what I do.”

While I think we can all agree Lutz won’t be receiving an Oscar for his body of work in Twilight, who knows what the future will hold? His previous roles (90210, Stick It) haven’t required much of him beyond his good looks, but perhaps the future will showcase the talent buried underneath his pounds of muscle. READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin fired from blogging job

Here’s a harsh dose of reality: Reality “star” Kate Gosselin has been fired from the website CouponCabin after 11 months of blogging for the site.

“A series of recent events have made it clear to me that Kate Gosselin and her contributions do not align with the authenticity which we set out to build almost a decade ago, and that Ms. Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin. It’s with this that I am writing to inform you of our decision to discontinue Ms. Gosselin’s feature blog on CouponCabin.com….We wish Kate, her family and her support staff all the best,” founder and CEO Scott Kluth said in a post on the site. READ FULL STORY

Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro will box once again. What are your favorite repeat performances?

Deja vu?

Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are headed back into the ring. They will both once again play a boxer, this time in Grudge Match, EW has confirmed with Warner Bros.  The news was first reported by Deadline.

Stallone is of course famous for Rocky and De Niro tackled the role of Jake LaMotta in 1980′s Raging Bull. That got us thinking about other actors – who have an iconic, everyone-knows-it role – that go back to a similar part years later (not in official sequels). We’re not talking about actors that just play the same role in every movie. Rather, thespians who have taken on many different roles but return to a famous one.


'Jurassic Park IV' concept art features human-dinosaur hybrid warriors

Have you ever wondered what Jurassic Park IV might have looked like? Well, now that concept art from an abandoned version of the film has surfaced online, you can see for yourself.

Jurassic Park IV has been stuck in development hell for over a decade. A script is in the process of being written by married screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, but it is only the latest in a long line of attempts to bring a fourth installment of the dinosaur franchise to the screen. Pre-production on an earlier version of the sequel was halted in 2007 after Ain’t It Cool News posted a review of the screenplay, which included human-dinosaur hybrids and a team of five commando super dinos known as Achilles, Hector, Perseus, Orestes, and Spartacus. There’s no word on whether the hybrids will make an appearance in the new Jurassic Park movie — which Steven Spielberg bless at Comic-Con 2011 — but this concept art can give you an idea of what we would have been dealing with.

I’m not even sure I find these pictures scary. What was so terrifying about the dinosaurs in the first three Jurassic Parks is that they were dinosaurs – huge creatures hellbent on eating you. A human with clunky claw hands and a toothy mouth? Not so much. What do you think of the concept art?

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