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Chinese art institute looks suspiciously like Hogwarts Castle

Another week, another Hogwarts—but don’t expect to learn any witchcraft in this one.


Polish LARPers create real-life Hogwarts for aspiring wizards


While Harry Potter fans have been waiting years for owls bearing their admission to Hogwarts to arrive—I’m sure mine just got lost in the owl mail, right?—a few Polish wizards-in-the-making went ahead and created their own school for witchcraft and wizardry.


How could 'The Hunger Games' continue after the movies? Just ask Harry Potter


The release of MockingjayPart 1 this weekend signals the beginning of the end for The Hunger Games quadrilogy, based on Suzanne Collins’s books—though the franchise won’t stop when the film series does, at least if Lionsgate has anything to say about it. And thankfully for the studio, there’s already a precedent for this type of world-expansion—set mostly by one very important boy wizard.

Harry Potter is the gold standard for maintaining a fervid fan base after a film series (based on an incredibly popular book series) ends. The Hunger Games has already taken more than a few cues from its predecessor; after all, Mockingjay is only being split into two parts thanks to the precedent set by Harry‘s Deathly Hallows strategy. But Potter has also mastered the life-after-movie game. (It’s worth mentioning that Harry Potter owes something to Star Wars when it comes to milking franchise potential for all it’s worth—but unlike Potter or Games, that franchise wasn’t based on previously-established source material.)

How else can Katniss take a leaf out of Harry’s spellbook? This is how you keep a fanbase alive—Harry Potter style. READ FULL STORY

This 'Walking Dead' star is finally ready for her own 'Harry Potter' wand


As Tara on The Walking Dead, Alanna Masterson is the kind of person to whom people want to reveal things (well, at least Eugene). But we got Masterson to do the talking when she stopped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch the video and read the transcript below to find out about her intense binge-watching habits, the movie her older brothers (including actors Danny, Christopher, and Jordan Masterson) encouraged her to watch too young, and when she plans to upgrade from a Hermione wand.  READ FULL STORY

Daniel Radcliffe vows he'll never wear Potter glasses because he wants to 'put some distance'

Daniel Radcliffe is trying really hard to shed the Harry Potter label, so cut him some slack if he doesn’t want to wear glasses anytime soon.


Cookie Monster spoofs 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'


Harry Potter, who? Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster becomes his own Triwizard champion of sorts in Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies.

The video—a parody on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire—acts as a lesson in listening. Professor Grumblemore (get it?!) gives Furry Potter three challenges (hence the Triwizard joke!) with very specific directions. In each challenge, Furry Potter has to sort the cookies and place them in the appropriate jar. When he follows the directions, he gets one step closer to the Goblet of Cookies.

“My favorite part of cookie magic, to make these cookies disappear,” Furry Potter says upon completing the challenges. Take a cue from him, and watch the video here.

London hotel lets you stay in Hogwarts for $400/night

Still waiting for an owl from Hogwarts? Well, a London hotel is now offering the next best thing to actually sleeping in Gryffindor tower, but it’ll cost you about $400.


See the magic behind the new 'Harry Potter' book covers


Johnny Duddle faced a huge challenge: Re-designing the Harry Potter book covers for a new generation of readers.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Duddle reveals how he was selected (the test cover that got him the job, pictured), his artistic process, and criticism received. “All I can really do, as an artist, is draw my vision of that scene,” Duddle told The Telegraph of the giant task at large.

What’s more, an accompanying slideshow shows the steps in how the covers were achieved for both Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Together, the images act something like a flipbook as color, highlights, and other details are added to the original sketches. The slideshow also shows early and completed sketches of Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and beloved house-elf, Dobby, among others.

Check it out, Potterheads, and as for Duddle, get this man a butterbeer!



Video: 'Harry Potter' meets 'Boyhood' in 'Potterhood' mock trailer


Boys, you’ve got a lot of growing up to do.

About a week ago, Nelson Carvajal released Apehood, a mock trailer that essentially follows Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘ Caesar, showing glimpses of him over the course of 18 years, in the vein of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood trailer. In traditional mock trailer fashion, it borrows everything from the original: Family of the Year’s “Hero” as background music, the same style opening line (adjusted from human to ape), and even critical praise, quoting the same film critics’ reviews throughout the trailer.

Upon the release of Apehood, film writer David Ehrlich tweeted that this idea would have been better applied to the Harry Potter series.

Ehrlich’s wish is Slate‘s command. Taking a cue from The A.V. Club writer, Slate made Potterhood (below). It similarly uses the same music, opening line (if only slightly adjusted), and quotes from critics, all presented in a montage of Harry, Ron, and Hermione growing up onscreen. It all makes much more sense as Daniel Radcliffe & Co. literally grew up onscreen, just as Boyhood‘s Ellar Coltrane. So thank you, Ehrlich.

Potterhood ends with Mad Eye Moody saying, “It’s all very touching,” poking fun at the sentimental nature of the trailer. Perhaps it is, but you can’t deny it’s clever.

150 random celebrities, painstakingly sorted into Hogwarts houses

On July 8, J.K. Rowling released a short, short story about grown-up Harry Potter and the Sequel She Swore She’d Never Write, and over in the magical land of central Florida, the Harry Potter theme park’s Diagon Alley expansion is entertaining six-hour lines on opening day. So apparently, it’s Harry Potter day, and to celebrate this completely random occasion, I’ve decided to do something equally arbitrary and sort a bunch of celebrities into the four houses of Hogwarts. Why? Art needs no reason.

First, the criteria. The Hogwarts houses are divided based on traits: Slytherins are cunning, ambitious, and resourceful. They are not evil, just misunderstood—they are perhaps just as likely to be watching Real Housewives as they are flocking to a Dark Mark. Hufflepuffs are hard-working, patient, loyal, and seem generally pleasant to be around; they are the kind of people you would invite to a barbecue and not have to worry about entertaining. Ravenclaws are intelligent, witty, and just overall smarter than you—and they will likely make sure you are aware of that. And Gryffindors are Gryffindors. There’s an unplaceable mystique with these paragons of society. Everyone wants to be a Gryffindor. Typically, if someone says, “I’m such a Gryffindor,” they’re really a Hufflepuff.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that only a small portion of the stars on this list would ever reach superstardom in the world of Harry Potter. Wizards are really into things like musicians and athletes and, weirdly enough, historians. Actors aren’t really a thing. Eschewing a Walk of Fame, wizard A-listers know they’ve made it when they’re featured on the back of a Chocolate Frog Card, likely because they either invented or killed something. And so, fame would elude most of this list, unless Meryl Streep has a secret background in slaying feral Hippogriffs (which is likely).

Using the power of imagination and a deep well of fully formed opinions about celebrities I’ve never met, I have chosen to act on my prejudices and make the painful decisions you didn’t know you needed made for you. Thus, here is a list of 150 celebrities and their unequivocal, indisputable placement in Hogwarts houses. READ FULL STORY

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