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Ryan Gosling and Jim Carrey celebrate a very drunk Christmas

Two timeless holiday traditions — a reading of  “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and… booze — have been melded together by FunnyOrDie. The holiday edition of their “Drunk History” series features a sauced telling of the classic poem, as Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling, and Eva Mendes are put through the slurred paces. An inebriated whiskey-lover named Allan struggles through the nearly 200-year-old tale, though he knows he stumbles when he says lines like, “The children were hung…”

Gosling’s “spring” from his bed could use a little work (but then again, why would anyone be in a rush to leave a sleeping Eva Mendes?). Carrey — best known as a Grinch or at least a Scrooge — finally gets to play the jolly big guy here, reminding us why Santa always has a rosy red nose and cheeks. Watch the NSFW clip below: READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: What did 'Home Alone' kid Kevin McCallister grow up to be?

One of my favorite holiday movies is the 1990 home security comedy Home Alone. Does anyone better embody the spirit of Christmas than Polka King of the Midwest John Candy as he offers Catherine O’Hara a ride in the back of a van from Scranton to Chicago? You gotta love the Kenosha Kickers! (I never appreciated them at the time; now I think they’re one of the most brilliant parts of the whole movie.) Also, sometimes when I see “Merry Christmas” emblazoned on something, I hear those words as spoken softly by Old Man Marley in the sad church scene. You’d think I’d imagine them as spoken by Santa, or my parents or something — but nope, it’s the scary snow-shoveling neighbor from Home Alone. Whatever works!

I’ve recently been wondering what Kevin McCallister might have made of himself. Crafty little freak, that one. He’d be a thriving, well-fed, hopefully non-vampiric 29-year-old today. On which of his many talents — interior design, trickery, sabotage, coupon-clipping — would Kevin choose to capitalize? Would he get his own OWN program following the cancellation of The Nate Berkus Show? Would he and his monogrammed backpack resurface on TLC’s Extreme Couponers? Would he become an all-grown-up spokesperson for aftershave? The founder of an institute for infectious “you’re such a” disease research? The possibilities are as endless as Kevin’s quest to reach Buzz’s tarantula on the stairs to the third floor.

I’ve listed some career options below — vote or suggest your own! READ FULL STORY

Yup, the 'Calvin and Hobbes' snowmen are still as hilariously morbid as ever -- VIDEO

It is absolutely mind-boggling to me that Calvin and Hobbes — the great American comic strip by Bill Watterson — left our newspapers 16 years ago this month. It is a true testament to the enduring hold the strip has on our imaginations that this miniature re-creation of Calvin’s deliciously macabre snowmen still feels as funny and endearing now as Watterson’s strips of them did back in the ’80s and ’90s. Check it out below, and then tell me, PopWatchers, what are your favorite Calvin and Hobbes moments? READ FULL STORY

Santa 2012: Election to replace Santa Claus heats up on FunnyOrDie

It’s an election year at the North Pole, and the campaign to replace the current jolly incumbent is heating up. It feels like a change election, and FunnyOrDie has the latest ads from the Santa wannabes who want to make Mr. C a mere 53-termer. Mack Henry is likely polling well with the Yukon Cornelius crowd: he can kill a reindeer and he vows to find Heatmiser’s volcano compound! Kathleen Heyward’s Christian-values pitch would be funnier, if it didn’t so closely echo some of our actual candidate’s political platforms. Watch the entire FunnyOrDie.com clip below and then vote for your new Santa.


Angry Birds' 'Wreck the Halls' cartoon: Fun on the slopes, but I miss balloon bird

The Angry Birds empire has been growing ever larger since it first sling-shot its way into millions of addicts’ players’ two years ago this month. There are the plush toys, the movie tie-ins, the haute couture. And now those sassy Finns at Rovio are trying to elbow their way into seasonal animated specials.

Yesterday, to commemorate the release of it’s “Wreck the Halls” level in Angry Birds Seasons, Rovio released an animated tale with hints of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with a dash of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Jimmy Fallon's Christmas episode was joyful and triumphant

It’s easy to be jaded about the holidays. It’s not unlike the temptation to feel weary and blasé about Saturday Night Live. Both seemed to feel more special when we were younger, didn’t they? But you would have to be a Grinch with a heart (and funny bone) two sizes too small not to have gotten into the spirit of last night’s joyous, hilarious, and often times touching, instant classic episode of Saturday Night Live. It encompassed all the things that make the holidays — and SNL — so wonderful when done right: It reunited old friends, brought back fond memories, and made us believe there was a little bit of magic in the air.

Of course, there may be no star better suited to spread that kind of joy to Studio 8H than Jimmy Fallon, who hosted for the first time since leaving the show as a cast member. After all, the Late Night host brings a free-spirited sense of fun to everything he does. Jaded is simply not on the guy’s radar at Christmas or any other time of the year, for that matter.


One more thing to cross off your list: Tom Hanks plants a big, wet holiday kiss on America -- VIDEO

While Thanksgiving is technically Tom Hanks’ holiday (T-Hanksgiving… get it?!) that doesn’t mean the Oscar-winning actor can’t partake in all the frivolity of Christmas. Especially when that fun includes hanging mistletoe over your own head and planting a big, wet smooch for all of America to enjoy. Which is exactly what the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close star did during his visit to The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday night. Hanks shared his very intimate holiday greeting with viewers by giving a huge smooch into, well really, on the camera and sending out his wish, “Merry Christmas, baby!” Watch the moment below. (And hey, if you’re going to kiss him back, don’t forget your own Windex, either!) READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert aims firepower at grinches -- VIDEO

On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert took on those who would dare call a Christmas tree a holiday tree, department stores who’ve done away with gift wrapping (the visual approximation of one spokesperson is classic), and Santas who feel compelled to tell children on their laps that he and the Mrs. can’t afford an iPad. After nearly breaking down sharing a painful childhood memory, he announced one bit of good news on the “Christmas war front” — the Scottsdale Gun Club is letting parents and their children pose with Santa and the weapons of their choice. Cue Colbert’s near makeout session with his Santa hat-wearing handgun, Sweetness. Watch it below. Just another reason why The Colbert Report made Ken Tucker’s list of the Top 10 TV shows of the year. READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel goes Grinch, gets parents to give their kids awful presents -- VIDEO

Inspired by his Halloween prank asking parents to tell their kids they ate all the trick-or-treat candy — and post videos to YouTube of their kids’ reactions — Jimmy Kimmel decided to raise the stakes for Christmas. Instead of taking something away, the late-night host asked parents to record them giving their kids a Christmas present early — an incredibly lame Christmas present. The result? It seems whereas missing candy inspired weeping and bottomless despair, awful presents inspired weeping and uncontrolled rage. If I’m a grinch for finding this hysterical, so be it. Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

Christmas is coming early: Check out Jimmy Fallon's 'Saturday Night Live' promo

Jimmy Fallon is heading back to his old stomping grounds this weekend when he hosts Saturday Night Live — just as he’d predicted — for the first time since leaving the show as a cast member. It’s pretty apparent in the promo clip for the episode that Fallon will be up to some of his old tricks. No, not by breaking with laughter — yet — rather by breaking into festive holiday song. While his renditions of the original “Christmas Is Coming Early” and a brand new take on “Jingle Bells” with Fred Armisen are good enough to get you into the Christmas — and SNL-watching — spirit, they’re no match for the classic “I Wish It Was Christmas Today.” Here’s to hoping Tracy Morgan and Chris Kattan can bury the hatchet for an encore as a nice holiday homecoming for Jimmy. (But hey, if push comes to shove, at least they’ve got the equal parts angelic and hilarious Michael Buble on hand!)

Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

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