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Why aren't we talking about Casey Wilson's perfect wedding dress?

Fine, we admit it: PopWatch went a little Kardashian krazy yesterday. Yet in all the hubbub over last weekend’s big Kimye-palooza — the Smash-esque wall of flowers… and the Trix Rabbit Batman costumes… and the 20-minute toasts… and the odds that it’s all going to come crashing down within a year — we neglected to mention something important: Kim and Kanye weren’t the only two celebrities to tie the knot over Memorial Day Weekend.

Both House alum Lisa Edelstein and Happy Endings star Casey Wilson walked down the aisle Sunday as well. (Edelstein wed artist Robert Russell; Wilson wed David Caspe, who created both Happy Endings and Wilson’s new NBC sitcom, Marry Me.) Each actress got married in California; each was probably ecstatic that the media’s attention was fully focused elsewhere that day.

But while Edelstein wore what appears to be a perfectly nice sleeveless gown, Wilson’s dress was white, lacy, and topped with long, romantic, semi-sheer sleeves — much like Kardashian’s own. (You know, Wedding Dress No. 5. From her third marriage.) The difference: Casey’s is so much better! Unless you’re into space lobster bibs or the dress Samantha Parkington wears to sip tea with Grandmary. Like, come on: READ FULL STORY

'New Girl': 5 things we'd like to see from Damon Wayans Jr.

Now that Damon Wayans Jr. has signed on for the rest of this season of New Girl, we can safely look forward to even more Coach — and even more opportunities for Damon Wayans Jr. to do his thing. And by “thing,” well, we mean the five following Wayans Jr.-isms we’d love to see him pull off during his extra guest starring time: READ FULL STORY

EWwys voting is on! Races are close -- like 10 votes close


Yes, it’s the weekend, which means you should have plenty of time to scroll through the nominees for the 6th Annual EWwy Awards, which honor the Emmy-snubbed, and vote for your favorites. As I’m typing this, 10 votes separate first and second place in one category; 46 votes in another, and 194 votes in a third. You could be the difference between someone having to explain why they have a tiny statue of a black gold sheep on their mantle and someone not having that pleasure.  Vote now!

Pop Culture Pet Peeve: Your apartment is too big

Plenty of things are unrealistic about television: No iconic moment in my life has ever been accompanied by Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Can Happen,” despite how much I wish it were. But the perpetual tiny-but-annoying quirk that most shows are guilty of is the unemployed twentysomething with a fabulous apartment. I’m onto you, Girls: No matter how much junk you throw around in Marnie and Hannah’s onetime-shared living space, it doesn’t hide the fact that they’ve got a ton of room. I live in New York City; I know you’re lying to me.

This isn’t anything new, of course. The go-to example is usually Carrie Bradshaw and her ridiculous Manhattan apartment with its gorgeous walk-in closet full on Manolos when her only source of explained income was a weekly newspaper column. But while everyone loves some good 1998 nostalgia (the Friends’ West Village apartments are another egregious example), the trend of the unbelievably large home isn’t fading away. READ FULL STORY

What would have happened on 'Happy Endings' season 4? Producers say...

The bittersweet saga of Happy Endings still has a sad conclusion: No other network stepped up to the kickball field’s home plate after ABC killed the show in May, meaning that Brad, Jane, Penny, Alex, Dave, and Max — Maaaax!! — will live on only in our weird fanfiction memories.

That said, at least we’re getting a bit of closure. Series creator David Caspe and Executive Producer Jonathan Groff (no, not that Jonathan Groff) recently did a postmortem interview with TVLine in which they discussed the show’s fate — “For me, the show’s a gigantic success,” said Caspe, who is such a Dave — and teased a few of the storylines fans could have expected if Happy Endings had survived to see 2014.


Season Finale Round-Up: Our TV critics on 'The Office,' 'Bates Motel,' 'Doctor Who,' 'Arrow,' 'Nashville' and more

‘Tis the season to end the TV season. A time of apocalyptic cliffhangers, teary eyed goodbyes, and of course, angry runaway wedding-crashing badgers. Speaking of spoilers: There will be a lot of them in our critical assessment of the year’s most notable finales so far, from The Office to Nashville to one not-so-happy Happy Endings. If your DVR cue is clogged with deferred climaxes… well, you should get that checked out, because it sounds painful. You should also not read everything that follows this colon: READ FULL STORY

EW.com's 4th Annual Season Finale Awards: Vote now!


Yes, there are a few season finales to go, but with the rush of surprise twists, cliffhangers, and exits behind us, it’s now time for EW.com’s fourth annual reader-voted Season Finale Awards. After taking your suggestions under advisement — and extending the cutoff date to March 31, because so many of you wanted to (dis)honor the passing of The Walking Dead‘s Andrea — here are this year’s nominees. UPDATE: Polls are now closed. Winners will be announced Friday. READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings' react: Don't let this be the end!

It’s tempting to recap a show like Happy Endings by just transcribing every line and saying ”this was hilarious,” but let’s savor the hour a little more. The gang begins ”Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce” hanging out with Penny’s mom, Dana (Megan Mullally), and Dave’s Dad, Big Dave (Michael McKean). When no one can hang out with Max, everyone starts to think about how much time the group actually spends together. Really, it’s just breakfast four or five times a week and drinks every evening. Oh, and they deliver all important news in person. That last part involves an awkward incident with Jane’s gyno.

Jane and Brad lied about going to a Bris, because they really wanted to try to join a tennis club. Max and Alex try to tag along to the Bris — Max wants to see his third one, though ”the second one was less of a religious ceremony and more of a horrific jet-skiing accident” — so Brad makes a quick lie about how he thought Max and Alex would make fun of them for wanting to do a rich people thing like join a tennis club. ”What time is your monocle-fitting, Ambassador Goldface Von Cash?” Max promptly throws out. Whew! Brad and Jane think they are off the hook. But really, Max knows they lied and he has a plan.

Meanwhile, Dave and Penny get some big news. They were hoping their parents might be tying the knot, but instead Big Dave and Dana announce that they want to adopt. Penny and Dave are obviously not excited, but they lie. Oh, do they lie! So much so that Dave has to improv a little jazz solo. Of course, they think of a plan and they think it up quick. They’ll just borrow a baby from one of their friends with kids — who apparently exist somewhere — and remind their parents how hard it is to raise a kid. We also learn that they once took Max to a prison to teach the inmates to get their act together. Also, Penny has a (frequent?) Jason Giambi sex nightmare.

At the tennis club, Brad and Jane are having a wonderful time. ”Tanning cream: heated, towels: heated, locker room attendant: heated… when I pointed out all of his lotions are full of toxic parabens,” Brad delightedly tells Jane. They’re about to go on a tour of the facilities when they are introduced to the people who will be touring with them: Max and Alex, sipping fruity drinks and trying to act rich.

Brad and Jane are not happy with their tagalongs, so Max makes a deal with them. The two pairs will play each other in doubles tennis; if Brad and Jane win, Max and Alex will leave. ”Max, nobody solves things through tennis matches anymore, bro. It’s not the ’80s” says Brad. Then Max calls Brad Arthur Ashy. Now, this moment right here is what makes this show so great. It could have gotten really offensive really fast, but instead Brad angrily delivers a line of pure hilarity: ”Nobody calls me ashy. Ever. That is not just a slap in my evenly moisturized face, it’s an insult to my personal lotion consultant and my creamist.” If you saw our clip, you know Brad and Jane win, but in the process alienate everyone in the club with their intensity and impressive racket-breaking skills.

The search for a friend’s baby is not going great for Dave and Penny, so they decide they’ll just hold a casting call for a baby. At the casting call, they try to find the worst mother and tell her they just need to take her baby for a quick screen test. Then they take the baby downstairs and try to make it start crying before their parents get there. Dave tries insulting the baby and Penny makes herself cry in hopes the baby will too — she just reminds herself she’s wearing Shania Twain perfume. When the baby’s mom comes down she threatens to call the police on Dave and Penny, just as Dana and Big Dave show up.

In the end, Dana and Big Dave solve the problem by paying the mom off. However, in the process, Dave and Penny did convince their parents not to adopt. So, win?

Brad and Jane explain to Max that they aren’t going to go off and do rich people things. They just want something to do as a couple. Max feels bad for ruining their chances of getting into the tennis club, but he has the perfect plan to get them back in. It doesn’t work though, and he ends up frantically running out of the club, naked, screaming as much. Well, he tried.

NEXT: Brooke out-Janes Jane… just accept that there’s a third Kerkovich sister.

PopWatch Planner: 'Iron Man 3,' 'The Following' and 'The Americans' season finales, and more


Here we are again, season finale time is kicking off. It seems like just yesterday that we were anticipating Revolution, excited for season 2 of Once Upon a Time, and wondering what Lena Dunham would bring us on new episodes of Girls. Oh, the passing of time. Now’s the time to catch up on The Following, Happy Endings, and The Americans (before their season finales this week)! Here’s how else to fill your pop culture desires this week: READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is ...

Submitted by Tmac11:

“I’m not as dumb as I am.”

 Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) on Happy Endings

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Tuesday Jan. 29 and come back Sunday to share your pick for best sound bite!

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