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From 'Walking Dead' to 'Assassins Creed III,' the best videogame special editions of 2012

Today’s most popular videogames often come in two flavors: The standard $60 edition or, for super-fans willing to plunk down some extra coin, the special, collector’s, or limited edition. The latter category certainly isn’t for everyone. In fact, their higher price points and penchant for including everything from art books to action figures is something casual fans might find superfluous, and generally limits their appeal to only the geekiest of gamers. However, for that select group of passionate players, there’s nothing cooler than going beyond the gamepad—be it through a behind-the-scenes DVD or mini space marine statue–to become a bit more immersed in their virtual world of choice. For those folks, we offer the following look at the season’s best bonus-brimming, swag-packed, universe-expanding editions.

'Halo 4' goes episodic with the in-game weekly series 'Spartan Ops' -- EXCLUSIVE TRAILER

With each new entry in the Halo franchise, fans of the sci-fi first-person shooter series expect two things: A cinematic solo experience to shame anything George Lucas has committed to celluloid (at least in the last three decades), and a robust suite of online multi-player modes that continue the fragging fun long after the campaign’s credits have rolled.

Halo 4 (which hits stores in the U.S. on Nov. 6) is the first game in five years to put players behind the gold visor of Covenant-crushing space marine Master Chief. But it’s also taking something of a risk with a brand new third option for prospective players: Spartan Ops, a play-extending experiment of sorts that mixes serialized storytelling with bite-sized playable missions. EW has the exclusive trailer of the experience, along with an interview with one of the creative minds behind the effort. Check them out below: READ FULL STORY

David Fincher's 'Halo 4' trailer: The life story of Master Chief

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Halo 4, which marks the long-awaited return of faceless space marine Master Chief to the franchise. A new trailer for the game celebrates his return with a surprisingly extended flashback-peek into the life of Master Chief. (Spoiler Alert: Master Chief’s life sucks.) The video was produced by David Fincher, who directed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and was directed by Tim Miller, who directed the best part of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. READ FULL STORY

'Last of Us' dominates E3 Game Critics Awards


The post-apocalyptic adventure game The Last of Us cemented its status as the Great Hope for the end of this videogame generation on Tuesday, winning five Game Critics Awards handed out as part of this year’s Best of E3. (Entertainment Weekly was a voting member in the awards this year.) Last of Us claimed the awards for Best in Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game, Best Action/Adventure Game, as well as a special commendation for sound. The other multiple winners were Dance Central 3, Halo 4, and Ubisoft’s mysterious Watch Dogs, which each claimed two awards. A full list of the victorious games follows: READ FULL STORY

'Halo 4' exclusive image: Master Chief's new planet

The last time we saw Halo‘s stern protagonist Master Chief, he was kicking back after a trilogy’s worth of space-fighting with some much deserved cryo-sleep. In November’s Halo 4, he finally wakes up…and finds himself in another fine mess. We’ll have more updates about Halo 4 straight from the floor of E3 soon. But first, to tide you over, EW has obtained an exclusive new image from the game, in which Master Chief finds himself on a new world called Requiem. Click on the picture for a bigger look at this mysterious, cloudy new planet. READ FULL STORY

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