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'Modern Dads' premiere: Who's a pretty prince?

Dads raising kids — what a concept. We shall put them on TV, stat! said the network exec who uncovered this rare species. I will not be surprised if a significant chunk of the massive Duck Dynasty viewing audience sticks around for an extra half hour of feel-good scripted reality fare each week with Modern Dads. The series follows four stay-at-home fathers in Austin, Texas who like their offspring but love checking their fantasy leagues on their phones instead of watching their kids at the park. Sure, it’s a cliché, but I know zero people who cannot either relate to this scenario directly or get an eye-rolly chuckle out of it. It’s not rocket science. It’s just a princess party. A lot of people are into those too!

Highlights of the Modern Dads premiere included a 6-year-old named Joopsy, the promise of “baby wrestling” later in the season, and men who are genuinely comfortable taking a backseat in stereotypical “machoism” to their very attractive, mucho-money-making wives. On the downside, there’s the general awfulness of swingin’ bachelor Stone and a bizarrely shoehorned-in plot in which he’s peer-pressured into having a vasectomy, then decides against it after meeting a woman (who was clearly an actress) at the supermarket counter. The show’s not as hokey as NBC’s failed Guys With Kids, but it does feel almost like a badly scripted documentary of Guys With Kids in production.

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'Revolution'? 'Mindy'? 'Nashville'? What's your favorite new TV show this season? POLL


One month ago, Homeland and Modern Family were named Best Drama and Best Comedy at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. Their crowning ushered in the 2012 fall TV season, an exciting new beginning filled with surprising triumphs and unsurprising failures. (Made in Jersey and Animal Practice, we hardly knew ye!)

It’s too early to tell whether any of the networks’ shiny new shows will dethrone Homeland or ModFam at next year’s Emmys. Still, we’ve seen enough of them to know which ones are live-watch musts, which deserve a spot on the DVR… and which should follow CBS’s legal drama and NBC’s monkey comedy to an early grave.

For now, though, let’s keep things positive. Which of the following new shows is your favorite one of all? Vote in the poll below — and explain yourself in the comments.


'Guys with Kids': Five nostalgia-tastic moments from its premiere

NBC’s Guys with Kids might as well be subtitled How to Succeed in Parenting Without Really Trying. The show follows a trio of young dads — as well as the ladies in their lives — as they struggle to raise their spawn while keeping their sanity. As that logline indicates, this isn’t exactly the fall season’s most cutting-edge sitcom — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here are five elements of the pilot that may appeal to anyone who misses the olden days, a.k.a. the ’80s, ’90s, and early ’00s:

Guys with Kids was taped in front of a live studio audience”
A voice that sounded an awful lot like co-creator Jimmy Fallon’s proclaimed this at the beginning of the episode. How quaint! It’s a little jarring to hear that studio audience hooting and hollering on a network that hasn’t had a multicamera comedy hit since Will & Grace — but the sound of live laughter does take us back to a simpler time, a time when three dudes could raise a group of girls together in San Francisco without anyone ever questioning their heterosexuality.


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