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Scott Speedman: Hollywood's should-have-been A-list star

Scott-SpeedmanImage Credit: Matt Carr/Getty ImagesSo it’s that time of night again when you find yourself sleepless on the couch, watching the same movies you always end up seeing at that hour. (Let’s face it, it’s never Bergman on late-night TBS, is it?) Perhaps you find yourself distracted, thinking about what’s missing, an ingredient that could have made the movie a bit better, brighter. And four little words enter your brain as if from a dream: Should Have Been Speedman.

Oh, is this just me? I’m talking Scott Speedman, of course — the actor currently starring in Barney’s Version, but best known as dreamy and unattainable crush Ben Covington on Felicity. (Before there were vampires to lust over, those of us who were of an impressionable age in the ‘90s had to make do with regular ol’ angsty college boys.) He was just so perpetually rumpled and inexplicably damaged in a weird postmodern Jordan Catalano way. Didn’t he always seem like he was on the brink of saying something totally profound… before ultimately saying nothing? READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race': It's all about the big girls this season

Rupaul-Drag-Race-MimiThings are getting real heavy on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season. And that’s mostly because, so far, the show has mostly focused on its three delightful big-girl contestants: Mimi Imfurst, Delta Work, and Stacy Layne Matthews. Not that I’m complaining—at all. That’s certainly been a very good thing. And while the headline to this mini recap of last night’s episode might lead you to believe that a big girl won the competition, those of you who watched know that’s certainly not the case. In fact, not only did a big girl not win the competition, but a big girl got sent home. (Collective gasp!) It was a not-very-sad bye-bye for — SPOILER ALERT — Mimi Imfurst, who turned into a freakish Dragzilla and lifted India Ferrah up over her head during the lip-sync-for-your-liiiiife portion of the hour. “GET HER OFF ME!” India hilariously growled, in one of the most entertaining few seconds of RuPaul’s Drag Race so far in its three-season run. The above photo illustrates The Evening’s No. 1 Most Ridiculous Moment. I sort of stared at the screen after that and wondered: Did that really just happen?

“Mimi Imfurst,” RuPaul said, just before telling the beastly queen to sashay away, “drag is not a contact sport.” (But honestly, wouldn’t it be more fun if it were?) Mimi Imfurst will be missed on that Main Stage, but you pretty much knew she was toast last night as soon as the episode turned to everyone hating on her just a few minutes into the hour. “Mimi’s always been teetering throughout the competition,” Ru said after her Main Stage walk, “and I think she may have gone to the other side.” Ain’t that the truth. As you might imagine, the two runner-up moments of the evening also featured one or all of the trio of big girls. Like I said, it’s all about the big girls this season! The Evening’s No. 2 Most Ridiculous Moment: When the three big girls teamed up and posed together, Charlie’s Angels style. I mean, just look at this gloriousness:


Mattel releases Barbie dolls of Krystle and Alexis from 'Dynasty': Your Christmas wish list starts now!

OMG — there are Dynasty Barbie dolls, people! I got a press release detailing the release of Krystle and Alexis dolls a few days ago, and immediately wrote back to the PR flack, telling her I needed to see them in person. Immediately. And here they are — I’m so happy to confirm, dear EW readers, that the dolls are glorious in person: They’re just as you see them on the left here, in all their gaudy, shoulder-festooned, door-knocker deliciousness. Do you die over them like me? If you loved this show, they’re completely must-haves.

They’re sold separately on Barbie’s Pink Label, and each box comes with a quote from the corresponding Dynasty diva on the front. Alexis’ is: “That sounds like a challenge and I adore a challenge!” Krystle’s is: “If you want a rematch just whistle! If you can!” So cheesy. So stupid. So awesome.

The best part about both dolls? As the back of the packaging reveals, both are in gowns that are “inspired by the original Nolan Miller designs!” As you might guess, there’s a reason for Barbie to get on the Dynasty train: The show just celebrated its 30th anniversary on Jan. 11, and a big-screen version of the show is in the works.

The big question that lingers in my mind, however, is: How long until some gay with too much time on his hands recreates the embedded below — and totally ultimate — catfight between Alexis and Krystle with these dolls and posts to YouTube? I can’t wait: READ FULL STORY

Korean dramas on Hulu: Why I'm addicted

Kkot-Boda-NamjaImage Credit: KBSGrowing up, I always had a strong hatred toward Korean dramas. My parents would rent a big stack of them on VHS from Atlanta’s Koreatown and watch them on Friday nights while munching on dried squid snacks. Maybe it was a kind of Pavlovian response on my part — the smell of stinky squid forever associated with the sound of Korean actors speaking a language I only barely understand — or the fact that my parents watching their stories meant no TGIF lineup for me, but I never gave Korean soap operas, or K-dramas, a chance until recently.

A non-Korean American friend of mine had been telling me for a while that K-dramas on Hulu were crazily addictive and that we should get addicted together. I ignored her recommendation for weeks, until one day after an epic DVR and Netflix binge, I was really lacking any other TV options. I did a Hulu search for “Korean Drama.” I settled on one called Boys before Flowers, based solely on the title, and my friend was right — after two episodes, I was hooked. READ FULL STORY

'Mean Girls 2': When is a sequel not a sequel?

So Mean Girls 2 premiered on ABC Family last night, and as Gretchen Wieners might say, it was so not fetch. The flick tells the story of a pretty outsider who transfers to North Shore High, befriends an unpopular artist, and conspires to bring down the Plastics, a group of three snotty, cruel classmates: a devious queen bee, a dumb, promiscuous blonde, and a high-strung brunette. Soon enough, the protagonist gets a makeover and becomes a member of the ruling class herself. It’s only after a major crisis turns the entire school against her that our girl can get back on track and finally rid the school of Plastics once and for all.

Sound familiar? READ FULL STORY

'Toddlers & Tiaras': 5 cringe-inducing projections from this week's delusional pageant moms

Toddlers-and-TiarasImage Credit: TLC“She loves to be the center of attention at pageants.” –Nicole (pictured), mother of 5-year-old Alexis, whose “unibrow” had been brutally waxed for this week’s featured competition, Fancy Faces of Oklahoma

“She loves to shop. She has great fashion sense.” –Tricia, mother of 15-month-old SamiJo, who was put into pageants because “that’s the whole reason I wanted to have a daughter.”

“I do not know how SamiJo would react today if she didn’t win.” –Tricia, while waiting for the crowning ceremony after having force-fed her baby “special juice” a.k.a. a can of Coke. Um, she’d go take a nap because she’s a baby!!!!!!

“She loves being in pageants. It makes her feel special about herself.” –Kim, stepmom of 4-year-old Jaclynn

“She has a great personality.” –Kim

After the jump, a very special screengrab of Arnold, the disabled puppet considered by 4-year-old Jaclynn to be her number one fan, “dancing” with her father, Weldon, who looked and sounded like a character from a Coen Brothers movie. READ FULL STORY

Kathy Griffin ends 'My Life on the D-List': What we'll miss most

kathy-griffinAfter six seasons schlepping her way through Hollywood’s D-List, Kathy Griffin is leaving her Bravo reality series. Does that mean no more signature celebrity/right-wing trash-talk? Say it ain’t so!

Thankfully not: The comedian will perform in four stand-up specials on the network that will air quarterly this year. That’s somewhat of a relief, but it still pains me to think that my TV will be void of the outspoken, gut-bustingly funny Griffin. So here, an ode to what I’ll miss most: READ FULL STORY

Are Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly making a 'Step Brothers' rap album? We hope so!

It’s rare, but every once in a while a celebrity tweet breaks through the white noise of the Internet and makes you sit up and take notice like a shih tzu hearing a dog whistle. Take this one from Will Ferrell’s FunnyorDie.com cohort Adam McKay yesterday: “Are we currently working on a Step Bros rap album? Yup.” READ FULL STORY

Kim Kardashian's new single: Who doesn't like club beats?

Kim-KardashianImage Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage.comIt would be funny if I approached this blog post about Kim Kardashian’s “new single” as if it were a genuine music critique. Like if we pondered the poetic implications of her lyrical command to “Turn it up so I can rock the night away.” Or talked about the quality of her “vocals.” But let’s not kid ourselves. Her new song, “Turn it Up,” which she debuted over the weekend in Las Vegas, is a club track. Nothing more, maybe less.

Much like when I get sucked into a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon, I don’t feel bad about accepting this at face value. She’s not coming into her “music career” hoping to play Carnegie Hall or hoping to match the creative achievements of Lady Gaga’s pinky toe. The reality star is producing club music, something that can be played during her many costly appearances at Tao, Pure, Muggle, Slytherin, or whatever the cool clubs are calling themselves these days. I can’t blame the woman for wanting to produce her own soundtrack. Who wouldn’t do the same? (EW refuses to play my Celtic vocal recordings when I enter the building every morning. Call me jealous.)

So while my innate reaction is to stick lit matches in my ears before pressing play on the video below, I won’t — and you shouldn’t either. 1) I’ve warned you. 2) Sticking lit matches in your ears if never a good idea. And 3) You’ve probably listened to worse. READ FULL STORY

Merry (over-the-top) Christmas from the Kardashians!


It’s no secret that I make an effort to keep up with the Kardashians, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m really enjoying their 2010 Christmas card. It’s so wonderfully over the top, and to quote the Kardashian clan, I die.

Khloe said on her blog yesterday that her momager, Kris, always makes “it a point to go all out, whether it was ninja turtles themed card, or bringing Santa into the mix, each year she always [manages] to top the year before.” And after seeing last year’s card which featured Ryan Seacrest (?!?), I didn’t even think it was possible. But sure enough, their card is ridiculously glamorous, and the definition of over the top. (Should it even be allowed to have so much beauty in one photo?)  READ FULL STORY

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