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'Family Matters': Did you love or hate Urkel?

If you’re anywhere between the ages of, say, 20 and 35 and reading this website, the question of whether you gleefully devoured ABC’s Friday night, family-friendly line-up TGIF is purely rhetorical. Of course you did.

There’s no doubt you loved Full House, Step By Step, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Perfect Strangers, and a variety of other ridiculously addictive shows. (Personally, I spent those Friday evenings stretched out on the floor of my living room with my three siblings and several Book It-earned personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. Holla! The ’90s were amazing.) But when it comes to one show in particular on that line-up, the block’s anchor for years — that’d be 8 p.m. resident Family Matters — the question isn’t whether you watched, but instead: What’s your opinion on Urkel? Because you certainly watched, and you certainly have an opinion on the polarizing character. READ FULL STORY

Animal Planet's 'Help! I'm Becoming a Cat Lady!' special: 10 pitch-purrrfect sound bites

Saturday evening television programming is rather dismal, for the most part, but one gem stood out this past evening: Animal Planet’s superbly titled one-hour special Help! I’m Becoming a Cat Lady! How could you not tune in to something like that? While veiwing this special (which I’m told, if successful, will be spun into a series), I found myself cackling away as two experts — psychologist, life coach, and dating expert Alyson and beauty and fashion guru Anthony — helped the tragic and still relatively young Gina, who, without intervention, was headed toward total Cat Lady-dom. (Gina has two cats: Blue and Trinket. She’s pictured here with one of them.) It’s like What Not to Wear for Future Cat Ladies. In a word: Genius.

The best way for you to get the full, delicious flavor of the show is by a round-up of the best lines uttered by Gina and her makeover posse, Alyson and Anthony. With that edict, I could have just transcribed the entire hour, sure, but I restrained myself to these 10 purrrfect bites. Enjoy:


An ode to 'Clarissa Explains It All'

The ’90s truly were all that. And so was the decade’s queen of cool, Clarissa Darling. Clarissa, played by Melissa Joan Hart, explained it all on her Nickelodeon series from 1991-94. And thanks to TeenNick’s new ’90s block, I get to relive all of my favorite moments all over again.

The revival of Clarissa Explains It All got me thinking about why I loved the show so much in the first place. READ FULL STORY

Could 'Jersey Shore' be good for America? A new poll shows it MIGHT be good for New Jersey.

People tend to assume that the success of Jersey Shore has been bad for New Jersey. Well, actually, people tend to assume that the success of Jersey Shore has been bad for America, television, the world, and most especially, the current generation of highly impressionable idiot teenagers, who will now have no goals in life beyond drinking and smushing, which means that humanity will spiral henceforth into sinful vice and we will never evolve into cosmic star children. But what if the societal effects of Jersey Shore are actually not all that bad? What if, in fact, the show has had a positive effect on the state of New Jersey, no matter what Gov. Chris Christie says? According to the Associated Press, a new poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind has found that people who watch Jersey Shore do not have a negative view of New Jersey — or at least, their negative view of New Jersey is no more negative than everyone else’s negative view of New Jersey. READ FULL STORY

Watch bad movie fan Patton Oswalt and bad movie icon Greg 'The Room' Sestero in a five-second film


Comedian Patton Oswalt has worked with everyone from Steven Soderbergh to Kevin James to a herd of animated rodents. But the previous achievements of the Ratatouille voice actor now, inevitably, look like just an extended warm-up to the main event. Why? Because the comedy website 5 Second Films has just posted its latest offering, which finds Patton co-starring with — wait for it! — Greg Sestero, star of Tommy Wiseau’s infamous so-bad-it’s awesome melodrama The Room. That’s right! It’s Patton and Sestero! Together at last!

This is big news for PopWatch, given our longtime devotion to Wiseau’s demented phantasmagoria, and also presumably for Patton, who has previously lampooned Wiseau and his syntax-mangling in a fake commercial for a company that launders money by investing the cash in terrible movies. (“Do you have monies from things that you should not have done to get the monies?”)

You can check out the Patton-Sestero collab below. And if you don’t like it, take heart in the fact that the sucker is around 1,500 times shorter than some rotten 2011 summer blockbusters we could mention. READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' season 2 premiere: 'How is 'A' always one step ahead of us?'

ABC Family’s charming teen soap Pretty Little Liars is nothing if not a guilty pleasure. And last night’s season 2 premiere, which found the show back with new episodes for the first time since March, certainly delivered on that deliciously guilty front. One of my favorite, delightful moments was a quick exchange between two of the show’s main BFFs Aria (Lucy Hale) and Hanna (Ashley Benson), after the gal’s secret-wielding nemesis “A” had struck yet again, while the foursome was at one of their newly mandated therapy sessions. “How is ‘A’ always one step ahead of us?” Aria asked her group of pals in disgust, after they stormed from the shrink’s office. But it was the biting response from the always-fiesty Hanna that got me: “I’m starting to think that b—- has super powers!” Bam! And that’s exactly the way I like my Pretty Little Liars: sharp and sassy.

But also, the dialogue got me thinking: Hanna, you can’t seriously be just now realizing the power that “A” has, can you? “A,” as we’ve all learned, is craftier than MacGyver, slicker than James Bond, and less traceable than Lisbeth Salander. And that’s exactly why we all watch this show. But regardless of that tiny detail, it was yet another great episode of the teen sudser. I’ll dash off a few of my overall thoughts from the episode below, but mostly I want to hear what you thought in the comments section at the end of this post. So read on — but note: there are SPOILERS below — and then sound off. Please!


NKOTBSB on their blowout summer tour: Watch our exclusive video interview

The Backstreet Boys hold a special place in my heart, as they were the subjects of my very first EW cover story all the way back in 1998. In the 13 years since, I’ve crossed paths with them four more times, most recently for an interview with the four remaining BSB members and the five New Kids on the Block, who have joined forces for a summer arena tour and joint compilation album (which cracked the top 10 in its first week of release). Now that the NKOTBSB tour has begun, go to our Entertainment Weekly Facebook page and “like” us to unlock our bonus video footage of the nine guys at our EW photo shoot, where they discussed why the two groups gel so well, and which New Kids serve as “big brothers” to which Backstreet Boys.

Did anyone else catch 'Real World: Las Vegas' finale last night?

Image Credit: MTV

I can already anticipate the backlash responding to this article, so let me start by saying I understand. I know The Real World used to be a legit show. I know there used to be real people on it (ones with body fat) and that somehow it’s evolved into a series showcasing the downfall of modern humanity. But for a second, cast aside the fact that the show is teaching your children terrible, terrible things and admit it: This season of Real World Las Vegas was awesome. READ FULL STORY

Shaquille O'Neal retires: Was 'Kazaam!' his greatest movie?

After 19 seasons in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal, the most awesome physical presence in the sport’s history, announced his retirement today on Twitter. Listed at 7’1”, 325 pounds, O’Neal was a gentle giant — unless you stood between him and the basket. In his prime, he brought down entire backboards while winning four league titles. He also filled the pop-culture void left by the retirement of Michael Jordan in the mid 1990s, releasing rap albums, playing himself in several TV series and movies (who else could he play?), and eventually hosting a semi-successful reality show.

He also starred in several feature films, which only proved that foul-shooting wasn’t his only Achilles heel. READ FULL STORY

Wilson Phillips on their 'Bridesmaids' comeback, their new reality show, and whether they'll sing at your wedding

Just when you think Bridesmaids can’t get any more delightfully funny, along comes Wilson Phillips at the climactic wedding scene to send it over the edge. Moviegoers who stick around for the end credits get an extra peek at Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph hilariously lip-syncing to the ’90s pop trio’s No. 1 smash “Hold On.” We got group members Carnie and Wendy Wilson on the phone to discuss their unexpected (yet thoroughly welcome) comeback.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you hear that the Bridesmaids filmmakers wanted you in the movie?
WENDY WILSON: Lizzie Grubman, who’s Chynna [Phillips]’s manager and our PR girl, she organized it. And we were like, “Yes, absolutely.” It’s the first movie I was ever in. We filmed til four in the morning. It was just a blast.

Were you at all worried that you were going to be the butt of a joke?
WW: We kind of knew that we were going to be a little bit made fun of. But we were okay with that. It was all in fun. And in the end, we looked good. READ FULL STORY

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