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Lisa Rinna reduces upper lip: Will she be the same soap-reality star to you?

Lisa-RinnaWhen you think Lisa Rinna, you may think Dancing With the Stars, Melrose Place or Days of Our Lives. But more than likely, when you hear the star’s name, you think lips. Thanks to a recent procedure, however, Rinna’s signature plumped-up pout, courtesy of a 1986 lip injection, is a thing of silicon past.

The actress and new star of TV Land’s Harry Loves Lisa, went under the knife in August, People reports, to reduce the size of her famously large upper lip after years of ridicule. The actress said: “I took a big hit for being honest. It gave everyone online permission to lambaste me. It hurt my feelings.”

Rinna, who’ll have to wait six months for a full recovery, also acknowledged that she didn’t want her lips to define her anymore. But much like game-changing surgeries of the past (think Jennifer Grey’s rhinoplasty), will she be the same Lisa Rinna to you? What other plastic surgeries have forever changed celebrities in your eyes?

Photo: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen channel Ke$ha: Was it successful?

tyra-kesha-giseleLast night, Vogue celebrated its 90th anniversary in Paris, and if it were me attending a fashion party in the world’s fashion capital hosted by the most well-known fashion magazine, well, I’d probably whip out my non-existent ball gown and have myself a princess moment.

Going a slightly less conventional route, America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks and supermodel Gisele Bundchen chose the above looks for the soiree. Banks tweeted her followers to guess what her mask was made out of, only to reveal that it was a cheap drugstore find—fishnet stockings.

No word yet on Gisele’s inspiration, but has she been listening to “Tik Tok” on repeat?

What do you guys think of the ladies’ looks? Did daring to be different work?

Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images; Eric Ryan/Getty Images

Bieber Fever to heat up the holidays...in doll form!

justin-bieber-dollImage Credit: Alpha/LandovIt’s never too early to start crossing items off your holiday gift list. Especially now that our yuletide dreams have been answered early in the form of Justin Bieber dolls — sorry, “collectible figures”. For somewhere in the neighborhood of $17.99 to $29.99, you can snag the perfect present for the swooning tween girl on your list, or their creepy “Team Bieber” mom, or even your lesbian pal who looks a bit too much like the pint-sized pop icon. Thanks to merchandising company Bravado and The Bridge Direct, a line of Bieber figures (hell, let’s just call them dolls…) styled in the Boy Wonder’s best-known looks will be available starting Dec. 4. (You can see them here.)

They all appear to feature the same blank, freshly blow-dried expression, though vary slightly in how he’s dressed. There’s Bieber in a miniature leather jacket with an upturned collar (natch!) and Bieber in a green hoodie nonchalantly holding an acoustic guitar (sensitive balladeer!). READ FULL STORY

Mustaches that changed the world: Whose would you nominate?

Hitler-Burt-ReynoldsImage Credit: Carlos Marino/Getty Images; Mary Evans Picture Library/Everett CollectionAs I mindlessly shaved my stubbly face this morning (it was Friday after all), I didn’t bother to consider how my actions might impact the future course of human events. Those orphaned specs of hair lurking in my sink will never tickle my daughter’s belly or grow natty with lunchtime pizza grease. More importantly, they will never invade Poland, invent the theory of relativity, or win seven Olympic medals.

It was impossible not to ponder such what-ifs after reading the 20 Mustaches That Changed History, The Atlantic‘s gallery of iconic soup-strainers. Aaron Perlut, chairman of the American Mustache Institute, compiled the eclectic list that dared weigh the global impact of historic facial hair. It’s a fun but puzzling collection, especially since the momentous headline resides above a photo of Hulk Hogan. Perlut defends his selections throughout, but it’s rather discombobulating to see that Burt Reynolds ranks one spot ahead of Hitler. To be fair, it wasn’t Hitler’s mustache that began World War II, just as it wasn’t Reynold’s ‘stache that drove the ambulance in the Cannonball Run. But Hitler’s crimes so offended the world that his mustache rightfully disappeared from the face of the earth — that is until Michael Jordan decided it was time to bring it back.

But I’d like to nominate three crumb-catchers that have made as great an impact as Reynolds': READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Pro Derek Hough talks training, tanning, and having to put Baby in a corner

I am feeling so aliiiiiiiive! Dancing With the Stars begins tonight (update: read EW’s season 11 premiere recap here), and its most exquisite professional specimen Derek Hough, 25, has graciously agreed to answer some of our burning ballroom-related questions each week in between training sessions with his Star, Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey, 50. Keep it clean! You know that’s always been Derek’s motto.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First song and dance?
Our first dance is Viennese Waltz – can’t reveal the song though.

Have you decided on a nickname for your partnership (Grough, etc.) and was it extremely difficult to narrow down the field? I personally like Baby Derek.
We went back and forth a lot on our team name and logo. We finally settled on Jenougher which clearly is a take on both of our names.  We had a great “iconic” logo that we wanted to use but for legal reasons we weren’t allowed to. Our first take on everything was ‘Baby Derek’ and our logo was going to be Jennifer holding a baby in her arms that had my head. It would have been fantastic. READ FULL STORY

Where does 'I'm Still Here' rank among all-time pop-culture hoaxes?

Pop-culture-hoaxesImage Credit: Mary Evans Picture Library/Everett Collection; David Mcgough/DMI/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images; PRN/PR PhotosWe now know that I’m Still Here — Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck’s “documentary” of Phoenix’s time as strung-out bearded man — is a hoax. Many were fooled, even EW critic Owen Gleiberman. Keeping in mind that there’s a difference between Andy Kaufman-esque performance art and the suspending of oneself from the rafters at an MTV award show to ass-plant Eminem and drum up publicity for your new movie, let’s run through a few more pop culture hoaxes, after the break. Which is the best? READ FULL STORY

'Jersey Shore': Pauly D loses the gel and The Situation gets an App

The Jersey Shore has been on the air long enough for us to be familiar with the GTL routine. But I’m pretty convinced cast member Pauly D needs to update his acronym to GGTL (Gel, Gym, Tan, Laundry). How much product does he use to get his hair to stick up like that? And more importantly, why does he spend so much time and product on this look? I get it. It’s his signature. The Situation’s got his rockin’ abs. JWoww’s got her, umm, boobs. And Pauly D has hair that probably stores secrets just like Gretchen Weiners’.

Knowing DJ Pauly D’s signature style resembles a porcupine, I was pretty surprised when I saw him showing off a natural look for this GQ photo shoot. But what shocked me most was how he looks exponentially better with normal, non-gelified hair! I must admit, part of the new appeal is that little curl in the front, mostly because I think he kind of looks like he belongs in 1961’s West Side Story. Swoon. But in all seriousness (if there is such a thing when discussing Jersey Shore), why would he not sport this style more often? I’m no hair stylist, but this seems to be a big step in the right direction. Not to mention, think about how many bottles of gel he’d save! So please consider this my official PopWatch plea for Pauly D to retire his spiky hair. READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm's eyebrows even sexier, more expressive in the harsh light of morning television

Jon Hamm, TV’s Draper, appeared on this morning’s Today show to discuss The Town (out Friday; EW gives it an A-) and tickle us with an invisible feather about how of course he knows how the rest of Mad Men‘s season 4 will play out for drunkie Don, but we the loyal viewers will just have to wait. “I’m not going to spoil it for those who may want to watch,” he said as I thanked him with all of my heart for bestowing upon us such a benevolent favor.

Don’t worry, Hamm promises, The Town, Ben Affleck’s Boston-based film about cops and robbers, will be “lo-fi” with “no CGI.” Also, quick observation: “Star Market” is the perfect clichéd thing to say to let people know you’re attempting a Boston accent in a movie.

Five more cute Jon Hamm eyebrow shots — plus the actual video — after the break. These pics were made for tilin’, and that’s just what you’ll do. READ FULL STORY

Blasphemous Lunchtime Poll: Big Bird vs. Snuffy

Snuffy-vs-Big-BirdImage Credit: Everett Collection (2)The Sesame Street Twitter feed has become my go-to web savior during the darkest moments of my most dismal days. Today’s tweet nearly sent me over the edge. “Big Bird: Even though Snuffy’s a Snuffleupagus and I’m a bird, we’re best friends. Friends don’t always have to be the same!” Bird is right. Time to rebuild some of your former friendships with weirdos. But first, you should vote.

Fun fact from EW.com photo editor Jef Cifra-Castro: “There’s no photos of Snuffy NOT hugging Big Bird!” Okay I have to go to hell now. See you there/bye.

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Lunchtime Poll: Kenny Powers' Best in Hair?

HBO’s Eastbound & Down returns for its second season Sunday, Sept. 26. Kenny Powers is in Mexico now! What is this, Weeds?

In season 2, Danny McBride’s Powers — EW’s favorite crude-as-hell, washed-up former major-leaguer-turned-gym-teacher — is now pitching for a team named the Charros. Great, all I want to do right now is eat a churro. The trailer (embedded after the break) looks great, Charo will hopefully show up at some point, and Kenny Powers still does not like children.

Vote below. Change your look, change your life!


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