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There Should Be a Sequel: 'Troop Beverly Hills'

Cigars… vapes… cookies…

I really wouldn’t mind a sequel to the 1989 Shelley Long vehicle Troop Beverly Hills. The most cherished movie of my childhood is no cinematic masterpiece, so this would hardly be sacrilege. I figure if this is really gonna be the film most often running through my head like a skunk on a misdirected trail (oh, the shame!), the story may as well continue. So sack up, hobos, and pour some wine into that stew: It’s cookie time. Again.

'Tomb Raider' actress Camilla Luddington discusses playing the new Lara Croft

Lara Croft had approximately 0.6 seconds as the adventurous, crypt-crawling Indiana Jane she was intended to be before she was immediately burdened with absurd physical proportions and tasked with propping up the half-formed sexual fantasies of millions of teenage boys. It’s a fact that mars her achievement as one of the first popular female protagonists in gaming—after all, Mario never had to look like Fabio — and shows that just because you’re polygonal, doesn’t mean you’re three-dimensional. But developer Crystal Dynamics is hoping to change all that with Tomb Raider, their upcoming reboot that hits stores March 5 and serves as a gritty origin story-slash-fresh start for Croft.

The actress who reimagined this iconic character was Camilla Luddington, known for playing Kate Middleton in the royal courtship Lifetime movie William & Kate and more recently for playing Dr. Jo Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy. Not only did the English actress voice Croft, but she also provided her movements, recording most of the game’s action and cut-scenes with elaborate motion capture. We spoke with Luddington about inhabiting the (now somewhat more realistic) body of gaming’s premier action-hero archeologist. (Sorry, Nathan Drake.)

2012 is the geekiest year for movies ever. Is that a good thing?

There was a time when Hollywood was not solely in the business of making franchise films with a built-in geek fanbase. In the early ’90s, science-fiction films were mostly low-budget B-movies and Star Trek sequels. The success of Tim Burton’s Batman films didn’t immediately kick-start a superhero renaissance, unless you were a big fan of Steel and The Shadow, you weirdo. And there simply weren’t any epic fantasy films, although an imaginative young Tolkien fan could create a reasonable facsimile of a live-action Lord of the Rings by watching Willow on mute with Glenn Yarbrough’s Hobbit song playing on your tape-deck stereo system. READ FULL STORY

Who should be the voice of 'Mr. Ed: The Movie'?

There’s a Mr. Ed movie likely coming to a theater near you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fox 2000 — which is still swimming in Alvin and the Chipmunks money — has acquired feature film rights to the beloved-when-not-watched-in-decades TV show about a talking horse, according to Variety. Let’s try to minimize the damage to our frontal lobes by asking the important question: Who should voice Mr. Ed? Below, a few of our humble suggestions — write your own in the comment boards!

Zach Galifianakis: Think Bill Murray doing Garfield. All great comedians deserve a nice paycheck every now and then, and letting Galifianakis do his free-association-riffing thing could be pretty darned funny. (Three words: Horse. Playing. Piano.) READ FULL STORY

'Rambo 5': Screenwriter describes potentially 'Unforgiven'-esque final chapter

In the last half-decade, Sylvester Stallone has ridden a triple wave of nostalgia, camp, and the rising counter-revolution against Bourne-esque action films in favor of ’80s-esque steroidal beefcake-ism. (See also: Fast Five.) His action-god peers all reinvented themselves — Arnold Schwarzenegger went kid-friendly and then got political, Bruce Willis diversified into drama — but Stallone staged a comeback by doing a Rocky movie, a Rambo movie, and The Expendables, a film that’s basically a sequel to and remake of every other film Stallone ever made. Now, Empire has confirmed that screenwriter Sean Hood (Conan the Barbarian) has drafted a script for a fifth Rambo film called Rambo: Last Stand. READ FULL STORY

What would YOU title the next 'Planet of the Apes' movie?

Our neighborhood Blockbuster did not exactly have a sparkling selection of cinematic classics. It was rare to find a film made before 1970. The foreign-film section was mostly bad martial-arts non-classics; actually, the store probably had more Shannon Tweed movies than subtitled movies. You could find the 1998 TV-Movie Rear Window, starring Christopher Reeves and Daryl Hannah, but you could not find the somewhat-better-known 1954 film version, starring James Stewart and Daryl Hannah and directed by Alfred Freaking Hitchcock. But I can’t hate on my old Blockbuster too much, because it gave me one cinematic treasure that I still value to this day: The Planet of the Apes series. READ FULL STORY

There will be a three-breasted mutant prostitute in the 'Total Recall' remake

The problem with modern action movies is not that they are stupider than vintage ’80s action movies, but rather, that they have become so bland, so milquetoast, so flavorless, the entire genre rendered insubstantial by the triple tidal wave of political correctness, the everybody-kinda-likes-vanilla method of winning over the global audience, and the brutal tyranny of the PG-13 rating. For truly, who among us doesn’t yearn for a more colorful time, when action heroes weren’t so emo, when the fate of the world wasn’t always at stake, and when a wild dude like Paul Verhoeven could introduce a three-breasted mutant prostitute into the hallowed history of cinema in the middle of Total Recall. But on that note, don’t despair, friends. Because today is a day for rejoicing: In a video interview with Collider, director Len Wiseman explicitly promises that there will be “a three-breasted woman” in his upcoming Total Recall remake, which will be PG-13. READ FULL STORY

Ron Howard is working on the 'Spy vs. Spy' movie. Let's pitch him some ideas!


Spy vs. Spy was created by a Cuban exile in the middle of the Cold War, but the appeal of the iconic MAD magazine strip is universal. Two enemies — one dressed all in black, the other all in white — eternally fight each other, using bombs and booby traps. It doesn’t initially seem like film material… but by George, this is Hollywood, and anything is possible! Thus: EW has confirmed that Warner Bros. is currently developing a film adaptation of Spy vs. Spy, to be produced by David Koepp, Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard, with Howard also set to direct. The film has not been officially greenlit, although with those names behind the project, Spy vs. Spy is probably just waiting on a finished script.

Here’s the thing: the “story” of Spy vs. Spy is so basic that the film could literally be about anything. It could be a lighthearted comedy, or a darkhearted comedy, or a gritty look at the Cold War, or a movie about aliens for some reason, or even a documentary about the life of Kim Philby. Screenwriter John Kamps (Zathura, Ghost Town) is currently on the project, but to help him along, let’s hear some solid elevator pitches for Spy vs. Spy. Here’s a few to get you started from your pals at EW: READ FULL STORY

Hot Wheels might get made into a movie. Sure! Why not?

Automobiles of all shapes and sizes are invading the multiplex. Next week, you’ll thrill to cars that talk in Cars 2: Cruise Control. Then, you’ll be positively astounded by cars that talk and walk in Transformers 3: Back 2 The Hood. But how’s this for a hot idea: Cars that… well, are cars. That’s the can’t-miss concept behind Hot Wheels: The Movie, which is a joke you probably would have laughed about back in 1981, and also an actual movie which very powerful companies are currently desperate to make. According to Variety, Legendary Pictures is negotiating with Mattel to get the rights to Hot Wheels, the series of toys beloved by generations of children who are too young for toys with any discernible traits beyond car-ness. The project is said to be “edgy,” which is a word the kids sure are tossing around a lot today according to adults. READ FULL STORY

'Star Wars' live-action TV series won't come out for 'three or four years,' is like 'The Godfather,' says producer


Image Credit: © & TM Lucasfilm, Ltd.

First announced in 2005, the still-untitled Star Wars live-action TV series has remained eternally on the distant horizon, twinkling in the darkness of pre-production like a green light on the far end of a misty lake. Roughly once a year, some delicious tidbit of information will emerge about the project -- the series
will run for 100 episodes, it will be "Deadwood meets The Sopranos in space," there are 50 episodes of the series already in the can, etc. -- but producer Rick McCallum just gave an interview to Czech news organization Czech Position that offers a veritable smorgasbord of information about the show. McCallum explains that LucasFilm currently has "50 hours of third-draft scripts," which has to be some sort of record for a TV series that hasn't even gone into production yet. Plotwise, he describes it thusly: "Basically, it is like The Godfather; it’s the Empire slowly building up its power base around the galaxy ... and it’s [about] a group of underground bosses who live [on Coruscant]

and control drugs, prostitution.”

Drugs and prostitution in Star Wars? I’m getting awesome flashbacks to Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, and if you know what that is, then please marry me. READ FULL STORY

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