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'Grey's Anatomy' season 6 promos: How sad will it be?

ABC’s released a few 30-second teaser promos for the upcoming sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy (which returns Sept. 24 with a two-hour premiere), and oh man, I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared for all the death and funerals. Or even the cancer recovery, though of course that is a technically happy event. Watch first, then we’ll talk some more:

By now we all know…(but I’ll say SPOILER ALERT just in case)…George is out and Izzie’s in (at least until Katherine Heigl’s upcoming hiatus) — which this trailer seems to pretty much acknowledge. Though what I don’t know is if I can handle two hours of gut-wrenching right out of the gate. It does, on the other hand, look like George will get the send-off he deserves (let’s hope he gets more respect in death than he did while technically “alive” all last season). It also looks like Cristina and Owen will be romping around in sexy underwear — and to that I say, amen. (I would totally watch a show called Just Cristina & Owen’s Anatomy.)

How are you feeling, PopWatchers? Are you excited about Grey’s return? Or will it be too sad to watch George’s demise?

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Patrick Dempsey's Emmy campaign: Is he really a 'supporting' actor on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Patrickdempsey_lLooks like Patrick Dempsey wants to make sure his chance at an Emmy nomination this year doesn’t become another victim of a showier serial killer (Dexter) or ladykiller (Don Draper). The Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob is taking himself down a notch from the leading-man category to supporting actor in his award campaign materials, the Los Angeles Times reports. You can’t blame a guy for trying: This season gave Dempsey noticeably more acting to do, as his Dr. Derek Shepherd navigated a shame spiral after losing a patient and also finally proposed to longtime star-crossed love Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo, who’s sticking in the lead category herself). He’s clearly trying to take advantage of his actual-range-of-emotions-showing clip reel while he’s got it. You never know when he’ll have to go back to simply looking pretty. Though, ironically enough, if there’s any season when the guy was a lead instead of supporting, it’s this one.

Other categorical surprises?
* Connie Britton as a supporting actress for another stellar season on Friday Night Lights. She deserves a nom even among the Glenn Closes and Holly Hunters, but certainly she should get a spot in the supporting category…right, voters? Please?
* Judy Reyes suddenly as a lead on Scrubs after about a thousand seasons.
* Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and Leighton Meester as leads for Gossip Girl. I’d love to believe they have a shot — Crawford’s grown tremendously this season and Westwick and Meester made the show worth taking seriously. But in categories with very grown-up actors like Sally Field and Gabriel Byrne, that longshot’s even longer.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is Patrick Dempsey really a supporting actor? Who has a shot at nominations in these categories? Who would you like to see get a nod?

addCredit(“Richard Cartwright/ABC”)

Pop Culture Pet Peeve: Hey, fake baldies on 'Grey's Anatomy' and elsewhere, who are you kidding?

Diazbaldgreysanatomy_lA few weeks ago, I used this slice of cyberspace to gripe about the inexcusably annoying use of empty take-out coffee cups in TV and the movies. Your numerous impassioned comments about this and other pop culture pet peeves delighted me like only a good ole communal bitch-fest could.

In that same spirit of protest, I now invite you to join me as I vent about another of my bêtes noires that popped up in last night’s season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. To what am I referring? Oh yes, that’s right: The robust terminal cancer patient with the bald noggin as realistic as The Coneheads. There was Izzie, pale and weary, yet still appearing to be at her normal, healthy weight. (The same went for guest star Liza Weil, a.k.a Paris from Gilmore Girls, whose face bore none of the hallowed-out traits of someone who’s undergone months of chemo.) Izzie spent most of the episode under a head scarf, but when she took it off to undergo Derek’s brain scan, all I could think was: "Mmm, that shadow near all those electrode thingies on her skull looks suspiciously like the seam of a bald cap…because it is the seam of a bald cap!"

Now, I’m certainly not advocating that anyone starve themselves à la Christian Bale in The Machinist. And I understand that not every actor is willing to go all Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta and shave their heads for real. But come on, Shonda Rhimes and the rest of you entertainment heavy-hitters who are equally guilty of this sin! (That includes you, whoever did Cameron Diaz’s ridiculous chrome dome in this summer’s My Sister’s Keeper!) I implore you to do better. See, there are these things called lighting and makeup that work wonders. Look into it, will ya?

Okay, end rant. Anything to add, PopWatchers?

addCredit(“Diaz: Splash News; Heigl: Scott Garfield/ABC”)

'Grey's Anatomy' hits 100 episodes: Tell us what makes YOU check into Seattle Grace

Tonight is the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which…holy emo soundtrack, Batman, that’s a lot of overwrought metaphors and "he’s crashing!!!" and hooking up and….Well, welcome to the century club, Shonda Rhimes et al!

In keeping with the celebratory atmosphere, I’ll refrain from airing grievances against the show — but trust me: I have many, many grievances — and instead just focus on my favorite things. Here, I’ll do a voice over to get us all in the mood:

As doctors, we’re taught to cut away the bad — slice out that tumor; remove that damaged tissue. Sometimes, it seems like all we can see is what’s wrong with her, or what’s destroying him. At the end of the day, it’s a relief to finally, finally start looking for something good…

Bailey She’s the only character I’ve never hated. Bailey, don’t fail me now!

Meredith and Cristina Easily my favorite relationship on the show, and one of my favorite buddy relationships on TV in general (second place: Grace and Rhetta on Saving Grace). I like that their friendship isn’t just a series of gushy moments — it’s casual and understood and present in all their interactions without constantly being a big deal.

It’s all right to cry* I’m getting choked up just thinking about "Into You Like a Train." Or Kyle Chandler assploding. Or Cristina ripping off her wedding dress and that fugs necklace. Or Derek having to admit that Meredith is "a good swimmer" after she almost drowns/kills herself. Or that girl wanting to "die Amish." Or even that doofy face-transplant guy’s orchid buddies loving him. This show is scientifically engineered to make me weep. Cathartic!

Hey, good lookin’ Any time two people face each other on this show, I just want them to kiss. Any two people! Even couples I don’t really want to see together, somehow Grey’s makes it seem like a really good idea in the moment — the fumbling, the moody music, the longing gazes, the schmaltzy lighting, all of it = smooch factory.

Group huuuuuug! I like when the whole staff is in on the same problem or issue, instead of everyone having his or her own crisis o’ the day. Grey’s has spent a lot of time fleshing out a sprawling regular cast, and one of the show’s enduring themes is that there are lots of ways to be a good doctor — the show’s at its best when the different doctoring styles play off each other.

Okay, PopWatchers, what makes you check in to Seattle Grace?

*Love that song

Will you be hanging out in ABC's Music Lounge?

MusicloungeBefore today if someone had said "music lounge" I would immediately have pictured myself sitting in a comfortable chair drinking something cold and strong while a jazz band played in the background. Mind you, that’s where my mind pretty much always drifts whenever people start bothering me with their inane yammering. In fact, the Music Lounge is a new website from ABC which showcases the music featured on the likes of Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, and Grey’s Anatomy (the launch of the site coincides with the latter’s 100th episode). The Music Lounge will host performance footage, music videos, information about what tracks will be heard on forthcoming shows, and so on.

Over the past few years TV shows such as Grey’s have become an increasingly important way for what’s left of the music industry to promote its product and this seems like a smart move on everyone’s part. But check out the Music Lounge for yourself and tell us what you think.

'Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game' roughly as fun as ghost-Denny storyline

Greysanatomywii_lGrey’s Anatomy is a rerun tonight, but if you absolutely, positively cannot handle a Thursday sans new MerDer drama or heavy-handed metaphors (his face is like their relationship! her disease is like…their relationship!), then maybe the GA video game is for you. Yes, indeed, the Seattle Grace shenanigans have been turned into a game. Well, "game." It’s more like a SIMS-produced episode of the show with little flash diversions interspersed in the action. Well, "action." I’ve seen comas more invigorating than this.

Yeah, Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game is superhumanly dull, and you control so little of the action it hardly feels like a game at all. Ostensibly, you pick the characters’ actions — Meredith wants to kiss Derek; should she just go for it, or play hard to get? No, really. But it seemed like no matter what I chose (Alex should be honest! Izzie should be bold!), the story progressed the same way, whether that was through honesty or boldness or not. I was even more disappointed with the lame-o surgery parts. Other than the really biological sound effects, the surgery was basically Dark Cut, sans irony.

As strenuously unfun as the game itself is, it did help me clarify some issues I’ve had with Grey’s over the years, namely that most obstacles the characters face are static and self-imposed, and almost every episode includes a part where I shout "get some therapy!" Hmm, I can’t be committed to my relationship because I’m afraid of being hurt. Get! Some! Therapy! I’m so scarred by my lousy childhood that I act like a butthead — but deep down, I just want to feel loved. Get some therapy, Alex! I use sex as a way to avoid intimacy. Sloane, get thee to a shrink! Daddy issues, grief issues, sexual identity issues, a rocky marriage, chronic self-doubt — all together now, PopWatchers: Get some therapy. So I have the game to thank for making it abundantly clear that the characters on Grey’s can be dangerously simplistic (one of the game-lets instructs players to "avoid love, collect cold [ness]"). It’s that lack of depth that stunts character development, which is one thing that holds Grey’s back from greatness (and sometimes from just goodness).

'Grey's Anatomy' by way of 'Twin Peaks': What is it about ceiling fans?!

On last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, troubled Iraq War vet Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) had a night terror set off by his g.f. Cristina’s ceiling fan swirling round and around. The sight of Owen going nuts — and then rolling over in bed to strangle poor Cristina — immediately gave me flashbacks to Twin Peaks which, IMHO, remains the scariest bit of storytelling ever to hit the television airwaves. You’ll recall that in both David Lynch’s TV series and big-screen prequel, Fire Walk With Me, the ceiling fan was a key storytelling device. The camera would flash to it ominously whenever the killer BOB was around. (Click on the embedded video below…if you dare!) That it lived at the top of the stairs, near Laura Palmer’s bedroom, only added to the creepiness. The way it whirred and whooshed in hypnotic slow motion scared the bejeezus out of me — almost as much as BOB himself. It was the perfect Lynchian treatment: Take an everyday household item and turn it into a terrifying object. The banality of evil, if you will. (Speaking of BOB…! Have worn-and-torn jeans ever looked more nefarious?) For years, I swore I’d never, ever allow any home of mine to have any kind of air-circulation apparatus that operated above my head. I still don’t like the things very much. But at least I’ve made it to the point where the mere sight of them doesn’t stop me dead in my tracks, paralyzed with fear as I wait for the odor of burning oil to wash over me.

Did any of you notice the connection last night? Anyone else out there scarred for life by Twin Peaks, or perhaps other seemingly harmless objects used to horrifying effect in pop culture? Do share!

'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd on his character's turning point this week and other explosive revelations

Kevinmckiddgreys_lSince the moment Kevin McKidd walked onto Grey’s Anatomy, his swashbuckling Iraq-war medic Dr. Owen Hunt has had us swooning for him almost as much as Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) was. Their star-crossed, post-traumatic-stress-disorder-impaired love affair has kept the show afloat even as it drifted through sex-with-ghosts storylines and a barrage of ill-advised guest stars. And now, as the drama suddenly rights its course heading into the final stretch of season 5, things will get even more complicated for Seattle Grace’s hottest new couple. The Scottish actor (last seen on Journeyman) talked to us about Cristina and Owen’s tough times ahead — and what’s to come (SPOILER ALERT!!) in the season’s remaining bombshell-laden (weddings, therapy, brain surgery, etc.) weeks.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So this week features some pretty serious developments between Cristina and Owen.
KEVIN McKIDD: It’s scary, what happens. Basically it’s a night terror. He’s unconscious and asleep and he starts to hurt Cristina. That’s his rock-bottom moment. So he starts to reach out for help. He starts to go into therapy and reach out to people like Derek Shepherd [Patrick Dempsey] to solve this thing. Derek at some point says, Look, this is treatable. With the proper treatment and therapy, you’re not trapped. I think that’s so important to talk about, with so many vets now. There’s such a stigma attached to admitting to something like that, and I think it’s important to discuss it in such a high-profile way.

How did you feel when you first took this role, knowing you’d be dealing with such a touchy issue?
We’ve worked on making sure this isn’t sort-of a fluffy representation of somebody who has this problem. He’s a good guy. He’s just deeply damaged right now. [When I started on the show], we knew he was a great trauma surgeon, and we knew he was going to get involved with Cristina. We didn’t know how much we were going to deal with the aftermath of being in the Iraq War situation. It was going to be more romantic then. But we realized pretty quickly that there was a lot there. It’s a really interesting opportunity for acting moments, and to follow the romance into that.

addCredit(“Ron Tom/ABC”)


Jennifer Westfeldt: The EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Beforeyousayido_lIt’s a good week to be Jennifer Westfeldt, the actress best known for Kissing Jessica Stein and ABC’s Notes From the Underbelly, and envied for her 11-year relationship with Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm. She’s in the midst of a three-episode arc on Grey’s Anatomy (Thursdays, 9 p.m.), guest-starring as a pregnant woman who accidentally ran over her husband, then had a seizure in the hospital while he was in surgery, and now awaits an operation for an aneurysm. She stars in the Hallmark Channel movie Before You Say ‘I Do’ (Feb. 14, 9 p.m.), playing a divorcée whose current love (Gilmore Girls‘ David Sutcliffe) travels back in time to stop the wedding that turned her off of marriage forever. And, she got to phone PopWatch and graciously answer questions like, “What does Jon really smell like? Please say frosting.” Yes, she’s one lucky lady….

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it that drew you to Before You Say ‘I Do’?
JENNIFER WESTFELDT: I don’t know if you saw my second film, Ira and Abby, but it was a comedy about the dysfunction of marriage, and whether or not it’s an outdated institution since so many end in divorce. So I thought it was just a funny synchronicity that [Before You Said ‘I Do’‘s] theme was similar to theme I’d written about. And certainly, being in an 11-year relationship unmarried gives me a good perspective on that character.  [Laughs] We get this question all the time. “When are you gonna get married?” We’ve seen so much divorce in our lives — both in our families and in our friends circle, honestly — that we’ve always kind of thought of ourselves as married and thought if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, you know. But who knows what will happen down the road.

What’s your idea of a great romantic comedy?
Obviously, all the early Woody Allen films are among my favorites, and The Apartment, the Billy Wilder film, is probably my favorite of all time. I love romantic comedies where you have depth underneath the funny. I think all good comedy comes from pain and serious situations. I think about Rushmore and As Good As it Gets. Tootsie, which was so, so brilliant. It’s so funny and so screwball in so many ways, and then there’s just real, real heart to it….

When do you yell at the TV?
I have an issue, in general, with a lot of reality TV. I watch American Idol, but I literally can’t get through the audition stuff. My stomach turns. It makes me so upset, the relentless “Look at how awful and untalented this person is.” Like, I can’t bear it. I always say to Jon, “Fast-forward! Fast-forward! I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!” I don’t do well just watching humiliation.



'Grey's Anatomy': George and Izzie, just leave. SERIOUSLY.

Greysanatomy_l_2Enough already! I’ve officially HAD IT with the never-ending jam session at the end of "The Ballad of George and Izzie’s Rumored Departure from Grey’s Anatomy (Extended Dance Remix)," you guys. George. Izzie. Hi. Your characters have been run into the ground only to then be spritzed heavily with the spillout from some patient’s body cavity. Izzie, the only people who will talk to you are already dead. George, last week, I momentarily mistook you for an extra they hired to play Man Who Speaks Into Intercom. This is not a noble way to die. You need to just BOOK IT. There are baking supplies the next town over. You want to go to there. I promise.

They’re probably not gonna answer, huh?


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