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Ask Ausiello how it feels to finish behind you in our Emmys pool!

Emmygame_lToday, EW.com launched its 2008 Emmys Prediction Game (pictured, with a shout-out to Monk‘s Tony Shalhoub, who celebrates his 100th episode tonight). Submit your picks in 13 major categories, and see how they stack up against those of EW TV expert Michael Ausiello. Come back after the Emmys (Sept. 21, ABC), and find out what position they earned you on the leaderboard. There are prizes — Amazon gift certificates — but we all know the real reward is bragging rights.

Tip: If, in a feeble attempt to speed up the game, you repeatedly click on a nominee and it somehow registers your selection for the next category as well, know you will have an opportunity to switch picks. (No one should have to bet on Dancing With the Stars, other than Annie.)

Who got left off Emmy's shortlists for Best Drama and Best Comedy?

Emmynoms_lBrace yourselves, TV addicts: The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have announced the top 10 finalists for Emmy nominations in the Best Comedy Series and Best Drama Series categories. And before we get into snubs territory, it should be noted that fans of PopWatch favorites such as The Wire (left), Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Flight of the Conchords, and Pushing Daisies have reason to celebrate. No, none of the shows have landed nominations (yet), but they’re still in the running for their initial Best Series nods.

The shorlists are as follows. Under consideration for Best Drama are: Boston Legal, Damages, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Lost, Mad Men, The Tudors, and The Wire. Still in the running for Best Comedy are: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Family Guy, Flight of the Conchords, The Office, Pushing Daisies, 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty, and Weeds. (Click here to get the specific episodes for which each series is being considered.)

Good news aside, my first response to the lists was this: Where the frak is the nail-bitingly awesome Battlestar Galactica (right)? I call SciFiPhobia! And coming off a particularly strong season, shouldn’t Desperate Housewives have won a spot over Two and a Half Men and Family Guy? (Maybe the Emmy overlords feel the residents of Wisteria Lane aren’t done paying the price for the Applewhite Incident?)

Who else would make your list of snubs? And which finalists have you doing the happy dance? Holla!

addCredit(“Michael Kenneth Williams: Nicole Rivelli; Mary McDonnell: Carole Segal “)

Not for your Emmy consideration: Katherine Heigl

Izzy_lCurrently, there is an email chain clogging the inboxes of EW’s TV department, and it began with a link to Tom O’Neil’s Gold Derby awards blog and the question, "She’s trying to get out of the show, isn’t she?"

The she is Grey’s Anatomy Emmy winner Katherine Heigl, who was asked by Gold Derby to explain why her name wasn’t on the TV Academy’s list of Emmy contenders. Her response: "I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant anEmmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of theacademy organization, I withdrew my name from contention. In addition, I did not want to potentially take away anopportunity from an actress who was given such materials."

Was this selfless act noble, presumptuous, or a clear attempt to piss off the Grey‘s producers so they’ll send her far, far away (to a place where she can pursue that film career year round)?

Who are your dream Emmy nominees?

Ivanekortiz_lThe regular 2007-2008 season has come to its end, I’m about 90 percent caught up with my DVR backlog, and Friday was apparently the deadline for TV shows to submit their sample episodes for Emmy consideration. This, of course, means it’s time for my annual rant about Vanessa (L. Yeah) Williams deserving an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role as Wilhelmina Slater on Ugly Betty blog post about which actors and series deserve a little love when the Emmy nominations are revealed on July 17.

My wish list starts with Damages‘ Zeljko Ivanek (left), whose heartbreaking portrayal of a morally dubious, sexually conflicted attorney might get overlooked by Emmy voters, considering his FX series last aired in October and featured standout performances by a couple of bigger names — Glenn Close and Ted Danson — who seem more likely to get kudos. But seriously, I’m calling 911 and reporting a felony crime if Ivanek’s name doesn’t get included for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. Similarly, much deserved recognition for the aforementioned (and absolutely sublime) Ms. Williams and headliner America Ferrera on Ugly Betty might lead to a snub for Ana Ortiz (right), despite the fact that her season 2 work as Hilda Suarez went from heartbreaking to hilarious and back — often in the course of a single scene — and even though her reaction shots are among the best in primetime.

Also on my dream nominations list: the consistently gripping Battlestar Galactica for Best Drama (it’s time to do the right thing, Emmy voters!); Chandra Wilson, whose mix of brass and brains makes Grey’s Anatomy bearable even in its most indulgent moments; Jake Weber, the quiet balance to Patricia Arquette’s more ballyhooed genius on Medium; Lost‘s Yunjin Kim (for that helicopter scene alone); and Mia Wasikowska for HBO’s In Treatment (I’m only a few episodes in, but my word, she’s tremendous, as you can see in the clip I’ve embedded after the jump).

Okay, your turn: Which actors, writers, and shows deserve Emmynominations? Speak now, or forfeit the right to gripe when the Academyof Television Arts and Sciences inevitably gets it wrong next month.

addCredit(“Zeljko Ivanek: Larry Riley; Ana Ortiz: Vivian Zink”)


On the Scene: EW's Upfronts Party

Ewparty_l_2New York City’s Bowery Hotel was the place to be last night, especially for TV stars who needed a break after a rigorous few days spent promoting their new and renewed series at their respective networks’ upfront presentations. And who better to host a TV soirée than Entertainment Weekly? I snagged the only designer item in my closet and camped out for nearly two hours on the packed red carpet, which featured a parade of stars both random (Jaslene and Saleisha from Americas Next Top Model) and hotly anticipated (hello, casts of 30 Rock and Gossip Girl!). After the jump, my rundown of the night’s festivities…


Josh Kelley's 'Unfair' video: Is a random YouTube clip better than the real thing?

So this week’s Billboard has a positive review of Josh Kelley’s new single, "Unfair," and I figured it was high time I gave a listen the work of the man who’s married to Katherine Heigl. Oddly enough, when I got to YouTube, I found two videos for the track: A fan-made clip featuring a plaintive, mirror-image golden retriever, and the official version, starring a scarf-wrapped Kelley on his acoustic guitar. The dueling videos prompted the following discussion with my colleague Gary Susman:

Slezak: Okay, is it me, or is the video with the golden retriever better?
Gary: Yeah, Josh’s scarf is bothering me.
Slezak: Absolutely! And why is he wearing headphones?
Gary: Could he be trying any harder to land an iPod ad?
Slezak: Ugh. And the dancing!
Gary: Oh, it’s awful. We should ask readers to rate the two videos: Golden retrievers vs. Josh.
Slezak: YES! Because, actually, it’s actually not a bad song. But the official video makes me like it less.
Gary: And besides, all these Josh Kelley/Jack Johnson types make me think of golden retrievers, thick sweaters, driftwood, and lattes.
Slezak: Totally lattes.

So here’s your challenge, PopWatchers. Check out the YouTube user-made video below, and then the Josh Kelley-approved clip after the jump, and weigh in on which one is better. You know this decision is gonna go to the dogs, don’t you?


On the Scene: 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Private Practice' sing live!

Ramirez_lI don’t really watch Grey’s Anatomy all that much, and I’ve never seen a single minute of Private Practice. But after spending a night watching their respective casts belt out some Stephen Sondheim, Billie Holiday, Paul Simon and Woody Guthrie on stage at UCLA’s Royce Hall, I’m kinda shocked creator and showrunner Shonda Rhimes hasn’t cranked out at least one musical episode for each of her shows. I know I’d be the first to tune in, at least.

The crooning was for a benefit aiding the Grey’s and Private Practice crew members who’ve felt the financial pinch during the writers’ strike. (The night’s title, naturally, was "Good Medicine.") And it was clearly a passion project; I was told the casts and their backing musicians had rehearsed over two days before the Feb. 29 show, and goodness did the hard work pay off in a fizzy and fun evening.

After the jump, I’ll walk through the highlights from the show, including which actor showed off some surprising chops on the harmonica and which two stars didn’t make it onto the stage.

addCredit(“Sara Ramirez: Bob D’Amico”)


'Lost' characters could rescue you on Valentine's Day

Lostlove_lHere’s a potentially relationship-saving tip for any PopWatchers out there who’ve been caught by surprise on this 14th of February. If your paramour is passionate about certain ABC primetime shows, send an instant e-valentine,via abc.com, featuring your favorite Lost, Ugly Betty, or Grey’s Anatomy character. There are 12 options for each show, and while these obviously double as mini-ads reminding fans to tune in, they’re a way to confirm for a loved one that you totally get how much they adore John Locke or Justin Suarez or Dr. Izzy Stevens.

I’ve been with the same wonderful valentine for many years, and maybe we’re over it, but tonight we’re eschewing the old five-course candlelight dinner on the town for Lost (pictured). Intellectual seduction, it’s powerful stuff! (Let it be known, however, that an e-card featuring Ben Linus surrounded by hearts is no substitute for buying me chocolate. I have cash if you need some.) Take a moment and tell us, PopWatchers: What are you doing on the allegedly-most-romantic night of the year? Extra "rebel" points if your plans are not at all romantic.

Bored, striking TV writers swap shows

Theoffice_lThere must be a little-known proviso in the Writers Guild rules that permits striking TV writers to pen scenarios for shows other than their own in snarky magazine articles. So it is with New York magazine, which cross-assigned teams of writers from various strike-afflicted shows to dream up season-ending arcs for other strike-afflicted shows. (Hat tip to TV Barn and TV Tattle for the link.) The results aren’t as funny as I’d have hoped, though I did enjoy the Simpsons crew’s apocalyptic take on The Office. I’d still like to see what, say, Tina Fey’s 30 Rock-ers could do with House or Heroes. How about you, PopWatchers? What TV writer swaps would you like to see?

addCredit(“The Office: Byron J. Cohen”)

In defense of the outspoken Katherine Heigl

Kat_lGrey’s Anatomy‘s George and Izzie? ”A ratings ploy.” And Judd Apatow’s blockbuster Knocked Up? "A little sexist." Rhetoric from a Katherine Heigl hater? Not so much. More like direct quotes from the star herself. And good for her.

Yeah, I said it.

Maybe the reason Heigl is catching so much flack for making the above comments in a candid interview with Vanity Fair is because the girl speaks the truth. I’m a Grey‘s follower, but executive producer Shonda Rhimes often favors shock value over continuity and common sense. I know it; even the most diehard Grey’s fans know it. So why the big issue with Heigl pointing out the obvious? Say what you want about the girl spewing negativity, but as long as it’s honest, I’ll encourage her to spew away. It’s her unfiltered voice that makes her dynamic and edgy, so what if she occasionally comes off as a raging she-beast? Embrace it! And just because Heigl scored her big-screen breakthrough in Knocked Up doesn’t mean she has to worship her character, or agree wholeheartedly with the film’s portrayal of women. What’s more, who would really want to read an interview where she did?

Of course, I don’t always agree with Heigl, and I wouldn’t get into a debate with someone who said they found her tiresome. But the bottom line is this: Actors endlessly plugging their movies and shows and product lines are boring. Even if you think Katherine Heigl runs her mouth like an ungrateful brat, she certainly isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, and that’s infinitely more fun than reciting some publicist-scripted hooey every time she sits down with a reporter.

I feel like I should close this with ”you go girl” and then run off to high-five someone. What do you think about Heigl’s behavior? Commendable or condemnable?

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