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Shonda Rhimes to be honored by Human Rights Campaign

Shonda Rhimes can add one more honor to her growing collection of accolades and awards.


'Homeland' and more shows that killed off major characters: We weigh the aftermath

Killing off a major character is one of the biggest risks a show can take. Some of these deaths end up paying off nicely; others go down in history as the death that killed a series. And then you have the deaths that, ultimately, don’t make much of a difference either way.

In honor of Homeland‘s return—which comes back to Showtime after killing off Brody in season 3—we went back to see how a handful of other beloved series fared after offing major characters:


'Grey's Anatomy' cast poses as 'Orange Is the New Black' characters

In a new photo Ellen Pompeo posted on WhoSay, some of the Grey’s Anatomy cast got into character as their Orange Is the New Black favorites, including Sara Ramirez as Alex. Welcome to what Pompeo calls “Blue is the new black.”

If Meredith Grey were a member of Litchfield prison, who would she be? Well, that probably depends on whether we’re talking about dark-and-twisty Meredith or present-day Meredith, but regardless, Ellen Pompeo seems to be a fan of Tricia (and her cornrows). And considering these guys are all still alive despite working at what will always be known as “Seattle Grace-Mercy Death,” I’d say they’d have a good shot against the women of Litchfield. Well, until they met Red.

Grey’s Anatomy returns Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

'The Knick's John Thackery and other TV surgeons, ranked

Television is full of surgeons, some good and some, well—let’s just say you wouldn’t want them to operate on you or anyone you know.

When Cinemax’s The Knicka show about the early days of surgery, premieres Friday, viewers will meet yet another TV surgeon: Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen), a gruff doctor who’s often up to his elbows in blood. Because The Knick is set in the early 20th century, Thackery is lacking many of the luxuries today’s medical professionals have. But he still proves more trustworthy than, for example, Grey’s Anatomy’s Leah Murphy.


'Grey's Anatomy': Did Cristina get a proper send-off? -- POLL

Last night on Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina Yang hopped in a cab, headed to the airport, and left Seattle to start her new life as a director of cardiothoracic surgery in Switzerland. Oh, and she had Shane by her side. But was the exit good enough for Cristina Yang, one of television’s greatest characters? I’m on the fence.

On one hand, I liked how the episode sort of downplayed her goodbye. The show had been building to it for weeks — and since it wasn’t as if she was dying, keeping things simple helped make Cristina’s farewell felt more realistic. But on the other hand, I felt the episode’s explosion storyline was totally unnecessary. All it did was pull attention away from Cristina. No, she wasn’t dying — but she was moving to freaking Switzerland. It’s not as if she packed up and settled two states away.


'Grey's Anatomy' season finale: Talk about it!

With one hour to go until we bid farewell to Cristina Yang — on the East Coast, at least — we invite you to chat about the episode here. Because it’s not fun to cry alone.

Oh, and to be clear, we will definitely be crying. After all, what would you do when saying goodbye to a friend? To Your Person?

If Twitter is more your thing, make sure you follow EW’s Grey’s Anatomy live tweet during the East Coast broadcast of the episode.

And come back to EW later for Samantha Highfill’s full recap.

'Grey's Anatomy': Why Meredith and Cristina are the best female friends on TV

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey are not besties. They are not friends forever. They are not twinsies. They’re each other’s person. They’re the Twisted Sisters. And that’s what makes them the best female friends on television. READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy': Ranking the show's most memorable exits

Here’s what we know: In two days, Grey’s Anatomy fans will be forced to say goodbye to Cristina Yang. But what we don’t know is exactly how her exit will play out. Will Grey’s pull a George and decide to kill her? Will she simply walk away from the hospital like Erica Hahn did years ago?

Although we can’t answer those questions, we are preparing for Cristina’s exit in other ways. And today, we’ve ranked some of Grey’s Anatomy’s most memorable exits. But before we start talking about what makes an exit “good” or “bad,” let’s clarify something. We ranked these based on three factors: Dramatic impact to the show as a whole, the actual physical exit, and whether said exit was on par with what the character deserved.

Full disclosure: We elected not to include parents of our doctors who only appeared in a few episodes (George’s dad, etc.). And Thatcher? Well, we’re still waiting for the day he comes back.

Here’s how they ranked: READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy': Watch Cristina Yang dance it out one last time in our supercut

There aren’t enough words (or dance moves) in the world to describe Grey’s Anatomy‘s Cristina Yang. She’s one of the most interesting and complex characters to ever hit the small screen, and this week, she will spend her final hour in Seattle during Grey’s Anatomy’s season 10 finale.

That being said, there is one thing that can sum up how Cristina Yang works through things. Sure, she cries. Yes, she drinks. But when in doubt, she dances it out. Most of the time she has Meredith by her side, but Cristina’s never one to shy away from a solo dance party. So in honor of 10 years worth of hair flipping, pelvic thrusting, and all around gyrating, we’ve created a supercut of Cristina’s best dancing moments.



PopWatch Planner: Cristina leaves 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Godzilla' takes over theaters, a new Black Keys album, and more

Too many finales, too little time! That seems to be the theme of the week, with eight finales on the agenda in eight days. But don’t think that’s all this week has to offer. Thanks to Godzilla, your summer blockbuster tour can continue. Plus, there’s a new Black Keys album to keep you company in all of your post-finale mood swings.

Here’s what your week looks like:


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