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'Rake' premiere: Every sin committed by Greg Kinnear in Fox's Bad-Lawyer pilot

Keegan Deane is a bad man. He’s not, like, a supervillain — though various disappointed women and debtors might argue the point — but he definitely makes a habit of committing minor sins on a regular basis. Keegan is also the star of Rake, a.k.a. House But Like a Lawyer This Time, and the premiere of the new Fox show played out like a veritable laundry list of minor moral infractions by the anti-heroic protagonist. You can read our critic Jeff Jensen’s review of the premiere hour here — or just read on for the laundry list!

1. When we meet Keegan, he already owes someone $59,000, earning him a beating from a friendly enforcer. Owing this much money is not necessarily a crime, but we can all agree that it is not quite an example of modeling bad behavior.

2. After bringing a beautiful woman to a party and then ignoring her for several hours to further indulge his gambling addiction, he brings said beautiful woman to the home of his married-with-children friends Ben and Scarlett. It is strongly implied that he has sex with the woman on the bed that usually belongs to Ben and Scarlett’s son.

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