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College seniors recreate 'Friends' opening credits sequence

‘Tis the season for graduations and end-of-college last hurrahs, but we bet you haven’t seen a senior send-off quite as ambitious and Friends-tastic as the video a group of Elon University seniors posted this week.

Posted two days after their graduation, the video is a shot-by-shot recreation of the iconic opening credits sequence in Friends — fountain, lamp, orange couch, Phoebe’s striped socks, umbrellas, and all. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Joss Whedon speaks to Wesleyan grads: 'This is a good commencement speech!' -- VIDEO

It’s the season of finales, summer movies, and celebrity commencement speeches. Joss Whedon — no stranger to the first two — spoke to the assembled graduates of his alma mater, Wesleyan University, this weekend. His speech expounded on the contradictions “between your body and your mind, your mind and itself” and was alternately rueful and humane, with a killer hook: “Don’t just live, be that other thing connected to death. Be life.”

His opening line? “Two roads diverged in a wood and…” Just kidding! But seriously, kids: “You are all going to die.” (What is this, a Joss Whedon show?)

The full text is here. Check out the video, starting at 2:40, and some of Whedon’s best lines, below.


Justin Bieber graduates high school

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Justin Bieber can now officially add high school graduate to his expanding list of accomplishments, which includes holding the No. 1 spot on both the Billboard and iTunes album charts.

The pop sensation, 18, was one of 192 students in St. Michael Catholic Secondary School’s 2012 graduating class in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. While Bieber didn’t attend the ceremony on June 28, his name was listed in the graduation program. He missed the walk across the stage, but he did participate in a faux commencement ceremony that you may have caught on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in May. Check out the video below.

“I just finished high school,” the singer told the Daily Telegraph in May. ”I passed my test — I’m free! It was hard doing school and work every day.”

Bieber was in the eighth grade when he moved to Atlanta to pursue a music career. He has taken the majority of his courses through e-learning.

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Celebrity commencement addresses: Steve Carell, Jane Lynch, and more

Steve Carell refrained from “That’s what she said” comments, well, almost, (check out 14:10) but the funnyman managed to be both funny and earnest in his remarks to Princeton University grads as their Class Day Speaker yesterday. 

His speech focused on the differences between when he went to college and now, and talked about how much harder he had it, including talking to girls without being able to text them. Instead, he had the pleasure of getting rejected face-to-face. “The point is, I suffered, and you should have to suffer too,” he explained to laughs.

Carell also gave some insight into what social media was back in the day: “We didn’t have Twitter, we used good old-fashioned gossip. If you wanted to talk about someone you could do it face-to-face, right behind their back.”

Check out video of Carell’s remarks, as well as some of our other favorite 2012 celebrity commencement speeches –such as Jane Lynch and James Franco–after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Aaron Sorkin recycles old Syracuse speech in new Syracuse speech -- VIDEO

Aaron Sorkin is a big fan of Aaron Sorkin’s work. The Social Network scribe and Syracuse University grad delivered a commencement address at his alma mater on Sunday and as Syracuse student Chelsea DeBaise first noticed, the speech included several lines that were recycled wholesale from a convocation speech Sorkin gave at Syracuse in 1997.

Among the repeated moments: In each oration, Sorkin began with the same anecdote about a long-married couple. In both, he described an actor who backed out of A Few Good Men to appear in a film that was never made, following the story with this insight: “I don’t know what the first actor is doing, and I can’t remember his name. Sometimes, just when you think you’ve finally got the ball safely in the end zone, you’re back to delivering pizzas for Domino’s. Welcome to the NFL.” And in both, he also remembered his roommate Chris, a victim of the AIDS epidemic: “He was born out of his time and would have felt most at home playing Mickey Rooney’s sidekick in Babes on Broadway,” Sorkin said in 1997 and again in 2012.

Sorkin’s old speech isn’t the only self-penned source he mined for material.  READ FULL STORY

Amy Poehler, Tom Hanks, and Denzel Washington are all speaking at college graduations. Who would you have picked for your commencement?

I am incredibly jealous of Harvard’s class of 2011. No, not because they go to a famous school in Boston (well, not in Boston, but nearby. No, not Tufts!), or because they’ve got two glorious months of college left before they’re thrust out into the real world. Instead, my jealousy stems from the fact that those lucky Ivy Leaguers have scored an amazing Class Day speaker: Amy Poehler, star of Parks and Recreation. This is possibly the best thing to potentially ever happen to anyone anywhere in the history of the universe.

But Harvard’s graduation isn’t the only commencement that’s getting an injection of star power this year. Here’s an incomplete list of the boldfaced names that will be orating before cap and gown-clad masses come May: READ FULL STORY

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