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'Sound Bites': Vote for this week's funniest TV

Are you confident in your sexualité, just like Mariska Hargitay? Good for you! You should watch our Sound Bites video after the jump! Vote for your favorite clip in the poll, or nominate your own line from this week’s TV in the comments. And if you have suggestions for next week’s show, or just want to share your feelings about The Net, email me or tweet me @EWAnnieBarrett.


'Gossip Girl' recap: Blair dumps Serena -- for good?

Be still, my heart: in a season first, we Gossip Girl fans actually got to see Blair act like an adult (even if it only lasted for a nanosecond). After wiping some celebratory white frosting off her refreshingly unmade-up mug (and more on her face-plant into that congressional confection later), Blair wrapped up tonight’s episode by revealing the root of her anger toward her former BFF Serena;  she doesn’t approve of the way her blonde buddy has been leading her sorry life! First, Serena pulls away from Dan and his clan, and then unexpectedly turns her back on (the highly distrustful) Nate. If that doesn’t take the, um, cake, now Serena’s working for a ruthless publicist who demands her young charge play girlfriend to a boozy actor who dreams of making a Leaving Las Vegas remake opposite Miley Cyrus! C’est terrible!

Fortunately, Serena soon realizes the error of her ways; she pulls out her trusty Sharpee and writes her former boss a big `I quit’ note on the aforementioned actor before sending him on his not-so-merry way. But did she quit in time to save her friendship or this otherwise lousy episode? Tune in next week when we’ll get treated to some sort of slot machine-type threesome! READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck gets his party started...and stopped

gossip-girl_lI know I said that we had hit a season high a few weeks ago but last night’s episode was totes BESFTS. Best. Episode. So. Far. This. Season. And, no, if next week’s episode is better, I won’t keep changing this little slogan of mine.

But the Halloween episode of GG definitely had some really fun moments, not the least of which was the absolutely insane cleavage being rocked by Serena. Holy boob-age. It was distracting but the girl certainly knows how to get publicity. Maybe she’s got a future in PR after all!

Speaking of Serena’s gig, does her boss represent like every celebrity in the world? It certainly seems that way. Also, for the record, I would be perfectly content with delivering James Franco his underwear every day. In fact, I can probably split my duties at EW and Franco undies patrol. But back to the episode: Do we think she’s actually going to continue fake-dating Patrick? He seemed like a bore so I’m hoping the answer is “No.” READ FULL STORY

Sound Bites: Vote for the best TV clip of the week!

This week in Sound Bites: Jason Schwartzman helps me find contact info for Chuck Bass, Glee paid homage to Clueless and didn’t even know it, and I badly impersonate Sesame Street‘s The Count. Like 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy, I’m honestly not trying to make this sound gay; it’s just happening. Thanks to everyone who sent in Sound Bites nominations here and on Twitter (@EWAnnieBarrett)! Calorie fest starts 3 p.m. Watch the madness, then vote below. Laser shield!

[ewbrightcove “44929937001”, “45983513001”, “525”, “365”]

'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck kissed a guy...and I liked it

Between Serena’s purple dress and Chuck kissing a dude, those two elements could have made up the entirety of last night’s Gossip Girl and I would have been thrilled. But there were definitely some plot issues with last night’s episode. I think the problem with much of this season so far is the lack of any kind of tension or stakes. It just feels like a lot of characters are floating around with no real purpose. The best example I’d have to say is Chuck who seems to have zero point now but to cater to every one of Blair’s whims. It’s definitely a problem that can be fixed but I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later; I sense people are losing their patience. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' cast: Who's picking the best movies?

stepfather_lThis weekend, Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley has his first big-screen leading role, in the remake of The Stepfather. Plus, his co-star (and real-life girlfriend) Blake Lively has a small role in New York, I Love You, which is now in limited release. So, which of the GG kids is choosing the best film projects? Badgley seems to be following the GG-cast trend of booking scary flicks (Chace Crawford was in 2008’s The Haunting of Molly Hartley; and Leighton Meester and Jessica Szhor are in 2010’s The Roommate and Piranha 3D, respectively). Horror flicks can end up doing very well, and Stepfather commercials have been all over the place, although reviews have been lukewarm. Still, I think I’m going to have to give my votes to Lively and Crawford for embracing alternate strategies. Lively has been taking supporting roles in smaller but star-studded flicks—such as New York, I Love You, the upcoming The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, and The Town, costarring Ben Affleck (who also directs), Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, and Rebecca Hall. It’s a great cast , and the film could prove her range as an actress. Meanwhile, Crawford is tackling the lead in the Footloose remake which, good or bad, will be highly-anticipated and nab a ton of attention. Plus, it’s the movie that shot Kevin Bacon into super-stardom. Maybe it can do the same for Chace?

What do you think PopWatchers? Which Gossip Girl cast member is picking the best movies?

'Gossip Girl' recap: Rufus and Lily tie the knot...and gain a son

gossip-girl_dlBESF. Best. Episode. So. Far. Don’t you agree PopWatchers? This season has been a little spotty but last night’s Gossip Girl felt like old times. There was Blair bitchiness (my fave line of the evening: “Trust me Nate: I know women…and none of us are that nice.”). There was fabulous fashion (J’adored Serena’s dress at the wedding). And there was Dorota (her own wedding ensemble was genius—the woman should wear more large hats).

So it was definitely still the most entertaining GG this season…but, obvs, I still have some issues.


'Sound Bites': TV's best lines this week?

In this week’s episode of Sound Bites: The late-night hosts react to the Letterman situation, The Office has a wedding party and everybody comes…down the aisle, our Twitter followers go Swimfan levels of crazy for Glee, Jacko comes back to life on South Park, and…sandwiches. Sentences? SANDWICHES. Plus: I stick to my #1 policy: When there’s a will to relate anything/everything to Arrested Development, there’s a way. Can you blame me? Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken? Press play below.

[ewbrightcove “43635099001”, “42835421001”, “525”, “365”]

'Gossip Girl' recap: Serena gets a taste of showbiz

That was probably one of the biggest Gossip Girl episodes ever, both in terms of star power and hair. Clearly, this was shot before Tyra decided to start rockin’ her natural hair. That wig in her first scene was OUT OF CONTROL. My favorite moment was when she was pleading from the other room for Serena to help with her hair.

Last night was Hilary Duff’s GG debut and, while I’m not really a fan of hers, I thought she actually acquitted herself quite nicely. Or at least didn’t completely annoy me which is my standard Duff reaction. Although I can’t get behind anyone still rocking a fedora. READ FULL STORY

Bizarre 'Gossip Girl' promo shot: 'Dynasty' + weaves = WTF?

gossip-girl_lThere’s no denying it: The CW’s Gossip Girl has been a little uneven and — I’ll just say it — downright weird this season. (Isolating Nate storyline, unbelievable Dan-Georgina pairing, disappointing Joanna Garcia performance, etc.) But it gets weirder. Case in point: Just take a minute to gawk at the Gossip Girl promotional shot there on the left, which served as the cover to a press screener for next Monday’s episode featuring Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff. READ FULL STORY

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