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Chace Crawford vs. Taylor Swift: Who bangs better?

BREAKING: In an effort to keep the number of wispy hairs shielding the faces of teen-ish hearthrobs in check, Taylor Swift has stolen Nate Archibald’s bangs. Calls to Swift’s camp asking for confirmation of coiffurial transference went unanswered. OMFG.

JK people! Nate Archibald is imaginary, and research suggests that Chace Crawford the actor has been wearing his hair swept off his pretty little face like this outside of the Gossip Girl bubble for months. It’s especially extreme in today’s Women’s Wear Daily profile of Crawford, which Mandi accidentally came across during her daily 2-3 p.m. search for glamour shots of Taylor Lautner and Alexander Skarsgard.

Can you tell it’s Friday? Vote below. (Use this pic for reference.)

Photo credit: Crawford: Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com; Swift: Dario Alequin/INFphoto.com

'According to Greta': Are we ready for an indie/serious/edgy Hilary Duff?

Hilary Duff continues her quest to grow up from Lizzie McGuire to big-girl actress, following her sexy “Reach Out” video last year (still love that “Personal Jesus” sample) and her threesome-gone-awry on Gossip Girl this fall. Now she’s completing the “take me seriously” trifecta with a leading role in the oh-so-indie According to Greta (releasing Friday), about a 17-year-old girl who arrives at her grandparents’ place on the Jersey Shore for the summer and promptly announces to them that she’s planning to kill herself by the time she turns 18. Check out the trailer (which we debuted last month) after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck hangs with his father...and meets his mother (maybe)!!

This season of Gossip Girl is turning into a regular family reunion. We’ve met Vanessa’s annoying mother. We learned that Serena’s father had popped back up on the radar. And now we have seen Mother Bass or some lady who has the same taste in flowers. I knew she was still alive! In fact, I called this waaaay back when Chuck and Dan ended up in jail in season 2 and Chuck discussed his mother’s death. I knew it! Of course, I could totally be wrong and this mystery lady, played by Mulholland Drive’s Laura Harring, could end up being his childhood maid or something; she was kinda dressed like Dorota. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' recap: Serena and Tripp get closer and...Dorota's knocked up!

In lieu of bread crumbs, last night’s Thanksgiving-themed Gossip Girl was stuffed with pregnancies, elevator grab-ass, and a really inappropriate onesie. Still, I’m sure the Pilgrims would have enjoyed this Upper East Side feast; there had to be at least a few teen soap fans on the Mayflower.

The big entrée was Serena’s relationship with the most boring man in New York, aka Tripp Vanderbilt. I honestly don’t get why Serena would choose this dude over Nate. He’s a snooze and he has Conan O’Brien hair. Also, is it just me or does it seem like Gossip Girl producers have a thing for elevators? Why are things ALWAYS going down in elevators? Just a couple weeks ago we had that major heart to heart between Serena and Blair in the elevator. Let’s move on to some new locations. Maybe an escalator? Or perhaps one of those treadmills they have in airports? That could be fun! The whole elevator makeout session did lead to Chuck’s pretty genius line: “A little Thanksgiving proclamation: You two ever play grab ass in my elevator again and Serena will be staying in an airport Marriott.” “Grab-ass” has to be one of my favorite, little-used expressions. READ FULL STORY

Get 'Gossip Girl' fashion at a fraction of the cost

When I saw Serena’s ruby and garnet necklace (left) on a recent episode of Gossip Girl, I thought, “Me. Want.” But my wallet said, “Me. Want. Cheaper.” Now both you and your inanimate wallet will be happy thanks to the new shopping site SeenOn.com/CW, which offers styles straight from your favorite CW shows, like GG, The Vampire Diaries and 90210, at up to 50% off starting Dec. 1.

Following the lead of successful members-only sample sale sites like Gilt and Hautelook, SeenOn creates a community of CW fashionistas, who’ll receive emails, texts and/or Facebook updates telling them about the daily sales. But unlike its predecessors, which offer past season’s goods, the CW’s private sales will be more current—like taking the necklace from the designer to Serena to my jewelry box. But don’t worry Chuck and Damon fans, the sales also cover male fashion.

Shop enough or refer others to the site and you’ll receive “Karma” points that will be good toward your own purchases. But the sales last only three days, so you have to act quickly. Knowing what you like is the easy part; deciding between Serena and Elena’s leather jackets is the hard part.

Would you CW fans out there be interested in something like this? What looks are you hoping will go on sale?

Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

'Gossip Girl' recap: The third person is always supposed to be a stranger!

Is Gossip Girl on its way back up the quality ladder? It certainly seems that way. Last week’s episode was really good. And, GG fans, I’m prepared to say that this week’s installment bordered on great. And the threesome was even better in flashback form! Plus, they added a new character and he wasn’t a dud! In fact, the dude was hot like fire. Chrismukkah has come early!

The major story of the evening was the fallout after the Dan/Olivia/Vanessa threesome. Olivia started to become jealous of Vanessa and Dan’s relationship which basically amounts to a mutual fondness for frowning, caffeine, and Morrissey. It was quite amusing seeing Dan Humphrey strolling down the street like he was a love machine (“Just me, Olivia, Vanessa. Two girls, four boobs, and one Dan Humphrey. How awesome am I?”). Also, the flashbacks to the threesome were waaaay more hot than anything in last week’s much-hyped episode. I wonder if the Parents Television Council tuned in last night.We also learned a much repeated rule of theesomes: The third person is always supposed to be a stranger! Gossip Girl not only entertains, it teaches. READ FULL STORY

Sound Bites: Best TV clip of the week?

Why watch an entire week’s worth of TV when you can just watch EW.com’s Sound Bites? There are so many reasons. Thousands, really. But watch this anyway. My name is @EWAnnieBarrett and I happen to enjoy showing people clips of Larry David wearing women’s panties.

[ewbrightcove “50161931001”, “50181858001”, “475”, “345”]

Lady Gaga on 'Gossip Girl': Crunky hair and a crazy dress, who'da guessed it?

This season of Gossip Girl may have been a touch disappointing so far, but never fear, fellow fans! Monday’s episode promises at least a smidge of excitement when pop superstar Lady Gaga performs! The CW has released a super-short preview of the performance, which you can watch here:

Love that she’s doing “Bad Romance”—which couldn’t be more perfect as a nod to all the twisted relationships on the show. Love that crunky, wild hair. And love the ginormousness of her dress, which literally required the Gaga to be lifted into the sky before it’d fall without being bunched at the ground. Love.

But I’m concerned about Blair, who pops up momentarily as an audience member in this clip. Why are you so forlorn looking? (And why are you holding a candle?) Gaga shows are a place where you dance and, well, smile! Have a little fun! I did while watching this. PopWatchers, you loving the Gossip Girl-Gaga marriage? Excited to see the full performance (assuming it’s longer in the episode) on Monday?

More from EW.com:
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'Gossip Girl' recap: Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa get REEEEAAAAALLLLY close

gossip-girl_lYou can tell it was a good episode of Gossip Girl because the much-hyped threesome wasn’t even the best part. In fact, it kinda yielded mixed emotions…at least from me. Hilary Duff attempting to be sexy just felt, uh, weird. I had a similar reaction to seeing Julie Andrews naked in the movie S.O.B. It’s just not something you want to see, kinda like grown women wearing Loony Tunes paraphernalia. But, honestly, the whole thing was pretty chaste. Aside from a shot of them all in bed together in the end, it was basically no more risqué than a game of spin the bottle.

I still really think a guy-on-guy-on-guy love story would have been hotter but that could be my own personal bias. Chuck needed to somehow be involved in this situation. He’s the sexually adventurous one. Dan’s and Vanessa’s idea of experimenting is picking out exotic teas at the coffee shop.

I like where this is all going though with Vanessa and Olivia getting into it next week. Vanessa has CLEARLY never gotten over Dan and I’m sure there was a part of her (I’ll let you guess which part) that was completely thrilled at the chance of sleeping with Dan. Take her down, Olivia!

The storyline I enjoyed more than all the ménage a trois action was Jenny’s. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' threesome: Will you watch tonight?

Tonight is the much-hyped threesome episode of Gossip Girl and I’m totally tuning in for all the menage a trois action (I sorta have to because I write the recap but I would anyways!). All of this controversy over the threesome, though, is a little ridiculous. READ FULL STORY

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