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'Gossip Girl' recap: Jenny and Agnes part deux

Gossip-Girl-Empire_320.jpg Image Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWIt was a night of returns on Gossip Girl with Eleanor, Agnes, and that rando hooker girl from last fall (I seriously have zero memory of her — maybe Agnes drugged me too?) all back. But the most important return was some actually decent intrigue! Lordy, the last couple episodes had been dullsville but this one was at least slightly more exciting and that has everything to do with my favorite model/drug dealer/bowler-hat aficionado Agnes. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl': Jenny almost has the time of her life

Gossip-Girl-VirginImage Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWOh Gossip Girl, you’re starting to scare me a little bit. One of my favorite shows on television has, of late, been about as exciting as popping a late-night Ambien. Someone needs to pick up the pace for the love. I mean last night’s entire episode was supposed to be about rebellion and sex and it just completely flatlined. I’ll always be a loyal viewers but last night’s episode really disappointed me. Anyone else feel the same way? READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' recap: Some burning (and not-so-burning) questions answered

gossip_girlsImage Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW Many questions were answered during last night’s episode of Gossip Girl. Some – like those about Chuck’s mom – were of vast importance to the characters and could have a lasting impact. Others – like whether we will ever in our lifetime see a less attractive post-coital pose than the one Dan Humphrey was in after getting it on with Vanessa (Answer: No) – were not important at all but still entertaining. I’m filling in for Tim Stack, who is off doing things that will surely be of interest to you (but I can’t tell what they are because I’d get in trouble). But fear not, he will be back next week to dissect an episode about Jenny’s virginity for you. In the meantime, let’s get to the episode, presented to you in Q&A’ form. Note: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen last night’s episode. In fact, if you haven’t, what are you doing here? Go, shoo, shoo! READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' recap: Serena and Nate can't stop having sex!

Gossip Girl is FINALLY back on the air and it’s like reuniting with that bitchy high school gal pal: She’s not always nice but she’s a helluva good time. It honestly feels like this show has been on hiatus for more than a few months. And sadly Life Unexpected just doesn’t do it for me the way Gossip Girl does. I can’t handle a show with characters named Lux. That’s a name for a hamster.

So we returned to the Upper East Side with Serena and Nate in full force love time. These two are hot like fire and I’m psyched to see where this story is going… mostly because where it seems to be going involved them in various states of undress. I will say that I found them having sex in the Waldorf living room a little gross and unsanitary. I mean Dorota wasn’t even around to clean up afterward. Blair would definitely not be pleased. But back to Serena and Nate. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' is finally back tonight: Who's watching?

I think it was around 1998 when we last saw a new episode of Gossip Girl…or at least it feels like it was that long ago. But the bitches are finally back!!! Tonight my fave teen soap returns for 10 all new episodes and no repeats. From the looks of the promos, we’re gonna see some exciting development on the Serena/Nate front. Plus, there’s the whole Is-Chuck’s-Mom-Really-Dead situation. I am fairly certain that I’m on record in some old TV Watch (from the episode in which Chuck and Dan are arrested) as saying that I thought Chuck’s mom was still alive and kicking somewhere. And then, of course, we’ll have some Jenny drama which is always good for some laughs, both intentional and unintentional. Be sure and check back tomorrow morning for my recap of tonight’s GG return!

Are you excited about tonight’s Gossip Girl, PopWatchers? What are you hoping to see?

New 'Gossip Girl' teaser: Vanessa isn't wearing underwear!!!

It feels like years since we’ve seen Serena, Blair, Chuck, and the other wonderful snobs from Gossip Girl and, frankly, I just haven’t been the same. The bitchiness of shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and Kell on Earth simply cannot compete with my GG kids’ barbed tongues. Thankfully, the CW soap is returning March 8 and the network has just released a new teaser full of revelations. Chuck’s mother may be alive! Jenny may lose her virginity! Vanessa is sans undies! Best line of the clip has to be from Chuck in regards to his possibly resurfaced mama: “I think that whore may be my mother.” Oooh and I love that Jenny is going all bad girl again! That always makes for the best drama. Plus, William Baldwin, who I’ve had a crush on since Sliver (which I saw in the theater—don’t judge me), is joining as Serena’s mysterious father! Watch the teaser below…

What do you think PopWatchers? Are you excited for the return of Gossip Girl? Does Vanessa going commando make you uncomfortable?

Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez to suit up for DirecTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl

DirecTV’s fourth annual Celebrity Beach Bowl is starting to live up to its name. Jennifer Lopez has just joined the roster for the flag football game, which takes place Saturday, Feb. 6 in Miami (kickoff at 2:30 p.m. ET on DirecTV’s 101 Network). Other celebs scheduled to suit up now include: Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz; Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and Jessica SzohrAttack of the Show‘s Olivia Munn; Marlon, Shawn and Keenan Wayans; Victoria’s Secret model Marisa MillerBreaking Bad and Big Love‘s Aaron Paul; Dexter‘s C.S. Lee and David Zayas; Nurse Jackie‘s Dominic Fumusa; Clean House‘s Niecy Nash; singer/songwriter Brian McKnight; and The Green Mile‘s Michael Clark Duncan.

The New York Giants’ Eli Manning and the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez will each coach a team, while Hall of Famer Warren Moon and former NFL MVP Rich Gannon serve as quarterbacks/captains. NFL greats Merrill Hoge, Daryl Johnston, Desmond Jones, La’Roi Glover, Eddie George and Mark Schlereth will also take the field. Dan Patrick hosts a pre-game show at 1:30 p.m. ET that features an interview with Herschel Walker, who recently made his victorious debut in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). He’ll also call the play-by-play along with Nancy O’Dell and sideline correspondent Andrew Siciliano. The All American Rejects handle post-show duties with a concert immediately following the trophy presentation.

Who are you rooting for? I’m all for the fun-loving way Lopez is choosing to promote her new album (see also: her monologue as the new host of Lopez Tonight), so I’ll cheer her on. Fingers crossed her teammates include Lautner and Nash.

Photo credit: Beach Bowl: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images; Munn: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Lopez: Wild1/PR Photos; Westwick: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

ABC Family's (almost) new show 'Huge': 'Ugly Betty' meets 'Glee' meets weight-loss camp

betty-huge-gleeImage Credit: Patrick Harbron/ABC; Colfer: Carin Baer/FoxABC Family is apparently thisclose to greenlighting a series based on Sasha Paley’s young adult novel Huge, about two roommates at a weight-loss camp who fall for the same guy. It’s being described as “Glee meets Ugly Betty.” And yes, there really will be a musical component to the proceedings, an ABC Family source tells me, and this show has plenty of other things going for it besides that: First, it’s based on a book from Alloy Entertainment, the same people who brought us Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and the late, great Privileged. Second, the pilot script was written by My So-Called Life creator Winnie Holzman and her daughter, Savannah Dooley. Third, among its producers is Robin Schiff of ABC Family’s delightful TV take on 10 Things I Hate About You. And fourth — yes, fourth! — it has the opportunity to tackle body-image issues, a la Drop Dead Diva, for young girls.

But what do you think, PopWatchers? Could Huge be a hit?

Josh Schwartz and 'Chuck' EP launching CBS comedy: New 'HIMYM' companion perhaps?

josh-schwartzImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosJosh Schwartz will continue his quest for total televisual dominance with CBS’ recent pick-up of his half-hour comedy pilot Hitched. He cowrote the script — about a “twentysomething newlywed couple who is still learning about each other, according to The Hollywood Reporter — with Chuck exec producer Matt Miller. Sounds like it could be a solid How I Met Your Mother companion (you know, with the mother already having been met in this case) — not to mention that Chuck really is quite funny (and even Gossip Girl and The O.C. have strong humor elements).

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you excited for another Josh Schwartz show?

More Josh Schwartz:
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'Friday Night Lights,' 'Lost,' 'Glee'...Are the Writers Guild Awards our dream come true?

I feel a little like the Writers Guild Award nominees, announced yesterday, were downloaded directly from my own brain. Or at least my DVR list. And knowing what I know about what shows PopWatchers tend to get all message-boardy about, I’m guessing you feel the same. There in the drama category are Breaking Bad, Dexter, Friday Night Lights (pictured), Lost, and Mad Men. In comedy we have 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Glee, Modern Family, and The Office. And as if all that weren’t enough, we have the new series category: Glee, Modern Family, The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie, and Hung. First and foremost, I’m thrilled when any awards are smart enough to recognize the brilliance that is Friday Night Lights — a show that, by premise, could’ve been lame at best, but instead manages to wring tearful drama from grounded-in-reality situations every week that it hangs on despite its ratings challenges. I’m also thrilled when any awards are smart enough to get Lost, as well, which basically does the opposite — makes utterly ridiculous, barely comprehensible plotlines hit us in the heart (oh, Sawyer and Juliet!) despite their reliance on string theory. It’s nice to see Glee up for its first big awards, too — it’s just plain not easy to write a musical every freaking week and make it work, and while the dialogue and plotting occasionally gets heavy-handed, it still works — and ditto for Modern Family, the funniest new show this season. (Love 30 Rock and Mad Men, too, but even the Emmys have been onto those for a while.)

I’m a writing-first kind of TV watcher, so it makes sense that I’d like this list. (The awards, by the way, will be given out Feb. 20.) But what’s missing? How I Met Your Mother is the only one I can think of off my own DVR list — what do you think, PopWatchers? Was Grey’s Anatomy good enough? Did Gossip Girl hold up for you? Did FlashForward get dissed?

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