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How to watch tonight's TV online

Too-much-TVImage Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC; Adam Taylor/Fox; Getty Images; Justin Lubin/NBC; Adam Larkey/ABC; Adam Rose/FoxChuck, House, Gossip Girl, HIMYM, DWTS, Hawaii Five-0 — good gravy, there’s a lot of TV on Monday nights. And you can watch almost all of it for free (or cheap) online, most of it the day after it airs. Here’s my list of where and when to watch most of tonight’s programming, all online, all completely legal and legit:

8 p.m.
: Episodes go up on CWTV.com three days after they air

Chuck : Episodes go up on Hulu the day after they air

Dancing With the Stars : Episodes go up on ABC.com the morning after they air

House: Episodes go up on Fox.com eight days after they air

How I Met Your Mother: Episodes go up on CBS.com the day after they air

Little People Big World: Not free online anywhere, but episodes go up on iTunes for $1.99 each the day after they air READ FULL STORY

Tim Gunn disses Taylor Momsen on 'Lopez Tonight'

Oh, Little J. Taylor Momsen, who plays the raccoon-eyed Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, has managed to drum up some real-life drama probably worthy of a Gossip Girl blast. Project Runway‘s mentor-in-residence, Tim Gunn — who will guest star as himself in an October episode of The CW series — has been making the press rounds to promote his new book Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work, and, in the process, he’s taken the opportunity to slam Momsen for her behavior on set.

Earlier this week it was reported that Gunn said Momsen spent too much time on her BlackBerry and not enough time focusing on, you know, her job. (So, in other words, he was saying she should just make it work. Heh.) But instead of ending it there, his rants against Momsen continued on Lopez Tonight last night with George Lopez. Gunn seems truly pissed that he had to work with her, and essentially told the talk show host that the actress is ungrateful for the job she has. “We were doing a different take for every single line that she had. And she acted annoyed at the crew, and the director, and the producer,” Gunn told Lopez. “I thought, the annoyance is going your way, not the other way.” (See video after the jump.) READ FULL STORY

Robyn to show Blair love on 'Gossip Girl'

The always lovely and amazing Swedish dancehall queen Robyn confirmed the rumor that she’ll appear on the upcoming season of The CW’s Gossip Girl via a Tweet yesterday with a photo of her on set, which you can see here at the left. She Tweeted: “I’m with Marcus on the set of Gossip girl, girrrrrrrrrrrl.” So, yah, the photo doesn’t reveal much besides her looking fierce (and slightly blurry), but I checked in with the folks over at The CW and they had this to tell me: Robyn is “a surprise guest at Blair’s birthday party and performs ‘Hang With Me,'” the amazing track that she did acoustic on Body Talk Pt. 1 and whipped up into a dancy version for Body Talk Pt. 2. Discussion around the EW offices produced the idea that Robyn — known for her edgy, techo-laced style — is an interesting choice for Blair’s birthday party. Wouldn’t Robyn be more of a Serena birthday-type entertainer? We think so. But, then again, maybe Serena planned this surprise. Anyway, regardless, genius that she’ll appear — she’s always stunning.

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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: We’ll always have Paris

'Gossip Girl' is back: What to expect during tonight's Parisian premiere

gossip-girls-premierImage Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWWhat did you do on your summer vacation, Gossip Girl fans? Well, it most likely didn’t involve as much couture and cute French boys as Serena and Blair’s summer sojourn in Paris, which will be seen on tonight’s GG premiere. The Parisian-set scenes with S (Blake Lively) and B (Leighton Meester) are, like a fluffy croissant, completely delightful. Most enjoyable is the veritable eye candy that is their respective wardrobes. (My fave is Serena’s sequined jacket-and-shorts ensemble.)

Of course, we are forced to say au revoir to Paris during the episode — back in good ol’ New York City, Dan (Penn Badgley) deals with his supposed love child with Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg). Most promisingly, Nate (Chace Crawford) meets a mysterious potential love interest named Juliet, played by Katie Cassidy, a.k.a. the best thing to come out of The CW’s horrid Melrose Place reboot.

Last season was undeniably a little off, but GG‘s quality seems to be back on solid ground: Next week’s episode is even better, with a truly wonderful train station scene between Blair and Chuck (Ed Westwick). After the jump, see a little tease of what you’re in store for tonight. READ FULL STORY

'Piranha 3D': Exclusive, NSFW, behind-the-scenes photo gallery!

piranha-3d-posterJust when you thought it was safe to go back into Popwatch, without seeing photos of people being attacked by small fish… we pull you back in! Sorry, I got my movie sequels mixed up there. But there’s no confusion about the fact that, after the jump, you’ll find a gallery of exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos from the now-out-in-cinemas Piranha 3D, complete with commentary by director Alexandre Aja. There’s also little doubt that a couple of the snaps are bloody.

On the other hand we guarantee that none feature the sight of Jerry O’Connell’s manhood. Maybe it was too small to photograph. We’re joking, J.C.—we kid because we love!

Anyway, you have been warned…


Fishy Business: The behind-the-scenes story of the 'Piranha' movies (Part III)

piranha-3d-posterThe story so far: Following the release of Jaws, legendary exploitation-movie producer Roger Corman hired fledgling director Joe Dante to direct a rip-off movie about small, killer fish. The result was 1978’s gore-drenched, but tongue-in-cheek Piranha, which cost less than $1 million to make and grossed around $14 million in the U.S. alone. The sequel, 1981’s Piranha II: The Spawning, was directed by first-time film-maker James Cameron. The future Avatar and Titanic auteur was fired midway through the film’s shoot in Jamaica, and the movie was not a commercial success. But this disappointing experience did inspire Cameron to write his breakthrough movie, Terminator. READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: I wanna know what scandalous is

most-offensiveImage Credit: Cyrus: Central Image Agency/FilmMagic.com

The above poster for this fall’s CW series Nikita is apparently too hot to handle for L.A. shopping center The Grove and other important meccas of U.S. commerce. According to Variety, certain outlets upset with seeing so much leg agreed to a replacement ad featuring star Maggie Q lounging near a machine gun in a long red dress. Whew! As long as a gun is still involved!

I’m tired of being sensitive to people who are frightened of high-cut leotards and great big chairs. What is that called — flashdanciophobia? Get over it and put on some legwarmers. If Maggie was wearing pants, how would we see her tattoo of a phoenix? If 2008’s Gossip Girl poster didn’t say “OMFG,” how would we know that Nate and Serena were f***ing? If I can’t analyze the contours of a 17-year-old’s inner thigh, how will I know I’m at a Miley Cyrus concert? The devil’s in the details. I want you to show me….

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Fishy Business: The behind-the-scenes story of the 'Piranha' movies (Part I)

piranha-1-posterImage Credit: Mary Evans/New World Pictures/Ronald Grant/EverettDo you enjoy complex plotting? Subtle subtexts? Movies in which scantily clad people don’t get bitten to pieces by fish? Then you should think twice—actually, make it thrice—before seeing Piranha 3D, which opens this Friday.

Directed by French horror auteur Alexandre Aja (Mirrors, 2006’s The Hills Have Eyes remake) the film’s cast features both an Academy Award winner in Richard Dreyfuss, who cameos as his Matt Hooper character from Jaws in all but name, and an Oscar nominee in Elisabeth Shue, who plays the movie’s sheriff-heroine. But this Arizona-shot tale of prehistoric piranhas feasting upon Spring Break partiers after being freed from their underwater lair by an earthquake, is about as far from Oscar catnip as it is possible to get. “From what I understand, it’s the goriest movie in history,” says cast member Adam Scott, from Parks and Recreation and Party Down. “When we were making it in Lake Havasu, there was a tanker truck filled with blood parked on the side of the lake pumping blood all day. I’m not joking. I don’t think anyone’s got us on the tanker truck of blood. I think we’re unique in that regard.”


Lunchtime Poll: Is Taylor Momsen the cost of freedom?

Like everyone who watches Gossip Girl, I’ve enjoyed seeing Taylor Momsen grow from a delicate teen ingenue into a  proud, beautiful transvestite. But it turns out, not everyone is so happy with the singer/actor/anti-pants activist‘s recent life choices. In a deep-thought Fox News piece, several people with more fun jobs than you criticize Momsen for a recent interview with Disorder Magazine, where she mentioned being “bored of men” and noted that her best friend is a battery-powered adult toy. (Having not seen the actual article, I can’t help but wonder if Momsen is just quoting from every episode of Sex and the City.) According to Dr. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, “Our society was a much happier place when Annette Funicello pranced around as a ‘Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer,’ and now we have Taylor Momsen prancing around with a dildo in hand.”

Now, naturally, what Donohue meant to say was “Our society was a much happier place for middle-class heterosexual white males who hated communists and loved Nixon,” but this merely brings up a more troubling conundrum. PopWatchers, we all know that liberty brings complications. The rise of the Internet makes information available to everyone…and ensures that teenagers have easy access to Swedish adult films. A library that refuses censorship must carry one copy of Mein Kampf. My question is: Is Taylor Momsen the price we must all pay for freedom? And is it worth it? Take the poll after the jump… READ FULL STORY

Spotted: 'Gossip Girl' stars filming in Paris, wearing more clothes for us to obsess over

gossip-girlin-franceIt seems like just yesterday that news broke about Gossip Girl heading to Paris to shoot the first scenes of season four. But now, just two months later, we’ve seen the snaps from the trés glam shoot. All I can say is, more please!

Exhibit A: The gold sequin jacket and electric blue pants belonging to Serena (Blake Lively). Sure, the sharp shoulder craze may be over, but hot damn, I want it — shoulders jutting out and all!

Exhibit B: Serena and Blair (Leighton Meester) frolicking through the Parisian rue, the latter wearing a girly, print-happy Moschino dress, and the former donning a tomboy-cool Georges Chakra dress with a boyfriend blazer. Note to self: Find Serena’s hat and some macaroons.

Exhibit C: Lively beats the heat in pink wide leg pants and chunky jewelry. I don’t love the idea of bras being the new tank top, but those pants are incredible, so I’ll let it slide.

I think anything would’ve been a step up from the first glimpses we got last season, but GG, you’ve given a girl who fell off the boat with your show — thanks to last season’s over-the-top storylines — a reason to get (really) excited again. And it doesn’t hurt that Chuck (Ed Westwick) is also in Paris with new co-star Clémence Poésy of Harry Potter. The plot thickens!

What do you think of these first photos? Does it get you excited for more couture madness to come?

Photo: Eliot Press/bauergriffinonline.com; KCSPresse/Splash News (2)

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