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'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck and Blair try to outbid and outbed

Gossip-Girl-Lost-Boy_dlThe Bitch is back PopWatchers. And I don’t just mean evil Georgina! I’m back recapping Gossip Girl. I was in Glee-land for a bit but now I’m back the land of X’s and O’s.

First of all, let’s discuss how hot Penn Badgley/Dan Humphrey has gotten in like the last few months. Hello, bicep curls. Here’s hoping Dan carries lots of heavy books to class. But while we’re on the subject, I did not believe for a second that Dan and Georgina would ever get together. She’s a crazy person and Dan is too cynical to trust that she had changed. But by the end of the episode it was nice to see the mean girl inside Georgina once again emerge. Gossip Girl does not need any more nice people. There’s no room. READ FULL STORY

Timeslot face-off: 'DWTS,' 'Lie to Me,' 'Gossip Girl' and more

lie-to-me_lLast week I bemoaned the too-packed programming of the 8 p.m. slot on Mondays. Turns out 9 p.m.’s not much easier. Teen soaps and dramedies, procedurals, gripping — and not gripping so much as gyrating — reality; I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (If I settle on Greek and Intervention, I’ll probs do both. Heyo!) Anyway, let’s run down the options: READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl': NYU is no place for headbands

EW.com is departing from the traditional Gossip Girl TV recap for now and in its place are the five things you need to know from each night’s episode. Let’s get the ball rolling because last night, Georgina returned and where G goes, crazy is sure to follow:

1. Blair lives in the NYU dorms – As we learned last season, Georgina asked to room with Blair. More shocking than that is the fact that Blair chose the NYU dorms, with its communal bathrooms and fluorescent lighting, as Chuck points out, over a sweet pad in the West Village. Her decision backfires when the NYU students don’t buy her “Queen Bee” act and ditch her sushi and saketini party for a Georgina-orchestrated viewing of Vanessa’s documentary about a local community garden (because Vanessa would make a documentary about that). As Georgina so wonderfully puts it, they like Vanessa “more than the weird girl who threw the fish party.” Also note the carefully removed Leighton Meester segment of Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad” on which she is a featured singer and which played twice during the episode. I’m sure the producers didn’t want to make it seem like a favor to Meester’s singing career, but still, no love for Blair. READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' recap: It's all love on the Upper East Side

Welcome back to the Upper East Side, GG fans! It’s been way too long since we last saw the Constance Billard gang, and, as we saw from last night’s third season premiere, they’ve been getting into all sorts of dish-worthy news. Let’s catch up with their summer activities, shall we?

Chuck and Blair are finally together. Yay! They even used his past philandering ways to spice up their relationship. Yes, some good ol’ fashioned role playing with Chuck as the cheating cad and Blair as the scorned girlfriend. They even visited go-sees (model-ese for auditions) to find prospective suitors. Kind of cute, kind of twisted. But when Serena warned Blair about the perils of an open relationship like theirs, they stopped these faux threesome shenanigans and kept with the role playing, just on their own. Okay, no need for details. Moving on… READ FULL STORY

'Gossip Girl' premieres tonight: Scoop from the producers!

It seems like every Monday this summer I’ve been saying the same thing: “I wish Gossip Girl was on.” Not helping were the countless paparazzi photos of the cast filming on location. It was like a big tease! Well, The CW has finally granted my wish. The bitch-tastic teen soap returns tonight at 9pm (new timeslot alert!) for its third season and the characters are movin’ on to college . “Blair is going to find herself a fish out of water on Dan and Vanessa’s turf,” says co-executive producer Stephanie Savage, alluding to the Upper East Side princess matriculating at hipster-friendly NYU. And Dan will become close with movie star and fellow classmate Olivia Burke (guest star Hilary Duff), the star of a major fantasy film franchise (think Emma Watson). “Dan Humphrey being a hysteric Brooklyn snob has never seen any of these movies,” says Savage. Adds co-executive producer Josh Schwartz, “He’s the only person at NYU who doesn’t know who she is.”

And what’s in store for everyone’s favorite GG dandy, Chuck Bass? Apparently not higher education. “When you’re Chuck Bass, you don’t need to go to college,” says Schwartz. “You learn from the streets of life.” Adds Savage, “Chuck’s journey this year, in addition to his relationship with Blair, will be trying to get out from underneath his father’s shadow. Chuck Takes Manhattan.”

I certainly CANNOT wait for GG tonight. What about you PopWatchers? Have you been craving a GG fix as much as I have?

Can Josh Schwartz bring 'Gossip Girl' pizazz to the lawyer dramedy genre?

josh-schwartz_lJosh Schwartz is venturing into David E. Kelley territory, trying to Gossip Girl-up the lawyer genre with a new project he just sold in a bidding war to ABC (which seems determined to find its own brand of courtroom show, even though it didn’t happen with the late, great Eli Stone). It’s about a commitmentphobic female divorce lawyer, which does sound right up ABC’s Television for Women alley — a sort-of Ally McBeal for the Grey’s Anatomy set (i.e. Ally minus dancing baby-inducing biological clock). It’s being written by Chuck writer Ali Adler, which also bodes well. (Extra points to Schwartz, by the way, for nurturing much-needed female TV writing talent, including GG‘s Stephanie Savage as well.) And I’m all for leading ladies whose major life goal is not to find a man.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does TV need a new Ally McBeal? Are you psyched to see Josh Schwartz continue to expand his TV domain?

'Gossip Girl' begins production on season 3!

Gossip-girl-set_l It has been a little over a month (May 18th to be exact — but who's counting?) since we last got our fix of Gossip Girl, but perk up GG fans, because shooting has begun on the third season, as these lovely paparazzi photos reveal! So what can we expect based on this photographic evidence? Well, Chuck clearly still has a jones for suspenders and conflicting patterns. Blair wears a fab floral dress. And Serena still has the best hair on the Eastern seaboard. Seriously, though, next season we'll be seeing the GG kids tackle college life and Nate will date another wealthy lady…but this time she's not a cougar.

What else are you hoping to see on season three of Gossip Girl? Are you missing the show as much as I am? Are your Monday nights sad and empty like mine?


Chace Crawford tops Robert Pattinson for People's Hottest Bachelor title

Chace-crawford-pattinson_l Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford tops People's Hottest Bachelors list. It's an interesting choice: The show isn't huge in the ratings (or airing new episodes at the moment), but his biceps do look good in a summer polo. I like it. While I look forward to dissecting that issue on Friday the way I did Sports Illustrated's swimsuit extravaganza — only enjoying the hour I spend staring at it in my office so much more — let's take a peek at the online tease:

• I love that it took two women to interview Crawford. Translation: His hotness is so great that it must be diffused by two pairs of eyes. Note: I'll need to have Annie in my office when I look at his photos just in case…

• Chace likes a woman who can beat him at beer pong and watch football. I can do that!

• Chris Pine: I don't find this photo of him bruised in Star Trek all that hot, I've got to be honest. I'm guessing it's not the one in the magazine.

• Shia LaBeouf: Which movie do I need to see to make me "get" him?

• Adam Lambert: Classic crotch shot.

90210's Ryan Eggold and Twilight's Kellan Lutz: Looks like Hot "Bromantic" Bachelors is a category this year. I guess these two are posing as Butch and Sundance? This has the potential to be as awesomely bad as last year's Mario Lopez recreation spread. Friday cannot come soon enough.


Must List Live!: Are Jon & Kate faking the hate for ratings?

Is the Jon & Kate tabloid turmoil and marital discord all a crass ratings ploy, or can the couple truly not stand one another? Jessica Shaw and I examine the evidence from the season premiere and deliver the verdict in the newest episode of Must List Live! (Watch the video below and let us know if you agree or disagree). Also on tap: we argue about Burn Notice (I’m right! She’s wrong!), look forward to the genius of The Hangover, and find out from Buffy alum/Gossip Girl villain Michelle Trachtenberg what’s on her Must List. But wait, there’s more! We’re also still in the process of giving away the ultimate FREE Comic-Con package, including full 4-day passes as well as a hotel room and admission to our super-exclusive Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con party for one lucky winner and a friend. (Contest rules can be found here.) You can win just by watching the video below. And there’s a heaping helping of Jon & Kate waiting for you along the way. Enjoy! (Unless you’re Jon, in which case—sorry, dude. About everything.)

Chace Crawford officially set for 'Footloose': Let's hear it for the bo-oy?

It’s official: Chace Crawford will be starring in the remake of Footloose, the one Zac Efron dropped out of earlier this spring.

I’m trying to separate my feelings about the wisdom of a Footloose remake — unwise! don’t do it! — from my feelings about Crawford as the lead, but…yeesh. I can’t lie, PWers: This whole thing is bumming me out. I like Crawford enough as the snooty, conflicted Nate on Gossip Girl, but Ren is an exuberant character, someone whose youthful energy is explosive, whose need to duh-duh-duh-dance cannot be denied!

I’m guessing the smoking and DUI will be cut from the update, but watch this and tell me you think Crawford can Billy Elliot it up like this:

The polite word for how I feel is skeptical. But maybe Crawford’s just never had the chance to move when the spirit said move — and director Kenny Ortega choreographed Dirty Dancing for crying out loud. The guy knows his way around dance-fueled coming-of-age stories. Maybe my concern is overstated.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you ready for Chace Crawford to liberate a small town from its puritanical no-dancing policies?

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