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'MasterChef Junior' season finale: Who deserves to win!? –- POLL

Tonight is the night! The first season finale of the giddy, gleeful, how-long-until-season-two slice of reality perfection that is MasterChef Junior!

This extraordinary little reality competition pits pint-sized chefs between the ages of 8 and 13 against each other in the MasterChef kitchen, and the heat between contestants is just as fierce as Fox’s adult version of the series. But unlike most other reality shows with grody adults, this one is a total charmer and a hypnotically lovable hour of TV that nestles perfectly into your Friday night schedule. READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef Junior' premiere: A bit too sweet?

Oh no. Very talented children. In a STUNNING! turn for the worse, I feel more creaky and less accomplished than ever before now that I have watched a 9-year-old whip up a molten lava cake with glazed raspberries that Gordon Ramsay awarded “a 10 out of 10.” It’s MasterChef…Junior! READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef' react: Three potato, two potato

In another double episode of MasterChef — “The most. Explosive. Episode in HISTORY!” claimed a stunning Gordon Ramsay voiceover — we saw the Top 4 become the Top 3 following a dreaded pressure test that had me digging desperately through my cabinets to find even the oldest, grossest shavings of chocolate to snack on. I shall never learn. I need to just slather cookie butter on top of, like, six Twix and nibble on them gradually throughout the two hours. Boom. MasterChef.

Then, the judges narrowed it down to just two home cooks to compete in next week’s fin-ah-lee. And they are (SPOILERS JUST AHEAD)…. READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef': Meet! Gordon Ramsay's teenage son. A stunning! Lamb.

Disgraced butter-baller Paula Deen has found work again — and on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, no less. AWKWARD. (And especially weird considering Walmart, MasterChef‘s favorite gourmet supermarket, cut its ties with Deen this summer.) Fox did its best to not advertise Deen’s guest judge appearance (filmed before all the scandal) and tuck it into a two-hour episode. And they’re in luck! I have no interest in dwelling on this. Paula Deen came, she screamed her heavily edited sentences, she drove the Top 5 around on a tractor, she advised a contestant to “Turn that sucker on blast,” and that was it. I’m much more intrigued by….

Gordon Ramsay’s absolutely! Stunningly! Cute. And well-mannered! Adorable British son, Jack. Check out their matching belts! And curt. Optimism! READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef': Restaurant Takeover! The Top 5 are...

“Please. Bring! Your calamari. Down to the front bench thank you.” –Unique Gordon Ramsay Cadence of the Week

Three of the Top 6 had to fight for their aprons in a fried calamari pressure test following a relatively smooth Restaurant Takeover at Wolfgang Puck’s downtown L.A. Chinese restaurant, WP24. I say relatively because despite a raw scallop or 22 and some lettuce cups that resembled soggy blankets, the home chefs gamely worked with what they had, which was zero skills in cooking Asian food. Krissi the bully hates Asian food! Not even MasterChef judge Joe Bastianich would have any idea how to cook in a wok! That restaurant was doomed from the start. I’m surprised there weren’t more customer wok-outs. (Sorry.) (SPOILER ahead.) READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef' Top 7 react: The birds are alive

This week the home chefs had to cradle an adorable live bird in their arms, then cook one of its siblings — because apparently my Disgusted Facial Expression hero Bri had not quite suffered enough! SPOILER AHEAD. Which of the Top 7 headed home following this fowl predicament?

“Come on, guys,” pleaded Gordon Ramsay. “The bird. Has to be the hero!” READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef' Top 7 react: Sushi will shatter your dreams

I still can’t believe MasterChef is only on for one hour now instead of two. I’m sad, but my gut is happy considering I can’t watch this or any cooking show without competing in the Snack Olympics the whole time. Only 60 minutes of mainlining spicy croutons and Haribo raspberries instead of 120? I’m practically wasting away. Email me for more diet tips, I’m the best. So which of the Top 7 headed home tonight after failing to achieve instant prowess in preparing “a stunning! Japanese cuisine”? SPOILERS ahead! READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef': Wednesday, Bloody Macaroons

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.03.51 PM

Thank God for HD, right? (I don’t care what any of the judges say. These still look amazing.)

It’s all about the final Pressure Test on MasterChef. Last week’s lemon meringue pie did Bimi in, and this week two home chefs had to enter a sweat-streaked macaroon WAR ZONE to fight for their places in summer’s hottest competition of who can stir up the most sh*t cook random stuff the best. Who would ultimately fall apart easier than his own confection? READ FULL STORY

'MasterChef' season 4: What are you missing?

I didn’t mean for this to happen, but after salivating (with a full stomach, gross) over contestant Jonny’s “Lobster Crackerjack” within the first few minutes, I found myself watching two full hours of MasterChef. The auditions are over and the finalists have been revealed. What else have you been missing? Spoiler ahead… READ FULL STORY

On the scene: 'Kitchen Nightmares' in Brooklyn

Neither donkeys nor doughnuts were on the menu as Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares relaunched Brooklyn restaurant Mama Maria’s last night. Ramsay’s restaurant takeover show heads into its sixth season this fall, and, judging from Mama Maria’s Yelp page, the family business fits squarely among the troubled restaurants Ramsay has endeavored to turn around since the series’ 2007 debut.

Anyone who’s seen even a single episode of Kitchen Nightmares knows the show invades a flailing eatery for a few days, rejiggers its cuisine and décor, then welcomes diners to critique the new and improved restaurant. On the night of the re-opening, patrons are generally treated to a prix fixe of ready-for-reality-TV drama: An aperitif of nervous hope, an appetizer of early-evening success followed swiftly by a main course of server blunders and behind-the-scenes bottlenecks, then a long wait while the imperiled staff attempts to regain its composure, and finally the sweet dessert of redemption. As I headed into the restaurant for an early evening seating, I worried I might be stuck in the smooth sailing portion of the night. Would there be no Nightmare for me? READ FULL STORY

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