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Claire Danes is Hasty Pudding's Woman of the Year

She may have gone to Yale, but this week Claire Danes will be at Harvard, as the Hasty Pudding Theatricals crown her Woman of the Year. On January 26 she will lead a parade through Cambridge, followed by the presentation of the Pudding Pot at the annual roast. The Man of the Year has not yet been announced. Last year, Julianne Moore and Jay Leno were Woman and Man of the Year, respectively. Other pairings of past years include Anne Hathaway and Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johanssen and Christopher Walken, and Renee Zellweger and James Franco.

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals were founded in 1795 and have been doling out the title of Woman of the Year since 1951, when Gertrude Lawrence was honored. For a look back on previous men and women who’ve been deemed worthy of the society’s highest honor, check out the history of Hasty Pudding.

Danes recently won the best actress in a TV series (Drama) Golden Globe for her role in the Showtime series Homeland.

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Video Diary: Golden Globes night with Rico Rodriguez and his 'Modern Family'

For the second part of Rico Rodriguez’s Golden Globes video diary, the young actor (who plays Manny on Modern Family) offered EW an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his prep routine on the big night as well as is the celebration he and his Modern Family castmates took part in after their show took home the award for best comedy. (If you missed it, click here for part 1.) READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes parties: Zachary Levi is Lord of the Dance (Floor), and the 'Modern Family' that wins together, parties together

The saying that Hollywood is one giant small town is never truer than at the Golden Globes. Unlike the after-parties for every other major awards show (which can sprawl out across Los Angeles), virtually every big party after the Globes takes place either inside or very near the Beverly Hilton hotel. It makes party hopping — and random celebrity run-ins — that much easier. (Of course, the convenient location also meant it was easy for women to swap heels for sandals, causing a few inadvertent gown-stepping-on mishaps.)

Even the space between the parties is lousy with odd and thrilling Hollywood moments, like Castle‘s Nathan Fillion chatting up New Girl‘s Max Greenfield (which only conjures images of Capt. Mal Reynolds slapping Schimdt), or Globe winner Idris Elba (Luther) sharing the briefest of greetings with nominee Tilda Swinton (We Need to Talk About Kevin) as they pass each other in the hall. In fact, you could almost call the lobby of the Beverly Hilton the best unofficial party of the Globes. There was Jane Fonda, looking amazing in a long navy gown. On the way to the elevator? Penny Marshall in her signature shades, having a tete-a-tete with Kathy Griffin in a purple gown. And as the night drew to a close, you could catch Josh Radnor, Tiffani Thiessen, Connie Britton, Topher Grace, and James Marsden all within the same 10 square feet.

Needless to say, EW was everywhere at last night’s Golden Globes parties, and we’ve got all the on-the-scene scoopage on what it’s like when everyone in movies and everyone in television gets all gussied up and crams inside the same famous hotel for one fabulous Hollywood night.  READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes 2012: We're (enhanced) live blogging 'em!

It’s almost Golden Globes time, folks! Which means, it’s almost time to get your live blog on with EW.com. And we have something special in store for you this Globes. We’re not just doing a run-of-the-mill live-chat live blog. This year, we have created  a full-blown second-screen experience. So in addition to live blog commentary from the usual cast of EW staffers, our Golden Globes “dashboard” also features a photo stream straight from the red carpet, a second photo gallery capturing the best moments from the ceremony as they happen live tonight, a scorecard featuring nominees and winners in major categories, and tweets from celebs and EW staffers on the scene — all right there in one place on your computer or tablet screen.

The only thing better than an EW live blog is a new and improved, enhanced EW live blog. So click over to join Annie Barrett and Mandi Bierly. We promise, you’ll have at least as much fun as this guy did in 2010: READ FULL STORY

'Angelina, could you pass the salt?': Who would YOU want at your 2012 Golden Globes table?

While the Golden Globes are Hollywood’s most star-studded event, it’s actually the event planners who hold the real power in the room because they get to design the seating chart. Then again, it’s mostly a paint-by-numbers job since tradition dictates that casts are lumped together. What’s the fun in that? We’re turning it over to you, PopWatchers. If you could be lucky enough to attend the Globes tomorrow night, who would you like to have at your table?


Golden Globes fashion: Will Charlize Theron reclaim her crown?

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Sunday’s Golden Globes: the awards, the gags, the acceptance speeches. But my attention is firmly focused on the red carpet fashion, particularly because this year marks the return of Charlize Theron and her chic wardrobe.

While, in the past few years, stars like Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, and Mila Kunis have owned the red carpet (and rightfully so), Charlize was the reigning fashionista back before they started topping best dressed lists left and right. And now, thanks to her performance in Young Adult, she’s back and hopefully, ready to reclaim her title.

If you need a refresher of just how fabulous Charlize has proven to be on the red carpet, check out her bold Vera Wang gown from the 2000 Oscars or her shimmering Gucci number from the 2004 awards (both pictured below): READ FULL STORY

Poll: Who should win big at the Golden Globes on Sunday?

The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards will air on Sunday, a (hopefully) boozy pre-Oscar self-congratulation-fest that will inevitably lead to the thinning of thousands of wallets, as poor Amurikans nationwide lose their office ballot pools. Which isn’t cool, because you’ll need that money when you lose your March Madness office ballot pool in a few weeks.

So before you cast your vote for Tilda Swinton over Viola Davis (It’s so her year!), scan your options and see what the other kids are picking below — because going with the mass consensus is always the safest bet! Be sure to defend any controversial choices, like, say, anything that isn’t Downton Abbey, in the comments below.  READ FULL STORY

Ricky Gervais talks Globes on 'Ellen': 'I was just teasing them' -- VIDEO

We’re just three days away from the 2012 Golden Globe Awards ceremony and people are still debating about who got it the worst at last year’s show? Was it some unnamed Scientologists, the gals of Sex and the City, or the typically untouchable A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp? (Are you havin’ a laugh, Hollywood? Guess not.)

If you ask Ricky Gervais, it was, well, him. Gervais, who is returning to the scene of the crime this weekend, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the brouhaha he caused last year. READ FULL STORY

Place your bets! Who will Ricky Gervais skewer the worst at the Golden Globes?

How does one place bets on Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais, a man whose motto when it comes to torturing Hollywood (and Karl Pilkington) is “All bets are off”? You call in the pros, apparently. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has Russell Brand and Katy Perry as the odds-on favorite to feel Gervais’ wrath on Sunday night. The Arthur star, who recently split from Perry, his wife of 15 months, apparently has 5:1 odds of being the initial target from his fellow funny Brit.

It’s also predicted that Gervais will take aim at targets like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Tom Cruise (who many speculated was at the butt of Gervais’ Scientology joke during the 2011 ceremony), and Charlie Sheen. (“Welcome to a night of partying and heavy drinking. Or as Charlie Sheen calls it: breakfast,” he cracked last year.) But, before you fly off to Las Vegas to put down all of your money on those celebs who will soon likely wish they’d kept quieter over the past year, here’s some others dark horses to consider. READ FULL STORY

Video diary: How Rico Rodriguez from 'Modern Family' does the Globes

Rico Rodriguez, Manny on ABC’s Modern Family, is giving Entertainment Weekly an exclusive behind-the-scenes look this week of what it’s like to go to the Golden Globes. Though only 13, Rico is a pro after attending the ceremony for Modern Family‘s first nominations last year. Take a peek and see Rico’s sister (and date for the big event) Raini, star of Disney Channel’s Austin and Allie, help her younger brother pick out an outfit and gear up with his favorite party jam.

And stay tuned for video from the red carpet and the show itself this Sunday as we follow Rico on his awards show adventure. READ FULL STORY

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