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'Godzilla' has a 'Breaking Bad' Easter egg

Even though Breaking Bad ended almost a year ago, pop culture is still finding ways of elongating the life of Walter White. This week, /Film noticed a tiny sliver of an Easter egg from the title sequence for Godzilla, in which Bryan Cranston’s title card has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to the meth king before the words are redacted from the screen.


Entertainment Geekly: A call for an end to serious blockbusters


Entertainment Geekly is a weekly column that examines pop culture through a geek lens and simultaneously examines contemporary geek culture through a pop lens. So many lenses!

I never really had my Godzilla moment as a kid. The closest I ever came was a Godzilla franchise marathon one Saturday afternoon. I watched while everyone else was outside doing outside things, and my main memory of the marathon was thinking to myself, “Geez, these movies really drag when Godzilla’s not onscreen.” I think I was 10?

Now, I don’t begrudge anyone their peculiar childhood fixations; I can’t be in the same room as anyone who speaks ill of TaleSpin. But I do find it hard to believe that anyone who self-describes as a Godzilla “fan” has watched an actual Godzilla movie in decades. Really, the best thing that ever happened to Godzilla was Roland Emmerich: He gave the fan base a helpful example of Pure Badness against which everything merely mediocre vibes “authentic.” READ FULL STORY

'Godzilla': The secrets behind the roar


Few sound effects in film are as iconic as Godzilla’s roar. So the task of updating it for Gareth Edwards’ reboot of the monster franchise was nothing short of daunting.

For starters, there were 60 years of history to contend with. “It’s kind of a part of our culture — Godzilla and his roar,” says Erik Aadahl, sound designer on the film, which topped the box office last weekend. “It’s one of those sounds where you can go anywhere in the world and everybody knows what it is. It comes with a lot of responsibility to redesign it. Our starting point really was wanting to embrace the original and pay homage to it.”

So Aadahl and fellow Godzilla sound designer Ethan Van der Ryn went back to the very beginning. As the legend goes, the team designing the original roar for the first Godzilla film in 1954 tried recording animal sounds, but were unhappy with the results. It wasn’t until the film’s composer, Akira Ifukube, suggested using a musical instrument that they reached their eureka moment: They coated a leather glove with pine tar resin (to create friction) and rubbed the glove down the strings of a double bass, resulting in that classic “aaaAAAAaaaa” shriek.

Aadahl and Van der Ryn embarked on a similar process of experimentation. They also tried animal sounds, and even reproduced the glove-on-strings test, “but it still didn’t feel right,” Aadahl admits. The pair spent six months over a three-year period trying to perfect the roar, and finally found a scream worthy of the King of the Monsters with the aid of new technology, including scientific microphones that record above the range of human hearing. READ FULL STORY

'Godzilla: The Art of Destruction' details the making of the mayhem -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


The Biggest Monster Movie of the Year — the Godzilla reboot — hit theaters today. And if you end up loving the Gareth Edwards-directed flick, you didn’t just enjoy the updated monster mash; you have officially become Joe Brody-levels of obsessed.

Luckily, there’s a book that documents the making of the  mayhem. Godzilla: The Art of Destruction, out now from Insight Editions, is packed with previously unseen art that details the film’s creative process. There are concept pieces, storyboards, and sketches, as well as interviews with Edwards and the cast, including Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The companion book also includes a 12-page “Monster Gatefold” and Godzilla theatrical poster.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a copy? We’ve got three exclusive spreads from The Art of Destruction, as well as two bonus images that should tide you over — at least until you convince someone to see Godzilla with you for a third time. (Click the spreads for a closer look.) READ FULL STORY

'Godzilla' (1998) Honest Trailer: The biggest film disaster of all big disaster films -- VIDEO

Why, God(zilla), why?

Remember a time when things could be found on “the Internet” or taking a picture with a Kodak camera was the norm, or a worm scientist played by Ferris Bueller could save the world from a French Polynesian Jay Leno-chinned monster? Let’s go back to 1998 and the awkward, outdated Godzilla remake by disaster film director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012), who ended up just making a disastrous film. With another hilarious honest trailer, Screen Junkies note that in a desperate attempt to capture the nostalgic love of Jurassic Park in the ’90s, they kind of ended up just copying it. Oh well, let’s see what Bryan Cranston and a new monster have in store when a new take opens in theaters this weekend. Good luck Heisenberg! READ FULL STORY

'Godzilla': Fiat destruction 'didn't actually happen' -- VIDEO


Movie tie-ins: They’re usually terrible, right? (Exception goes to all those great Happy Meal toys of yore.) So there was some expected eye-rolling when the Godzilla-themed commercial for the four-door Fiat 500L launched last week.

OK, so the idea that Godzilla is popping cute little Fiats like they’re Cheetos isn’t so bad. And the line, “He looks like he’s craving Italian” is dorky but humorous. But…

Did you notice that funny little legal disclaimer? The one that says, “Didn’t actually happen” as the King of the Monsters spits out the four-door model? What does it mean?

Do Fiats taste bad? Are the 500Ls choking hazards? Fiats can’t actually drive away after being half-swallowed by giant monsters? Are they trying to tell us Godzilla doesn’t actually exist? READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: Cristina leaves 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Godzilla' takes over theaters, a new Black Keys album, and more

Too many finales, too little time! That seems to be the theme of the week, with eight finales on the agenda in eight days. But don’t think that’s all this week has to offer. Thanks to Godzilla, your summer blockbuster tour can continue. Plus, there’s a new Black Keys album to keep you company in all of your post-finale mood swings.

Here’s what your week looks like:


Really? Godzilla is too fat?

Director Gareth Edwards has been very savvy about not revealing too much of his monster before Godzilla officially opens in theaters on May 16. Initially, it was assumed that was part of a strategic decision to lure eager fans into theaters, but after Warner Bros. released some new photos of the giant radioactive reptile, some Japanese fans have another theory: Godzilla is fat. READ FULL STORY

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