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Glenn Beck launches GBTV: Will his audience pay to watch him online?

Glenn Beck introduced GBTV today, the online video network that will be the new home of all-things Glenn: from his three-hour radio show, to a behind-the-scenes reality show about the making of his new network, to his new television show that will premiere Sept. 12, when the site officially takes off. “GBTV is the future,” said Beck, in a release. “The confines of traditional media no longer apply. GBTV is about getting active in the community, participating in stories, and finding new ways to deliver news, information and entertainment directly to the audience.” READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck will do it his way, but not in New York, New York

Where in the world is Glenn Beck? On Saturday, the answer was Albany, where he told a live audience that his future plans did not include New York City. He’s sold his Connecticut home and intends to build a new media empire that will “deliver news directly to the youth of America,” according to WireReport.com. “I’m going to make sure that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart don’t occupy the space of comedy alone.” Though Beck seems intent on starting fresh in a new metropolis, a source with knowledge of the situation says that Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts and its 50 employees will remain in New York. Still, that probably won’t prevent Jon Stewart from gleefully bidding Beck adieu, as he once did for Rush Limbaugh. READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck talks about leaving Fox News -- VIDEO

As his show came to a close today, Glenn Beck discussed the news that he will sunset his daily show on Fox News later this year. You can watch the entire clip below, but first, without commentary or context, my top five favorite things he says:

5. “I have other things to do, and not because it’s good or bad for business. But I think you, out of all the people, will truly get this: Our only business is the business of freedom and our country at this time.”
4. “We will find each other. I’m developing other content for Fox, through specials and other things, on television and beyond.”
3. “It bothers me to be entering this phase and feel as though you might say, ‘Well, wait wait wait wait wait!‘”
2. “I don’t like conflict.”
1. “Paul Revere did not get up on his horse and say, ‘Ha! I’m going to do this for the rest of my life!’ …He went back to silver-smithing.”

Check out the full video below:  READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck and Fox break up: Now who gets to keep the friends?

After months of media speculation, Glenn Beck and Fox News have agreed to break up. They’ll still see each other, of course, since they’ll be cooperating on a “variety of television projects … as well as content for other platforms,” but the days of tuning in to Beck at 5 p.m. every weekday are officially numbered. In a joint release, it was announced that Beck “intends to transition off of his daily program, the third-highest rated in all of cable news, later this year.”

I’d argued recently that Beck and Fox were greater together than the sum of their parts, but then Andrew Napolitano sat in for Beck one day in March and practically matched Beck’s audience figures. Faster than you can say Wally Pipp, Beck and Fox started hedging about their long-term future together. Beck, whose contract runs until December, hinted of building his own channel, and he’s already invested in a large web presence at GlennBeck.com and TheBlaze.com. Plus, he still puts in three hours a day on the radio.

But will his audience follow him to a website or to a new television station? READ FULL STORY

The Glenn Beck Network. Yes, it could happen.

Oprah has a network. Ted Turner launched several networks. Martha Stewart has a network (or at least hours of face time on the Hallmark Channel). And now it looks like Glenn Beck might be getting a piece of the dial, too. According to a story in yesterday’s New York Times, if Beck leaves Fox News when his contract runs out at the end of this year, one of the options he’s considering is fronting his own TV channel. Already, the Times notes, Beck has been staffing up his independent media company, Mercury Radio Arts, and churning out pay content for the web — which has brought in $4 million. How big a step would it be for him take it to the next level, launching The Beck Channel on cable?  READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck talks vague future with Fox News: 'The only thing in life that is constant is change'

Break out your blackboards: It’s time to analyze those rumors that Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News again. After The New York Times published an article earlier this month claiming that Beck may be being pushed out of the network, Beck used his first show back from vacation to discuss the piece and his vague future with the network. During the show, Beck, whose contract with Fox expires at the end of the year, appeared to hint that he will be severing ties with Fox News, saying “the only thing in life that is constant is change.” But Beck added: “And so while things, and I don’t know which, will change, all things do, but I know that we’ll continue to find each other whether on the radio, the Internet, on stage, in movie theatres, in the pages of books that the New York elite will never read or on Fox that the New York elite will never watch.” (Beck also said the contract talks aren’t a part of negotiation.) The network, however, might not suffer without Beck: According to The Wrap, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who filled in for the radio show host while he was away, attracted the same number of viewers as Beck. (It should also be noted that Beck — with his extremely passionate following that helps him beat all his competitors in his timeslot — might not suffer without Fox News either.)

For more on Beck’s thoughts on his contract, cowboys, and Star Wars, watch the video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Is Fox News pushing Glenn Beck towards the exit?

Glenn-BeckImage Credit: Michael Caulfield Archive/WireImage.comEvery few months or so, when Glenn Beck’s truly impressive ratings soften, critics of Fox’s most controversial conservative start writing and re-writing his obituary. Most recently, it’s the New York Times, which speculates that the honeymoon may finally be coming to a close when Beck’s contract expires at the end of the year. True, Beck’s shed about a million viewers per night in the past year, but it’s worth noting that he still draws a bigger audience then all his timeslot rivals — combined. Lost in the debate over whether Beck is informed, credible, (or sane?) is the undeniable fact that he’s more popular at his particular job than just about anyone else in the entertainment industry is at theirs. READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck owns up to 'one of the worst analogies of all time'

Glenn Beck, under fire for comparing Reform Judaism to radicalized Islam on Tuesday, opened up his radio show yesterday with a lengthy apology about his remarks. “I’ve always told you to do your own homework, and in this case, I didn’t do enough homework,” said Beck, during a six-minute mea culpa that didn’t include tears but did include a fair amount of self-flagellation. “I made one of the worst analogies of all time. And I knew it when I said it,” said Beck. “Here I am talking about Judaism and I start comparing Islamic extremism. It was a nightmare.” Watch the entire clip below: READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck, a chainsaw, and a bunny rabbit

Clearly sensing that Keith Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC had created a terrible void in the realm of news-jock gasbaggery, Fox News host Glenn Beck upped his rhetorical game last night by adding a couple new toys to his Playhouse. At the beginning of the episode, Beck was stroking a pretty bunny rabbit and doing a good imitation of Laurence Olivier’s German accent. “I’m like a really crappy evil villain, aren’t I?” Beck asked, and it was funny because it was true. That’s when he brought out the chainsaw. Beck noted that President Obama had promised to focus on “five pillars” in his State of the Union speech. “Has anybody ever heard of the five pillars of Islam?” asked Beck. “Mr. President, now you’re just poking people. It would be like if I came out with a chainsaw and a bunny rabbit. Now, am I going to cut the cute little bunny rabbit in half? I might!” Cool, a metaphor! READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck on 'Today': Controversial commentator compares himself to Jon Stewart, 'The Simpsons'

Fox superstar Glenn Beck appeared on the Today Show this morning to promote his new self-help book, The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life, co-written with Dr. Keith Ablow. Host Meredith Vieira asked about Beck’s amazing transformation from suicidal sad-sack to transcendent success story, but she clearly wanted to apply the book’s lessons to the current political climate. After Beck cited compassion and truth as elements of what this country needs, Vieira pounced, reciting Beck’s own harsh rhetoric about the president and other leading Democratic politicians, and asked if Beck regretted his comments in light of the events in Tucson. “Any thing I said in jokes, no. Ask Jon Stewart [the same question]. Ask The Simpsons,” Beck said. “Comedy is comedy.” Watch the clip after the jump: READ FULL STORY

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