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Gets Better Every Time: 'It's so fluffy I'm gonna diiiiie!' -- VIDEO


With Despicable Me 2 now in theaters, those highlighter-yellow, pill-shaped leetle minions — who have their own spinoff in the works — are poised to suck up all the attention. Good for them. They earned it (and were named by EW as some the 15 Biggest Animated Scene-Stealers of all time). But, credit where credit’s due, we shouldn’t let this day pass without remembering the unsung hero of the franchise: Agnes. With her unicorn obsession and spiky sprig of hair, the scrappy orphan expresses the innocent ebullience of childhood better than anyone. To wit, there’s one moment from the first film that shows how sometimes glee simply cannot be contained. Check your frown at the door, click through, and soak up the giddy goodness:

Gets Better Every Time: 'Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling...' -- VIDEO

As The Bling Ring opens today, it’s important that we don’t forget the film’s roots. In 2010, Vanity Fair‘s Nancy Jo Sales wrote a brilliant exposé on the trial and trivialities of the real-life teen thieves who stole from Hollywood’s rich and famous. Alexis Neiers — the unwitting star of the story, later the intentional star of E!’s train wreck reality show Pretty Wild — was “petrified” by how Sales represented her in the piece and called the journalist to unload.

Of course Sales didn’t answer the phone, which left Neiers to make no less than four attempts to leave the most scathing voicemail indictment she could imagine (or pre-write, as it were). If only this “talented young woman” hadn’t been derailed by technology and constant interruptions by her overindulgent mother.

Below, watch Neiers’ epic telephonic unraveling. It really does get better every time. READ FULL STORY

Gets Better Every Time: A 'Flavor of Love' song -- VIDEO

Last night’s Bachelor‘s Funniest Moments” special featured a Trapped in the Closet-style impromptu R&B serenade by Kasey Kahl to season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. It got us thinking about another off-the-cuff musical performance, and… well… we’ll just let the (slightly NSFW) clip speak — or sing, as it were — for itself… READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race' contestant Latrice Royale talks elimination, Sharon Needles, and what's next

Latrice Royale was shockingly eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race in last week’s new episode, which whittled the field down from four to three. (Sharon Needles, Phi Phi O’Hara, and Chad Michaels are still standing.) At the time of her departure, Ms. Royale was nowhere to be found for a patented EW exit interview, but we caught up with the beloved big queen for a few minutes today. Latrice is a pleasure: She gamely talked to EW about her elimination, that touching speech she made to RuPaul, the contestant she’s rooting for now (thankfully, it’s not Phi Phi!), whether a big girl will ever win the Race, and what her next move is. Read on for all the dish from Latrice Royale.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did it feel when you were eliminated? Sad?
LATRICE ROYALE: I had such an amazing experience, and I had grown and gotten so much more out of the competition than I expected, so it was really a rush of emotions overtaking me. I had come to the realization that I had really, really made a mark and a difference on the show. It was so emotional for me. I didn’t want to leave the girls. RuPaul has really changed my life. I really feel that. I’ll never be the same.

How have you changed?
For me, personally, I had a lot of healing to do and I didn’t realize that coming on the show was going to give me the opportunity to do that, to close some chapters and open up some new ones, you know? It was just amazing. Of course I was with other contestants, but I was there by myself — no distractions — so you kind of have to face your dark days, you know?

With the challenge that eliminated you, did you think the judging was fair? Should someone else have gone home?
I mean, it coulda went either way. For me, we were all trying to create and make things fresh and new. And then some people just grabbed their dirty laundry out of their suitcase and walk it down the runway and win? I’m bitter! I still can’t swallow that pill.


Buzz Aldrin schools Buzz Lightyear in space travel -- VIDEO

In March, a Buzz Lightyear toy that spent almost a year and a half orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station was formally inducted into the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. But that’s not the coolest part.

Before Buzz Lightyear the action figure, there was Buzz Aldrin the astronaut, who gave his Toy Story namesake a thorough crash course in preparation for the toy’s 2008 mission to space. In a clip that io9 dug up from 2010 (we call it charmingly vintage), watch Aldrin put Lightyear through a battery of tests, including a fitness assessment that looks remarkably like my own experience on the treadmill: READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Lawrence's reaction to Oscar nomination caught on camera -- see Katniss crying in PJs!

Behind every smoldering, smoky-eyed, GIF-able hottie, there’s a pajama-wearing little girl waiting to be nominated for an Academy Award. It’s been well over a year since Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for Best Actress at the 2011 Oscars, but a photo of her reaction on the morning of the announcement has been circulating around the social networks, and it’s friggin’ adorable.

Let’s examine: Lawrence, coming off the sudden success of indie drama Winter’s Bone, is clearly at rest in her silky PJs and cozy cardigan (earth tones, no doubt) before her world is rocked by the announcement (and let’s be honest, she still looks bad-ass, even mid-meltdown). Father, Mother and Brother Lawrence are charmingly thrilled, if not quite as emotional as Lawrence. What’s the best part of this picture? Easily it’s Lawrence’s boyfriend (and X-Men: First Class costar) Nicholas Hoult cheering from the sidelines…in roller skates, at 6:30 in the morning. READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race' disqualified contestant speaks out: 'I wasn't caught doing anything'

Well, no one saw this one coming — except for maybe Willam herself.

“Will you please step forward?” RuPaul asked the controversial queen at the very end of last night’s new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, sending what should have been the routine elimination of Phi Phi O’Hara or Sharon Needles into a totally different — and weird — direction.


Flying musical helicopter robots play the James Bond theme. Seriously.

You may have already seen this video circulating, the one with the flying robot quadrotors — which are much cooler than non-flying humans with single rotors – autonomously performing the James Bond theme at a tech conference in California last week. But that doesn’t mean it still won’t blow your mind this week.

At this year’s TED 2012 conference, an international meeting of idea-filled folks in the fields of technology, entertainment and design, a group of engineers from the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated their musical fleet of flying quadrotors, which utilized a handful of instruments to play the instantly recognizable twang of the James Bond theme song. Keyboard, cymbals, a giant guitar made out of a couch frame — you name it, they play it.

The freaky part? The robots aren’t controlled by humans standing off camera in an RC car type of deal; rather, they’ve been pre-programmed with instructions to perform music, and they’re doing it successfully in unsettling fashion. The future of music is here, people, and it is musical robots. (Could these be the same masterminds behind Lana del Rey?)

Check out the ridiculously creative video below: READ FULL STORY

'RuPaul's Drag Race' week 6 query: Was Milan's lip-synching awful -- or genius?

They say the third time’s a charm. But that certainly wasn’t the case for Milan on last night’s new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which — SPOILER ALERT — saw the Broadway- and oddly dude-tinged queen from NYC get the ol’ “sashay away” after her third week of lip-synching for her life in a row. Not charming!

And it should just be put out there: Gurl is a bad, bad, bad lip-syncher, and last night’s performance to Lady Gaga’s pride anthem “Born This Way” showed exactly why. And that was mostly because she ripped off both her top, exposing a bare man’s chest, and her wig. (She sure can do the splits, though.) Stripping down is nothing new for the main stage’s lip-synching-for-your-life showdowns, but there is sort of a feel of “been there, done that” when the wig-throwing starts now. And with all the disparaging comments Milan got from the judges about her drag being too “mannish,” it didn’t help her cause at all.

Or am I just not understanding Milan’s style of performing? Was it actually genius in some secret way?

The hilarious thing about the lip-synching last night was that Milan’s competitor in the bottom, Jiggly Caliente, was also God awful, but clearly, not as bad as Milan. (And don’t even get me started on what Jiggly did on the runway — that cape, really?!?) Honestly, it was a toss-up about who should have been sent packing. No doubt that Jiggly’s time is nearly up, too.


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