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Sugar, spice and 'Real Steel': Why robots should be for girls (and moms) too.


I’m not sure when exactly my 2-year-old daughter fell in love with robots. Maybe it was one of the thousand times when her dad has said, “Hey little girl, check out this cool robot! Don’t you love them?”

Traditional gender roles tell us, of course, that little girls like princesses and little boys are the ones who like robots, but I don’t see why that has to be so. READ FULL STORY

'The Big Bang Theory': Raj gets a girlfriend! Who he can talk to!

As happy as I was to see Raj Koothrappali finally land himself a girlfriend on this week’s The Big Bang Theory, even if for one episode, I’m a tinge surprised it’s taken his friends over four seasons to realize they needed to fix Raj up with a deaf woman. Well, really they need to get him into some comprehensive therapy for his selective mutism — some hypnotism wouldn’t hurt either. But, still, finding someone who physically can’t hear Raj’s romantic verbal diarrhea seems like a pretty obvious notion to me.  READ FULL STORY

'The Big Bang Theory': Amy Farrah Fowler's top 10 moments

When discussing Thursday night’s new episode of The Big Bang Theory, I could explore the growing friction between Bernadette and Howard as the betrothed couple navigate whether their wedded bliss will be spent under the caustic and oft-constipated gaze of Ma Wolowitz. I could marvel at how much childlike fun Sheldon seemed to have playing with his new model train set, and how much a conductors hat suits him. I could bemoan the fact that Raj was virtually MIA, or, for that matter, that Penny had scarcely anything to do other than scarf down the final dumpling at the start of the show.

Instead, I think it best to focus completely on one Amy Farrah Fowler, since her slow-burn kooky courtship of Leonard Hofstadter utterly dominated the episode. So brilliantly, Emmy-baitingly played by Mayim Bialik, Amy asserted herself as a major comic force on tonight’s Big Bang, so much so that I suspect a few of you will be spending your time on the message boards complaining that there was much too much of her. I will not be joining you. Nope, I adore Amy. Forthwith, in chronological order, here are my top 10 favorite Amy moments from “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation”: READ FULL STORY

But seriously, the 'Terra Nova' dinosaurs look terrible

The Terra Nova pilot was an infamously lavish production. It was filmed in Australia. It required the kind of post-production work that cost-conscious television executives usually leave to their siblings on the Motion Picture side of Hollywood. It’s one of the most expensive series premieres in TV history — some reports indicate the budget may have reached $20 million, which is still less than Boardwalk Empire but significantly more than Lost. There were a lot of interesting things circulating through the Terra Nova premiere — check out Ken Tucker’s review and James Hibberd’s recap of the show if you don’t believe me. But in one respect, the Terra Nova pilot was a truly laughable failure. Because this is a show about dinosaurs — a show whose whole entire marketing campaign rests on the awesomeness of dinosaurs — and the dinosaurs on Terra Nova looked absolutely awful. READ FULL STORY

Boxing hobbits! Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan 'beat the s--' out of each other at Fantastic Fest -- VIDEO


A couple of weeks back, Fantastic Fest organizer Tim League spoke to us about his then upcoming debate and boxing match with bare knuckle pugilist James Quinn McDonagh, star of the Austin, Texas fest’s selection Knuckle. What League neglected to mention (the swine!) was that another of the night’s bouts would feature Lord of the Rings co-stars “Relentless” Elijah Wood and “Domineering” Dominic Monaghan.

That’s right, on Saturday, Frodo and Merry stepped in the ring to first argue the merits of World of Warcraft and then, in the words of Wood, “beat the s— out of one other.”


'The Big Bang Theory': Raj and Penny resolve their hook-up, and Amy makes another pass at Sheldon

After ending its Emmy-nominated fourth season with arguably the most controversial episode in the history of The Big Bang Theory – namely, Raj and Penny getting drunk and getting it on, in Leonard’s bed — the show roared back tonight in fine style with two back-to-back episodes to launch its fifth season. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! In the first episode of the night, “The Skank Reflex Analysis” writers crafted a sneaky way to please both fans who thought Penny and Raj’s horizontal mambo was a plot twist too far, those who thought it was just funny, and those rare Pennaj ‘shippers who desperately want these too to finally see what they have together. How to put this? READ FULL STORY

Bus, do your stuff! A tribute to 'The Magic School Bus'


Seatbelts, everyone! When I was in elementary school, I used to long for the days when we’d pause our typical classwork to watch some type of “educational” programming. (Thank you, PBS, for those breaks from learning my multiplication tables. Twelves were hard!) And easily my favorite of these educational shows — perhaps only second to Reading Rainbow — was The Magic School Bus. I never much cared for science in school, but cram basic science principles into a TV show and wrap them with a super catchy theme song sung by the one and only Little Richard? Sold! READ FULL STORY

Don Cheadle plays Captain Planet, turns everybody into trees. The power is yours to watch!

If there was still any question left on how to bring the beloved ’90s animated series Captain Planet to the big screen, Don Cheadle and Funny or Die just answered it. Just bring together the plot of the classic series (i.e. finding ways to teach kids about the importance of recycling), the theme song, and all the characters, including the Planeteers and their respective powers (Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!), and of course, Captain Planet. Only this time make Captain Planet into a power-abusing, homicidal superhero who replenishes the Earth’s natural resources by turning people, pets, and even babies into trees and shrubbery. Also, change his catchphrase “The power is yours!” to “The power is mine, bitches!” and you’ve got, arguably, the best remake ever on your hands. Watch the full, NSFW clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Sin City 2' has hired a new writer. Can the long-awaited sequel live up to the hype?


Sin City occupies a strange, important place in the history of comic book films. Director Robert Rodriguez didn’t just honor the spirit of Frank Miller’s hard-boiled graphic novel series; he did everything in his power to directly translate the look and feel of the series into movie form, recreating specific panels and even hiring Miller himself as a co-director. For the segment of the fanboy population that values fidelity to the source material above all else — the strict constructionists, let’s call them — Sin City was a dream come true. The film’s style proved influential: In the wake of the failure of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Sin City rescued the notion of making an entire movie in front of a greenscreen, thus serving as a test case for the megahit 300 (another Frank Miller “translation”) and the eventual misery of Green Lantern. READ FULL STORY

Videogames vs. Movies: Have games replaced films as the modern popular narrative medium?

Comparing one narrative medium to another is a tricky business. Anyone who has read a Harry Potter book and then seen the ensuing film adaptation — which is to say, almost everyone on earth –  knows that every storytelling method has its own strengths and weaknesses. Still, there is something particularly fascinating about the rivalry between movies and videogames. Cinema was the original popular art form, but it has spent over half a century fighting against rival media: Television, home video, and finally the videogame, which has evolved in just a few short decades from the primordial elements of Pong into the culture-defining medium of Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and The Legend of Zelda.

The key to the great Film/Videogame debate is that the two have evolved alongside of each other. Videogames have become more “filmlike,” with more realistic characters and complex plotting. In turn, movies have absorbed many lessons from videogames, some of them good (films like The Hurt Locker and Children of Men have a you-are-there grandeur that feels very gamelike) and some of them not so good (watching Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy is are exactly as enjoyable as watching your little brother play videogames you used to love before you turned 6). Now, I and fellow videogame fiend Adam B. Vary debate whether videogames have outright passed the movies as the popular narrative medium. Tell us your own thoughts in the comments. READ FULL STORY

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