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HBO wants 'Game of Thrones' to run for 20 years. Do you think the show can sustain a long run?

As a general rule, the best TV shows don’t last very long. The whole apparatus of television production inexorably trends towards creative entropy: The original writing staff leaves or gets lazy, the actors become bored and overpaid, the newer characters are never as interesting as the original characters (with some very notable exceptions). I never understand people who get angry that Arrested Development was canceled “too early.” The show had 53 fricking episodes — 41 more episodes than Fawlty Towers ever had — and pretty much every episode is worth watching. I’d say that roughly three to seven seasons is the TV sweet spot: Long enough for a show to evolve, but short enough to prevent late-period corrosion. (And that’s not to mention all the incredible one-season wonders that litter TV history, like The Prisoner, Boomtown, Firefly, John From Cincinnati, Kings, and Denis Leary’s The Job, still one of my favorite sitcoms ever.) READ FULL STORY

There is a huge Bat-Signal on the side of a building in Pittsburgh

It’s a bleak moment for Pittsburgh, Pa. The public school system just cut 59 jobs. Public parking fees have increased. The Pirates just fell out of first place. The city is crying out for a hero, which is why Pittsburgh’s Fifth Avenue Place lit up a multi-story Bat-signal last night, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. You could also argue that the makeshift Bat-Signal is just an elaborate welcome mat laid out for The Dark Knight Rises, which starts filming in the City of Bridges this week. But I prefer to think that the good people of Pittsburgh have decided to take a stand against madness and criminality, and they have nominated Batman as their standard-bearer. He’s not the hero Pittsburgh deserves, but he’s the one it needs right now, a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark etc.

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Honey badger spotted at Comic-Con! He don't care. He don't give a [bleep]. -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Six months ago, the world was introduced to the illustrious honey badger — sorry, I mean, “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger,” an indefatigable creature who really does not give a s—. You know who else don’t give a s—? The denizens of Comic-Con, a famously audacious crowd who think nothing of parading in public in all manner of crevice-hugging, skin-revealing costumes. So we here at EW.com had a brainstorm: What if we released Randall, the man who so famously narrated the viral “Honey Badger” video, into the wilds of the San Diego convention center during the height of Comic-Con craziness? Along with colleagues John Carlucci, Chris Gordon, and Dave Schlow, Randall delivered the following exclusive video report from San Diego Comic-Con International, or, as he initially puts it, “the San Diego Zoo’s annual Come Along Intentionally Tour!” Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

Comic-Con best and worst: Charlize Theron's naked push-ups, Nicolas Cage peeing fire, and more!

Comic-Con has by now evolved into an event so infinitely multi-sided that it almost seems wrong to characterize it as “an event.” It’s more like a mini-metropolis that appears every year to briefly conquer a few square blocks in downtown San Diego; a Brigadoon of hucksterism, Burning Man with a PG-13 rating. At this year’s Comic-Con, you might have spent an entire day sitting in Hall H watching panels about all the movies that will thrill or disappoint you next year; you might have sought out autographs from your favorite A-list comic book creators and C-list celebrities; you might have brought in your own artwork or story ideas for one of the convention’s many workshops; or you might have just spent an entire day perusing the back-issue stacks, searching in vain for a mint edition copy of What If? Vol. 1 #14 (which asked the immortal question, “What If Sgt. Fury had Fought World War II in Outer Space?”)

So keep in mind that the following list of best, worst, and most intriguing things we saw at Comic-Con are entirely subjective, and lean towards larger Hollywood-centric productions. READ FULL STORY

Let the awkwardness begin! Watch Annie and Darren's Comic-Con 2011 Longest Hug Challenge

There are many contests at which I could NOT beat my esteemed colleague Darren Franich. Arcane superhero-sequels trivia, tennis (probably?), knowing anything about comic books whatsoever. But could I possibly whip this overachiever’s skinny ass if the competition was called See Who Can Awkwardly Hug Comic-Con Fans the Longest? Press play below to find out! READ FULL STORY

Superman and Lois Lane are no longer married

Superman and Lois Lane haven’t been together forever. When the two characters were introduced in Action Comics #1 over 70 years ago, hard-edged Lois practically refused to give Superman’s nerdy alter ego Clark Kent the time of day. Lois was more interested in Superman: She spent most of her own comic book — Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane — trying to get Supes to marry her by hook or by crook, but the superhero always turned her down. They danced this two-person three-way tango for decades — Clark loved Lois, Lois loved Superman, Superman wanted Lois to love Clark, etc. Then came the ’90s, the Era of Big Changes for Superheroes. In 1990, the couple got engaged; in 1996, they got married; and so they have remained ever since.

Until now. As part of DC Comics’ companywide reboot, Superman will commence living an exciting life of super-bachelorhood in September, while Lois will be seeing a co-worker, thus perpetuating the unlikely stereotype that journalists have active dating lives. READ FULL STORY

'Captain Planet' to be made into a live-action movie: 'The power is yours' (to remember '90s cartoon catchphrases)!

Earth! Wind! Fire! Heart! No, PopWatchers, I am not just shouting the names of bands from the ’70s (sorry, Water, you didn’t fit in the theme of my joke). Rather, I am calling for all the forces that combined to make the super awesome ’90s animated superhero, the one and only Captain Planet, to team up once again.

That’s because Cartoon Network has signed a deal with producers Susan Montford and Don Murphy (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Real Steel) and their company Angry Filmworks, to make a live-action movie out of the beloved animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which ran from 1990 to 1996. Said Stuart Snyder, the president and COO of Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Animation, Young Adults, and Kids Media division in a statement, “We are extremely excited about bringing the good Captain back to life. His adventures are known worldwide and he is recognized across generations. We expect to make a spectacular series of films with the amazing team at Cartoon Network.”

Yes, fellow ’90s nostalgia geeks, the series that taught us the importance of saving the Earth (and that if you live a green, albeit crime-fighting, lifestyle, your hair will also be green) is going to be made into a film. READ FULL STORY

Superman will fight crime in jeans in 'Action Comics #1.' Also, keep an eye out for socialist tendencies.

As part of DC’s company-wide renumbering, all of DC’s iconic characters will be rebooted, apparently with all-new origin stories that will replace the previous all-new origin stories that were themselves intended to replace the earlier all-new origin stories, and so forth back through the ages. We’ve already seen our first glimpse of Superman’s new costume, which EW readers greeted with a profound “Meh,” but there were also some mysterious images circulating of the Man of Steel wearing what appeared to be jeans, an “S” T-shirt, and a cape. Now, the New York Post has revealed the cover for Action Comics #1, which indicates that the jeans-and-T-shirt look is actually an earlier costume worn by a younger Supes. So, basically, the new Superboy looks kind of like the previous Superboy, but this time, his shirt is untucked! READ FULL STORY

The 'Harry Potter' Complaint Box: Nitpicking J.K. Rowling's almost perfect saga. Your quibbling is desired.

This is a post for those who love Harry Potter — for those who’ve read every book and who’ve seen every movie, for those who’ve spent years geeking out about all things regarding “The Boy Who Lived,” for those who’ve come to the (epically protracted) end of the Potter Pop Phenomenon (now that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 has reached theaters and is destroying box office records) with confident, unshakable affection for J.K. Rowling’s creation. Cynics and ignoramuses, keep out! We want only the super-fans, for their opinions are the most credible and interesting, and because they, more than anyone, have earned the right to quibble.

Now, this may strike some of you as strange, even heretical. ‘Quibble?How could anyone ‘quibble’ about Harry Potter? The Goddess Rowling spun a flawless golden yarn! Except for Hagrid. I always wanted to Avada Kedavra that bumbling bearded buffoon and DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD!?


'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer: Read a description (and some theories) here

The first teaser for next year’s The Dark Knight Rises is airing in front of a little movie called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–Part 2. For those of you who missed the Hallows midnight screening because you’re too tired/too busy/too no-longer-a-college-student, here’s the lowdown on the Rises preview. It kicks off with a montage of scenes from Batman Begins, with Bruce Wayne walking over the frozen tundra while Liam Neeson narrates his speech about becoming “A legend, Mr. Wayne.” “Every Hero Has a Journey,” say the intertitles. “Every Journey Has an End.”

Cut to: A shockingly intimate shot of Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordan, lying on a hospital bed, breathing through what appears to be an oxygen mask, speaking in a tremulous voice. READ FULL STORY

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