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What does the cancellation of 'Eureka' mean for SyFy's future?

The news that Syfy has canceled Eureka would have already been disappointing to fans — particularly since the network also backtracked on an earlier plan to order a shortened sixth season. But more than a few viewers are taking the news as evidence that the network formerly (and more accurately) known as the Sci-Fi Channel is suffering from an existential crisis. Commenter Doug sardonically voices the complaint of several EW readers when he says, “Now they have room for another Wrestling show or ‘Reality’ paranormal special.” Exombre notes: “MTV doesn’t show videos anymore, why should ‘Syfy’ have any legitimate science fiction?” Is Syfy having an identity crisis? READ FULL STORY

'Star Trek' theme park being developed in Jordan: What's your ride wish-list? We'll tell you ours!

Set phasers for fun! That’s because Star Trek’s getting the theme park treatment in Aqaba, Jordan. Set to begin construction in March 2012, the Red Sea Astrarium, a $1.5 billion development comprised of four hotels and 17 amusement-park-style attractions, will feature a Star Trek-themed entertainment center, including a “space-flight adventure” simulator ride (a la Disney’s Star Tours) based on the 45-year-old franchise.

Puzzled by Starfleet’s incursion into Jordan? READ FULL STORY

'Family Matters': Did you love or hate Urkel?

If you’re anywhere between the ages of, say, 20 and 35 and reading this website, the question of whether you gleefully devoured ABC’s Friday night, family-friendly line-up TGIF is purely rhetorical. Of course you did.

There’s no doubt you loved Full House, Step By Step, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Perfect Strangers, and a variety of other ridiculously addictive shows. (Personally, I spent those Friday evenings stretched out on the floor of my living room with my three siblings and several Book It-earned personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. Holla! The ’90s were amazing.) But when it comes to one show in particular on that line-up, the block’s anchor for years — that’d be 8 p.m. resident Family Matters — the question isn’t whether you watched, but instead: What’s your opinion on Urkel? Because you certainly watched, and you certainly have an opinion on the polarizing character. READ FULL STORY

Kirk vs. Picard, part 2: What about Captain Sisko?

As we all know, pop-culture face-offs are, by their nature, bipolar. Chaplin vs. Keaton, Sean Connery vs. Roger Moore, McDonalds vs. Burger King. The saddest thing about this is that, like our two-party government, our options are limited. And, yet, nobody ever seems to care much for a third choice when it’s presented — I’m looking at you Harold Lloyd, Timothy Dalton, Wendy’s, Ralph Nader.

Earlier today, you witnessed my esteemed colleagues Darren Franich and Joseph Brannigan Lynch debate the respective merits of Captains James Tiberius Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard as if they represent all that the mighty United Federation of Planets has to offer. But PopWatchers, I come before you to argue for a third choice, a noble choice, the right choice: Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko. The anchor of that greatest of Star Trek series, the haunting, murky Deep Space Nine, is everything a Starfleet captain should be, even if he was merely a “Commander” for the first three seasons. READ FULL STORY

Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard: Who is the greatest 'Star Trek' captain of them all?

In a deleted scene from Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman offers a unified theory of pop culture, which (this being a Quentin Tarantino movie) doubles as a unified theory of humanity. “When it comes to important subjects,” she explains, “There’s only two ways a person can answer. For example, there’s two kinds of people in this world: Beatles people and Elvis people. Now Beatles people can like Elvis. And Elvis people can like the Beatles. But nobody likes them both equally. Somewhere, you have to make a choice. And that choice tells me who you are.” READ FULL STORY

Twitter fail: When celebrities think you care too much

As a journalist on the periphery of the outskirts of the periphery of the celebrity kingdom, I can tell you that famous people are better and smarter than us common folk. Their stories are better, their teeth are brighter, and their smell… delightful. So when I make the commitment to follow a bold-faced name on Twitter, I expect to be enlightened, entertained, or at least belittled in some way. For the most part, they don’t let me down. But occasionally, I’m left feeling empty.

Take, for example, Hugh Hefner. READ FULL STORY

An ode to 'Clarissa Explains It All'

The ’90s truly were all that. And so was the decade’s queen of cool, Clarissa Darling. Clarissa, played by Melissa Joan Hart, explained it all on her Nickelodeon series from 1991-94. And thanks to TeenNick’s new ’90s block, I get to relive all of my favorite moments all over again.

The revival of Clarissa Explains It All got me thinking about why I loved the show so much in the first place. READ FULL STORY

HBO wants 'Game of Thrones' to run for 20 years. Do you think the show can sustain a long run?

As a general rule, the best TV shows don’t last very long. The whole apparatus of television production inexorably trends towards creative entropy: The original writing staff leaves or gets lazy, the actors become bored and overpaid, the newer characters are never as interesting as the original characters (with some very notable exceptions). I never understand people who get angry that Arrested Development was canceled “too early.” The show had 53 fricking episodes — 41 more episodes than Fawlty Towers ever had — and pretty much every episode is worth watching. I’d say that roughly three to seven seasons is the TV sweet spot: Long enough for a show to evolve, but short enough to prevent late-period corrosion. (And that’s not to mention all the incredible one-season wonders that litter TV history, like The Prisoner, Boomtown, Firefly, John From Cincinnati, Kings, and Denis Leary’s The Job, still one of my favorite sitcoms ever.) READ FULL STORY

There is a huge Bat-Signal on the side of a building in Pittsburgh

It’s a bleak moment for Pittsburgh, Pa. The public school system just cut 59 jobs. Public parking fees have increased. The Pirates just fell out of first place. The city is crying out for a hero, which is why Pittsburgh’s Fifth Avenue Place lit up a multi-story Bat-signal last night, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. You could also argue that the makeshift Bat-Signal is just an elaborate welcome mat laid out for The Dark Knight Rises, which starts filming in the City of Bridges this week. But I prefer to think that the good people of Pittsburgh have decided to take a stand against madness and criminality, and they have nominated Batman as their standard-bearer. He’s not the hero Pittsburgh deserves, but he’s the one it needs right now, a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark etc.

Follow Darren on Twitter: @EWDarrenFranich

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Honey badger spotted at Comic-Con! He don't care. He don't give a [bleep]. -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Six months ago, the world was introduced to the illustrious honey badger — sorry, I mean, “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger,” an indefatigable creature who really does not give a s—. You know who else don’t give a s—? The denizens of Comic-Con, a famously audacious crowd who think nothing of parading in public in all manner of crevice-hugging, skin-revealing costumes. So we here at EW.com had a brainstorm: What if we released Randall, the man who so famously narrated the viral “Honey Badger” video, into the wilds of the San Diego convention center during the height of Comic-Con craziness? Along with colleagues John Carlucci, Chris Gordon, and Dave Schlow, Randall delivered the following exclusive video report from San Diego Comic-Con International, or, as he initially puts it, “the San Diego Zoo’s annual Come Along Intentionally Tour!” Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

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