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The future of U.S./North Korean relations rests on Dennis Rodman's shoulders. Seriously.

Razzie-winning bridal gown aficionado Dennis Rodman isn’t just one of the most colorful characters of the 1990s — apparently, he’s also America’s last hope for a decent diplomatic relationship with North Korea.

I’ll pause to let that sink in.

The retired basketball player is currently in Pyongyang with a group of Harlem Globetrotters and a documentary film crew. The athletes are planning to spend four to five days in the North Korean capital, putting on a few basketball exhibitions and perhaps even meeting North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un — a noted basketball fan who spent hours as a kid making “meticulous pencil drawings of Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan.” His father, the late Kim Jong-il, was also obsessed with the Bulls in the ’90s. (Totalitarian dictators: They’re just like us!) READ FULL STORY

13 reasons the world is ending tomorrow

Don’t let those eggheads at NASA try to fool you: The world will end on 12/21/12, just as the Mayans predicted centuries ago. (An actual excerpt from their prophetic tablet: “That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane — Lenny Bruce is not afraid.” Such an advanced culture!)

How do I know the end is near? Because the signs of an imminent apocalypse have been coming all year — signs like these:


YouTube reveals top 10 viral clips of 2012 -- VIDEO

The main takeaway from this list of 2012’s most viral YouTube clips? The days of “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “David After Dentist” are over.

Only one of these 10 videos — “Facebook Parenting” — was made by an average Joe; the other nine were all professionally produced. “There are more and more people who know how to build an audience, how to use YouTube,” YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca explained to the Wall Street Journal. “There are companies who spend millions and millions of dollars trying to do create these videos.”

So yeah, that’s kind of horribly depressing. But watching these videos might cheer you up — even if many of the entries won’t surprise you at all. (Spoiler alert: Yes, Virginia, “Gangnam Style” made No. 1.)


Oppan 'Leno' style: Hugh Jackman teaches Jay the pony dance -- VIDEO

The “Gangnam Style” craze: It’s not quite over yet!

Hugh Jackman’s Les Mis press tour took a slight detour last night when Jay Leno brought up the star’s recent trip to Korea — and asked if he had seen America’s favorite least favorite probational favorite Korean rapper PSY when he was in Seoul. In response, Jackman noted that he and PSY go way back — all the way back to October, when PSY donned a pair of Wolverine claws and taught the Aussie how to do the “Gangnam Style” dance. Naturally, this led to Jackman asking Leno if he’d like to learn the dance as well. And because talk show hosts are legally obligated to embarrass themselves on air, Leno said “sure.”

Spoiler alert: Leno can’t move nearly as well as Jackman. But whether you love the Tonight Show host or are Jimmy Kimmel, you’ll probably enjoy watching him try to saddle up.


Bill O'Reilly and Keith Ablow think 'Gangnam Style' is the opiate of the masses -- VIDEO

Kids today, with their sunglasses and baggy pants and YouTubb videos! Bill O’Reilly just doesn’t get them — and can’t, for the life of him, figure out why they like that goofy PSY, if that is his real name. Thank heaven that Fox News youth correspondent Dr. Keith Ablow stopped by The O’Reilly Factor yesterday to explain the real reason your children love “Gangnam Style.” Spoiler: It’s because the song is like a drug, and also because Korean isn’t a real language.

O’Reilly begins the segment by making a topical point: PSY’s famous “Gangnam” dance is “just doin’ the pony,” à la currently popular recording artist Chubby Checker! Ablow, however, thinks there’s more to it than that. Here, verbatim, is his attempt to “explain the madness”:


PSY finally learns how to Dougie -- VIDEO

We all knew this time would come: PSY, who introduced the world to Gangnam Style, has finally learned how to Dougie. Dance worlds have collided! The year 2010 and 2012 have become one!

The always-dapper PSY was taught how to Dougie (taught, taught how to Dougie) by New.Music.Live.’s Lauren Toyota during a recent interview. PSY’s swagger and erratic arm gestures weren’t up to par, but his “Doug E. Fresh” move more than made up for it. Let’s just say he added his unique flare to the mix. It looks like supermodel Kate Upton and gymnast Gabby Douglas have some competition for the gold.

Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

PSY + Jar-Jar Binks = 'Gungan Style'

Had enough of “Gangnam Style” and all its viral-video parodies? Well, it’s over. Funny or Die has officially killed it, with “another classical topical sketch.” Once you’ve combined PSY’s pounding beat with Star Wars‘ most hated character, the game is over.

But this clip is more than just a straight-forward parody. Video whiz Nick Wiger can’t help but look upon what he has created (or destroyed?) and wonder how he allowed himself to waste his life away on such childish things. “The Wiges” spirals into suicidal depression, and then… whatev, start from the beginning again. Jar-Jar rocks it. Yoosa should watch below, okeeday? READ FULL STORY

Backwash: What pop culture chews up and spits back out -- 'Gangnam Style'

Perhaps you’ve heard of a song called “Gangnam Style.” It’s by some Korean dude who calls himself PSY and it’s got, like, a trillion views on YouTube. No? Well, take my word for it, it’s popular. And as with most things that are popular – Snuggies, pretty girls, singing competition reality shows – it’s inspired all sorts of imitators. Now before you rush to the nearest tablet or mobile device and hunt these down for yourself, be warned: not all of the imitations are good. In fact some of them are quite bad. So, with that in mind, we noble souls at EW.com have combed the teeming thicket of the internet and selected the mashups and reenactments that may actually be worth watching. I can’t promise that they measure up to the original K-Pop hit – because, honestly, what can? But I can promise that someone, somewhere, found them amusing. And in this short life of ours, PopWatchers, that’s all we can really ask for.


'Gangnam Style' meets Wolverine

Korean pop dandy PSY and Broadway muscleman Hugh Jackman met up this week in Sydney, where Jackman is currently filming the decolonized sequel The Wolverine. PSY wore his trademark fop jacket; Jackman wore pajama pants and a black collared shirt and the general aura of a man who just woke up two seconds ago and still looks better than you ever will, so stop trying. Jackman loaned PSY a couple sets of adamantium claws, and they danced together. Experts are theorizing that this is the single most impressive team-up of a musical phenomenon and a superhero since that time Milli Vanilli hung out with Super Mario. Watch video of this historic pairing below: READ FULL STORY

Ghostbusters get 'Gangnam Style' mashup -- VIDEO

Just when you thought you were safe.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” continues its ruthless quest for world domination with a new Ghostbusters mashup. The songs actually work together pretty well, but that’s not the point. Nor is the Ghostbusters tie-in the most Halloween-y element of the video – what’s truly frightening here is that “Gangnam Style” is rapidly infecting every corner of our lives. It’s the T-virus that’s turning the world into an ashen wasteland of K-Pop-spewing corpses. We are powerless to resist. At least it’s catchy.


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