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Pac-Man on Google.com: You can play it!

In honor of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary this week, Google is hosting the actual game. You think it’s just a cool image, but then it’s an actual game. You don’t even need to “Insert Coin” — the game will just start for you! And then you’ll switch to another one of your 37 open tabs and forget that it’s still going and someone will approach your door and say “HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS?” because without the visual context, you’re just sitting there willingly listening to ambulance sirens. Then you’ll realize you should start playing Pac-Man again, and there goes your afternoon. Sorry, your boss!

What’s your favorite Pac-Man snack? Mine is the strawberry, though I was always intrigued by the anomaly of root beer. I always appreciated that strawberry came second because I was terrible at Pac-Man. I used to believe the creators of Pac-Man had put my favorite two fruits in the beginning so that I’d be momentarily giddy and then not feel like that big of a loser when I lost. But then I grew up!

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EW Exclusive: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez songs heading to 'Band Hero'

Every tweenager’s dream of being a singing, dancing Disney star is inching one step closer to reality: Activision is releasing a three-song download for Band Hero and Guitar Hero of Miley Cyrus’ “7 Things,” Demi Lovato’s “Here We Go Again,” and Selena Gomez & The Scene’s “Falling Down.” The “track pack” will be available May 18 for the Wii and May 25 for Xbox and PS3. Check out the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

A Magic 8-Ball movie? Signs point to yes.

magic-8-ballToys and movies: Two great tastes that taste great together, right? Hollywood executives certainly seem to think so, as a recent episode of The Simpsons so nicely lampooned with this trailer for Tic Tac Toe: The Movie. Universal, which has a deal with Hasbro, already has films based on Battleship, Monopoly, Candy Land, Stretch Armstrong, Magic: The Gathering, and the Ouija board at various stages of development. Now comes news that Paramount — which hit the toy-to-movie jackpot with a little franchise called Transformershas optioned the Magic 8-Ball as the basis for a potential live-action adventure film. Sure, we all played with Magic 8-Balls as kids, shaking up that little black fortune-telling sphere for answers to our most profound questions, like whether the girl we had a crush on in fifth grade liked us back (“Reply hazy, try again”) or whether we’d be rich and famous when we grew up (“Don’t count on it”). But can you picture an entire movie based on that? Concentrate and ask again.

What do you think? Does the idea of a big-screen Magic 8-Ball movie leave you thinking “Outlook good”? Or “Very doubtful”? While we’re at it, what game do you think Hollywood should set its sights on next? Hungry Hungry Hippos? Boggle? Jenga?

Super Mario Crossover is the 8-bit mashup of my dreams

MarioWarning: Super Mario Crossover is about to steal your whole day. [makes noise] If you’ve ever wanted to battle Bowser as Link instead of Mario,  now’s your chance: This brilliant mash-up game lets you play the classic Super Mario Bros as Mario (bo-ring), Link from Zelda, Samus from Metroid, Megaman, a dude from Contra, or Simon from Castlevania. Ho. Lee. Crap. Using their weapons/specialties — whips! bombs! — within the Mario universe is a mindfrak for the ages.

The keyboard controls leave a little something to be desired, but I’m still totally floored. Now on to earning that Boy Scout video games merit badge!

Which classic game character do you want to play as, PopWatchers? Which games would you mash up?

Sheldon names his bowling team 'The Wesley Crushers.' What did you name your sports league team?

bowling-namesImage Credit: Robert Voets/CBSFor the record, Sheldon, I totally dug the name “The Wesley Crushers” for your bowling team. But perhaps that’s because I have an affinity for pop culture-centric sports league team names. (Who doesn’t?) My bowling team, for one, is named “We Drink Your Milkshakes,” since we felt we could intimidate our competition by referencing a scene from There Will Be Blood involving milkshakes, bowling pins, and blunt force trauma. (Fun!) And I guess it’s working, because we’re headed to the playoffs tonight! (That is, after besting a SyFy-inspired team, “Imagine Gutter.”)

Have you been inspired à la Sheldon? What pop culture project/person/event inspired your sports league team name, PopWatchers?

'Jeopardy!' and 'Wheel of Fortune' renewed until 2014. What is awesome, Alex?

Wheel-Fortune-JeopardyImage Credit: Carol KaelsonVariety reports that both Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune have been renewed through the 2013-2014 season. This means two things: 1) I will remain in shape until 2014, since Jeopardy! remains my favorite TV show watch while working out, and 2) We get to watch Alex Trebek’s sheer disgust for underperforming players for four more years. And that, my friends, is the greatest gift of all.


Ellen DeGeneres a category on 'Family Feud': Survey said?!

I am a huge, huge fan of Family Feud. In large part because I love how often “a gun” actually ranks on the list of survey responses. (On one episode, “a gun” was actually the top answer to the question: “Name something you keep on your bed stand.” Shudder.) As a fan of contestants’ scary/bizarre/fascinating answers, I’m mighty peeved that I missed an awesome episode that featured a category about Ellen DeGeneres: “Name something that everybody knows about Ellen DeGeneres.” Not surprisingly, the fact that DeGeneres is a lesbian was the No. 1 answer. But one member of this family highlighted one mighty interesting “fact.” (See the hilarity that ensued in a clip from DeGeneres’ talk show after the jump.) READ FULL STORY

iPhone's new OS: Now with multitasking!

Steve Jobs unveiled OS4 for the iPhone and the iPod Touch today, and the big news is multitasking. Hell to the yes. Finally, you can stream Pandora in the background while using other apps. Hotcha! The updated OS will be available this summer for 3GS phones and third-gen iPod Touches, but older models won’t be able to run the full system — and it won’t be available on the iPad until fall.

The other “tentpole” features of OS4 are folders, which will allow you to organize apps; “enhanced mail” improvements to the native mail app; iBooks for the iPhone, which is major, considering how many e-books iPad users have bought already; better development options for business apps; social gaming; and iAds — in-app interactive mobile advertising.

It’s a major improvement for the OS, but I can’t help but think that the real news here is iAd. Most online advertising is search-based, but people don’t use search as much on their phones, so there hasn’t been a dominant form of ads yet on mobile devices. Apple’s planting one hell of a flag in that department right now.

What features were you hoping for, PopWatchers?

It's not too late to become the New King of Kong!

donkeykongI’ll admit, for someone who enjoyed the 2007 documentary The King of Kong as much as I did, I’ve done a poor job of keeping up with who holds the high score on Donkey Kong. I’m just now seeing Details‘ interview with the new world champ, Hank Chien, a 35-year-old plastic surgeon in New York City who took up the arcade game after seeing the film. I always wondered if I could’ve been a contender. “I was seriously addicted for the first three months. I was, like, not eating and not doing laundry,” Chien tells Details. Obsessive personality? I totally have that. In the beginning, he played for three hours a day. “It wasn’t a regular training program; there are some days I play zero, and then on some weekend days I play six.” Binge entertainment habits and the desire to say I’m in “training” for something (and since I’m afraid of walking on ice it can’t be curling)? Double check!

Really, the only thing that worries me are Chien’s degrees from Harvard in math and science. Apparently, math comes into play when you’re “point pressing — which is trying to squeeze as many points out of a board as possible.” I do enjoy sports terms like “point pressing” though… This is too close to call.

Anyone else take up Donkey Kong after seeing The King of Kong? How is your quest coming?

PlayStation Move: a Wii-too device, or something more?

ps3-move-colorImage Credit: SonyHere at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday, Sony officially teed up some details on their long-rumored motion-sensing controller for the PS3. They’re calling it the PlayStation Move and hoping it’ll make you forget all about the Nintendo Wii. To work with your PS3, the Move needs a PlayStation Eye camera attached to the console and, of course, games that have been designed to take advantage of the new technology. A second wireless controller similar to the Wii’s nunchuk is also part of the Move ecosystem. At the presentation, Sony showed a handful of unfinished titles that will eventually work with the Move, including a version of their SOCOM military shooter, a Wii Sports-like collection of activities, and a party game.

The Move looks like a wireless microphone festooned with the familiar PlayStation square, triangle, circle, and x buttons. It also has couple of other buttons, including a trigger like the one found on the Wii remote. The Move’s distinguishing characteristic is a plastic sphere on top of it. This lighted ping pong ball is what the Eye camera uses to track the controller’s movement and changes color, presumably to make it easier for the Eye camera to follow it (or to just make it look cool).

The Move is a huge step for Sony and will result in an explosion of games that you’ve never seen before, at least on the PS3. Already, dozens of third-party publishers have signed up to develop games for it so when Sony releases it this holiday season for under $100, there should be no shortage of ways to play around with it.

How about it Popwatchers, particular those who don’t already own Sony’s console: does the Move make you want to mothball your Wii and buy a PS3?

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