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Here's how those 70 Ron Burgundy Dodge Durango ads were made


If you happened to laugh at those new Dodge Durango commercials on TV over the weekend or saw the spots circulating online, then you know that Ron Burgundy has been shilling cars in his own classy, inexplicably angry way. The supercilious anchorman and the Americana automobile brand don’t  seem like a natural fit at first — but when Paramount Pictures, the Chrysler Group, ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Funny or Die writing team banded together, the result is a hilariously big deal. “The iconic brand of Ron Burgundy, we just thought it would be a tremendous collaboration,” said Josh Greenstein, CMO of Paramount Pictures. “No one [else] does irreverent humor that’s kind of lasted this long,” he added, noting that the last time we saw Burgundy onscreen was nearly a decade ago. EW spoke with the creators of the ads about how they reinvented the Anchorman character as a car salesman, why they made an astounding 70 spots, and what Will Ferrell was like on set. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Hudson channels Olivia Pope in 'Scandalous' PSA -- VIDEO

In a new Funny or Die PSA, Jennifer Hudson is a fashionable fixer, solving D.C.’s most salacious issues all while looking fantastic in a white trench coat. Sound familiar?

While Hudson’s Scandalous problem-solver is vying to join the ranks of Scandal superwoman Olivia Pope, people keep coming to her with easily fixable health care issues. The PSA aims to raise awareness about how the Affordable Care Act works. The Obama White House has tapped other A-list stars, such as Oprah Winfrey and Alicia Keys, to help spread the word about the ACA.

Check out Hudson’s PSA below:

'Breaking Bad' spin-off 'Huell's Rules' isn't real, but we wish it was -- VIDEO

Saul Goodman’s super-size henchman Huell has had his moments on Breaking Bad (his Scrooge McDuck-style swim in Heisenberg’s money comes to mind), but we’ve never really gotten to know the big guy.

Well, that all changes with Vince Gilligan’s next AMC hit, Huell’s Rules. Lavell Crawford’s Huell Babineaux is still stuck in that safe house (sorry, Hank’s not coming back anytime soon), and his family moves in to really push him over the edge.

Unfortunately, this is not a real show, even though the Funny or Die trailer below makes us wish it was. Maybe Huell’s Rules could follow Machete‘s path from fake trailer to real film? Fingers crossed.

Funny or Die: If your kid's acting up, just blame Samuel L. Jackson -- VIDEO


To slightly alter one of the greatest cinematic phrases of all time, Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf—ing kids watching these motherf—ing Samuel L. Jackson movies!

Children all over the United States are engaging in dangerous behaviors, from giving their school superiors sass, to smoking, to spontaneously developing peanut allergies, and, god forbid, believing in themselves — and it’s all Samuel L. Jackson’s fault.

Or at least that’s what the latest Funny or Die skit (made with CommonSense.org) will have you believe.

In the video, we see Mr. L. Jackson (as a mother in the skit refers to him) minding his own damn business, about to enjoy a sunlit lunch. A fan, who is later revealed to be a concerned parent, berates him for influencing her daughter to spout a suggestive line from Shaft to her principal and subsequently get suspended. Jackson is bewildered, “Whoa, whoa, I was just acting in a movie,” he says to the fan/mother. His rational excuse aside, she tells him “F— you, Samuel L. Jackson,” while tossing off his hamburger bun.

Watch the actor get verbally assaulted by fans for being, well, an actor.

Wish 'Mad Men' kid Kiernan Shipka was your shrink? Check out Funny or Die's 'Child Star Psychologist' -- VIDEO

Let’s face it: Being a child star is not easy. Luckily, with the guidance and advice of pint-size psychologist Kiernan Shipka, the job can be handled with ease.

In this sequel to Funny or Die’s first installment of “Child Star Psychologist,” the Mad Men starlet — looking all grown up in a pink silk blouse — uses what she learned from her early days as Sally Draper to council kid actors including Looper‘s Pierce Gagnon, Modern Family‘s Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, and Moonrise Kingdom‘s Jared Gilman. And don‘t let her cuteness fool you: Kiernan — er, Dr. Shipka — is clearly a fan of the tough-love approach.

Before you contemplate checking in with Dr. Shipka for your next session, check out the clip below.

Funny or Die to Aaron Sorkin: Here's how to fix 'The Newsroom' -- VIDEO

Aaron Sorkin, Funny or Die has something to say to you: The Newsroom‘s not the best show on television, but it can be better. Sound familiar?

Mirroring the opening scene of the series nearly shot-for-shot, Vincent Masciale of Funny or Die seamlessly parodies the show by asking bizarro Will McAvoy, “Can you say why The Newsroom is the greatest show on television?”

The question prompts a McAvoy-caliber rant:

'My Little Brony': Finally, adult 'Pony' fans get their own dolls -- VIDEO


Friendship really is magic — especially the friendship between a little girl and her beloved potbellied nerd doll. The new My Little Brony figurines featured in the ad below come with everything a fan-of-fans needs to enjoy hours of engrossing play: brushable hair, explicit pony-on-pony fanfiction, even cargo pockets stuffed with loose raisins!


Who's really behind all those cat videos? 'Funny or Die' reveals all -- EXCLUSIVE


What do all your favorite feline clips — The Great Catzby, The Catrix, even Cannes Palm D’or winner Meowcolm X — have in common?

Well, though each one looks like a low-fi short that simply captures kitties being kitties, these ace time-wasters actually share one visionary director: Shula Von Hollow, the Orson Welles of cat videos.

You’ll find Shula’s story — her slow rise to the top, her first meeting with muse/cat Javier, how she lost everything when a certain keyboard-playing furball emerged — in this special Funny or Die video, released to coincide with the second annual Internet Cat Video Festival. (We know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t every day Internet Cat Festival day?” Incredibly enough, the answer is technically “no.”)


The Welcome Return of Dave Chappelle: On the scene at Funny or Die's Oddball Fest

Just after 10pm last night in Austin, TX., the image of Dave Chappelle, with an American Spirit hanging from his lips, appeared behind a white scrim. When the curtain rose the crowd at the COTA amphitheater gave the man they were so happy to see back on stage where he belongs a standing ovation. After some eight years out of the spotlight, popping up every now and then across the country for a club performance, Chappelle is headlining the 15-city Funny of Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour. “Hey little fella,” Chappelle said to a 12-year-old he was shocked to see in the front row. “Thanks for taking a break from jerking off and joining the rest of us.”

“I have terrible news for the audience,” he said by way of an opener. “I don’t have any material.” A besotted woman towards the front shouted “I still accept you!” The crowd cheered. We were just glad to have him back after Chappelle abruptly bolted from his Comedy Central show and a $50 million dollar paycheck in 2005, igniting rumors of drugs and crazy town. Last night the audience made sure his homecoming was sweet. READ FULL STORY

'Taylor Swift' (or Billy Eichner) learns life isn't always 'Glitter and Ribs' -- VIDEO


Billy Eichner, host of Fuse’s hilarious pop culture trivia/takedown show Billy on the Street, has debuted the music video for the new “Taylor Swift” single “Glitter and Ribs” on Funny or Die. Watch it below. The song, which laments love found and lost at summer’s last barbecue, is also now available on iTunes. Eichner’s trademark frustration is a perfect match for Swift’s angst.

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