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Watch a spot-on 'Serial' parody from Funny or Die

On Thursday, true-crime podcast Serial will release its first season’s 12th and final episode. Along with producer Julie Snyder, host Sarah Koenig has attempted to determine whether Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted of Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee’s 1999 murder.

Listeners have started to question if Koenig will even try to cast judgment on the case, given the lack of conclusive evidence. Television and movies have conditioned us for tidy endings, which Serial might not have. A new Funny or Die short pokes fun at that. READ FULL STORY

Waka Flocka Flame sifts through resumes for job as his personal blunt roller on Funny or Die

Waka Flocka Flame’s quest to find his own personal blunt roller has been an arduously task—as seen in this new video from Funny or Die.


Funny or Die spoofs viral New York City street-harassment video


Recently, a striking video circulated around the Internet showing the street harassment one woman endured during 10 hours of walking around NYC. Funny or Die has responded with a video showing what it’s like to walk around the city as a white man. It’s, well, different.  READ FULL STORY

Funny or Die has 'Game of Thrones' on the brain for Halloween

There’s nothing wrong with going all-in on a Halloween costume, even if your neighbor’s kids have to stand in for the members of the Night’s Watch.


Funny or Die spoofs 'Divergent' with Michelle Obama, Chloe Grace Moretz


Let’s face it: Divergent is a fictional story. But if an apocalypse doesn’t seem realistic, what about a snackpocalypse? Sadly, a snackpocalypse is much more realistic.

And that’s the basis of a new Funny or Die video that features Chloe Grace Moretz, Tyler Posey, and, just because it can, Michelle Obama. In Snackpocalypse, Moretz plays the heroine destined to stand out amongst the factions of Pizza Pals, Pop Rockers, Hufflepuffs, and more when her peers abandon healthy food for junk food. And because every reluctant heroine needs a push, Posey (and his alleged back tattoos) shows up to encourage Moretz on her journey to stop everyone from eating all the junk food and, you know, try an apple every now and again.

As for the First Lady? Well, she’d just rather watch Frozen again.


Christina Hendricks is stuck in the 1960s in Funny or Die clip


Christina Hendricks mistakes an iPhone for a Pop-Tart in the latest Funny or Die video, and not just because today’s phone cases can be eerily realistic: The sketch finds the Mad Men actress transported from the 1960s into a modern office, complete with computers and cell phones and Febreze.


Mary Poppins gets political in Funny or Die bit starring Kristen Bell

In a new Funny or Die shortFrozen star Kristen Bell plays iconic nanny Mary Poppins—and she performs a version of “A Spoonful of Sugar,” but instead of trying to coax children into cleaning their room, the perpetually cheery caregiver is trying to coax the government into raising the minimum wage. Turns out poor Miss Poppins is underpaid, which is, as she puts it as she opens her broken umbrella, “supercalifragilisticexpiali-bulls–t.”


Video: John Boehner (played by Harry Hamlin) explains the minimum wage

Harry Hamlin, who recently appeared in Mad Men and Shameless, has a new, unlikely role: John Boehner impersonator.

Hamlin appeared as the politician in a new video for Funny or Die in which he tries to comfort minimum wage employees, discussing the “perks” outside of their hourly pay. Looks wise, it’s a bit of a stretch, but the sketch sure is funny.

“A lot of people have coined me as enemy No. 1 when it comes to raising the federal minimum wage so people can actually live off of what they earn,” Hamlin/Boehner begins. “The truth is, people actually make a lot more money than their hourly wage.”

Boehner offers a few examples: A Jack in the Box employee can make up to $200,000 in bonuses a year, Taco Bell fry cooks have access to company cars, executive steam rooms are available for Wal-Mart employees, gas stations have a 100 percent match for 401ks, and let’s not forget—paid vacations! Is that so? Hmm…

A PA, Brian, tries to correct him but to no avail. He eventually gives up, even as the “perks” become more and more unrealistic.

“Shouldn’t we draw the line somewhere?” Boehner asks, concluding his monologue. And when the cameras “stop rolling,” he asks, “Do you think they bought it?” No, no they didn’t John, nor did they buy your mystic tan.

Video: Jane Lynch combats noseblindness in Funny or Die PSA

Have you ever been to someone’s home and just been hit in the face with a stench completely unbeknownst to the owner? Sure you have, and you’ve likely been the guilty party as well. Jane Lynch addresses this issue–noseblindness–in a mock PSA for Funny or Die and Febreze, which describes the condition thusly: Noseblind (adj)–Unable to recognize foul smells one has grown accustomed to.

Lynch elaborated on the matter when Entertainment Weekly met with her at the shoot. “There’s probably smells that you’re kind of used to and it takes somebody coming over to your house to go dude, your place stinks,” Lynch explained, pointing to cats, wet dogs, and teenage boys as examples of factors that contribute to a home’s stench. READ FULL STORY

Judy Greer really wants Ben McKenzie...to date her best friend in Funny or Die sketch -- VIDEO

Being somebody’s best friend requires dedication. The best friend is going to be there through the laughter, the tears, the family drama, the relationship drama, the illnesses, the fetishes, the wardrobe malfunctions, and just about everything life has to offer. But what if being a best friend consumed all your time, and therefore, your life? Well, then you’d be Judy Greer.

OK, not literally, but in a new Funny or Die video, Judy Greer plays “the best friend” — as she’s done so well and so often in rom-coms from 2001’s The Wedding Planner to 2008’s 27 Dresses. She’s the woman who cheers from the sideline and puts her friend’s happiness before her own. Example A? She passes up an opportunity to date Matt, played by Ben McKenzie, for one reason and one reason only: so Matt can date her best friend. Oh, Judy. That tub of ice cream will never fill that Matt-sized hole in your heart.

Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

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