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Why Wilmer Valderrama wants to thank Robert Rodriguez, Antonio Banderas... and Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas? -- VIDEO


Wilmer Valderrama is a sentimental guy. He has the text Robert Rodriguez sent him telling him that he’d handcrafted a role for him in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series framed and hanging on a wall. “It’s been my dream to work with Robert since 1995 when Desperado made accents really cool, which helped my upbringing,” Valderrama says. “If you had an accent as strong as Antonio [Banderas]‘ back then, it was either really tough, or eventually when the movie came out, it was really awesome.”

When Valderrama arrived in Austin, Texas to begin filming the series — which airs its season 1 finale May 20 at 9 p.m. ET on Rodriguez’s El Rey Network — he hadn’t read a script and had no idea he’d be playing criminal overlord/vampire Carlos Madrigal. “I went to the wardrobe department, and I put on this long leather trench coat, and I looked at Nina [Proctor], who is the guru of all of Robert Rodriguez’s wardrobe, and I said, ‘So, important question: What am I playing? She goes, ‘You don’t know? Robert never tells anyone anything. You are one of our main villains.’ I said, ‘What? Excuse me?’ Because it’s so not the meeting that I had had with him. It came out of nowhere,” Valderrama says, laughing. “I said, ‘Okay, cool. Let’s rock ‘ roll,’ and 24 hours later, I was putting on a three-piece suit with leather gloves and walkin’ around in a very, very eccentric way.” READ FULL STORY

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