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The 2011 EWwy Awards: Who should win Best Actress in a Drama?

There’s still plenty of time to vote in the EWwy Awards — EW.com’s fourth annual celebration of performers and series Emmy overlooked. To vote for the Best Actress In a Drama, head to our Facebook page.

With so much talent in the composite to your right, it’s crazy that none of these actresses made the Emmys cut instead of, say, Law & Order‘s Mariska Hargitay or Harry’s Law‘s Kathy Bates. You nominated plenty of deserving leading ladies; we reluctantly narrowed the field to six. Watch them below, then flip through all of this year’s EWwy nominees in our photo gallery. READ FULL STORY

TV Season Finale Awards: The winners are announced!

The results of our 2nd annual fan-voted TV Season Finale Awards are in! Check out the winners gallery here for the Top 5 finishers in each of our 20 categories. A total of 718,838 votes were cast. SPOILER: Parks and Recreation‘s Li’l Sebastian was named fifth best death.  READ FULL STORY

'Fringe' Mystery Finale: We've solved it! PLUS: John Noble, Joshua Jackson talk cliffhanger, renewal and more

“It’s radical. It could wipe clean the entire slate of Fringe.”

So said Joshua Jackson in an interview with EW.com a few weeks ago about the season finale of the Fox sci-fi series. It was a bold claim, and hard to appreciate without knowing what was going to happen in  “The Day We Died.” But now we know. SPOILER ALERT FOR THE DVR SET! The finale was part Crisis On Infinite Earths and part “Days of Future Past” with a touch of A Christmas Carol (“Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come” section): After activating the so-called “doomsday machine” engineered (allegedly) by a sophisticated primordial culture known as The First People, Peter Bishop (Jackson) was allowed to observe a key passage of his life 15 years in the future. How? We were encouraged to believe that 2026 Walter (John Noble) had developed the means to draw 2011 Peter’s consciousness into the future via “brain porting” (one of several curious new fringe science words included in the show’s credit sequence; also see: Desmond Hume from Lost) so Past Peter could realize that choosing to use the doomsday machine to destroy the “over there” parallel world would produce a bleak, terminal future for the “over here” world. I think. (For a full recap, check out Ken Tucker’s blow-by-blow summary and ace analysis.)


TV's Most Dateable Characters: Choose your 'one' from readers' top picks (Poll!)

Dateable-charactersImage Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC; Justin Lubin/NBC; Brian Bowen Smith/Fox; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Bob D'Amico/ABC (2)Last week, PopWatch asked readers to name the TV character they’d date in real life. After tallying more than 2,000 nominations (yes, we read them all), we’re ready to take it to a vote. We’ve put your top picks — 25 men, and 29 women (there was a tie for that last spot) — in two polls below. Vote now through Tuesday at midnight ET. Come back Friday when we’ll reveal the results. Remember: You can’t change anything about the character you’re picking, other than that he or she will no longer have feelings for his or her show love interest. (Second rule: Do not feel guilty.) Note: The order the characters are listed in the polls below is how they ranked during the first round, when you could be indecisive. What will happen when you can only pick one?  READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: 'Fringe' as 'Firefly,' 'Doctor Who' as 'CSI: Miami'

A Fringe/Firefly mash-up could cause a tear in the fabric of the cult TV nerdiverse, so watch this at your own risk. If you somehow survive, there’s a Doctor Who/CSI: Miami recut, too, which is marginally less geeky but just as excellent. READ FULL STORY

'Fringe' Fridays: One more reason I'll never watch 'Supernatural.' Sorry.

fringe-supernaturalImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/Fox; Jack Rowland/The CWTonight marks the soft launch of one of the TV season’s most intriguing timeslot showdowns: Fox’s sci-fi cult fave Fringe vs. The CW’s fantasy/horror cult fave Supernatural at 9 p.m. I say “soft” because Supernatural airs a repeat tonight; it’ll return with new episodes next week. Fringe — moving into the timeslot after spending over a year on Thursday nights — comes back from the winter break with an original outing entitled “The Firefly,” which plays like a wink to Joss Whedon’s gone-too-soon outer space oater (and Friday-at-9 failure) Firefly.

In its third season, Fringe has been attracting around 5 million viewers in real time. Most pundits expect that Fringe will take a ratings hit in its new home, but no one is certain how big that hit will be. Fans seem alarmed about the long-term prospects of the show; we’ll see if they’re concerned enough to make the commitment to staying home on Friday nights as opposed to making it a watch-on-DVR-over-the-weekend thing. READ FULL STORY

Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: John Noble? Cat Deeley? Robyn? Round 2 is underway!

Let’s face it: Maybe 50 percent of those who vote in this latest round of EW’s Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year will actually read this paragraph. And why would you? Looking at the photos of today’s intense matchups is quite enough to make your blood boil without me egging you on — but I’m going to do it anyway.

underappreciated-performers-10AImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/Fox; Michael Yarish/CBS; Frank Micelotta/Fox; ABC

First up, in our TV race, we have John Noble facing off in this world and on The Other Side against Thomas Gibson, following the Criminal Minds actor’s narrow win over House‘s Robert Sean Leonard (54.5 percent against 45.5 percent). And in reality TV, Cat Deeley stands very likely to wipe the dance floor with broken-hearted Bachelorette castoff Chris Lambton after she won her tough round 1 match-up against The Harold Wheeler Ensemble of Dancing With the Stars by more than 50 percent. (Chris won his by a little more than 49 percent, but it was an easy win. He was up against Jersey Shore‘s Angelina — no one likes her.)

In the movies category, Red‘s Karl Urban will face off against The Town’s Rebecca Hall. And over in music, it’s a battle of the single-named females as Sia attempts to show Robyn not love, but defeat. Submit your votes after the jump.

underappreciated-performers-10BImage Credit: Frank Masi;Claire Folger; Rankin; RJ Shaughnessy READ FULL STORY

'Fringe': Insight and intel about tonight's Peter/Olivia/BOlivia love triangle episode

As you might expect, romance on Fringe can be a very odd thing. In this peculiar sci-fi world, when you can’t get a hunky guy out of your head because you dig his cheese so much, you really can’t get him out of your head, because he is literally in your head. This was the perplexing plight of FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) in season 1; after the death of her FBI agent boyfriend/fiancé John Scott (Mark Valley of The Human Target), Olivia realized that her dearly departed’s consciousness had somehow lodged inside her brain. (Or something like that. It was a cool idea, but kinda confusing, too.) She had to spend an epic session inside what’s become her private “Me time” place — Walter Bishop’s sensory deprivation (think) tank — to evict her not-necessarily-unwelcome psychic squatter. Basically, it was Fantastic Voyage meets Love Story meets The Exorcist, without the barfing and the crucifix and the priest and the Satan and actually pretty much all of The Exorcist except the exorcising part. Again: I think. READ FULL STORY

'Fringe' sneak peek and contest: Your best guess about Walter Bishop's mystery note

Fringe fans craving even a small glimpse into the future that is tomorrow night need not break into Walter Bishop’s Harvard lab and switch on his high-tech AlternaWorld-o-Vision to do so … especially since it wouldn’t work, because it peeks into parallel worlds, not the future. I mean, duh! (Damn how this show inspires me to the most convoluted sentences.) Just look at the photo at right. Walter Bishop and Nina Sharp are reading a note. Context? All I know is what I was told by the bald guy with hot sauce stains on his suit who dropped the photo off at my office: “On a rare visit to the Harvard campus, Nina and Walter take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the good ol’ days when they let curiosity be their guide. This leads to a discussion about Peter’s ongoing investigation (much to Walter’s dismay) about that doomsday machine …” (My source — usually more of a strong, silent type — was in an uncommonly chatty mood, so I’m very appreciative for his scoop!)

I know, know. Your mind: Buh-lowwwwn. But quick! Scrape your bloody gray matter off the wall and remold it into the high-powered theory-making super-computer it once was because I would like to play a game with you. The piece of paper that Walter is reading: What’s on it? Here are your options. I am told that one of these answers is actually correct. READ FULL STORY

Vote in our Under-appreciated Entertainers of the Year Bracket Game: Round 1, Day 1!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-AImage Credit: Claire Folger; Frank Masi; Rankin; Valerie PhillipsYou love our EW.com Bracket Games! You want to have, like, 10,000 of their babies, all of whom may turn out to be Psycho Killers or Sexy Beasts. Or both! This month, in anticipation for our annual Entertainers of the Year print issue, we’ll be looking at some of the more under-appreciated all-star entertainers. Not unappreciated by YOU — you nominated ‘em! (Movies, Music, TV, and Reality TV.) Just under-appreciated by the box office, TV ratings, Emmy voters, album sales charts, etc. Basically: people who need more money. Ugh, as if.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-BImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/Fox; Mike Yarish/AMC; Frank Micelotta/Fox; Carol Kaelson/ABC via Getty ImagesUp first, we have actors Pete Postlethwaite (The Town) vs. Karl Urban (Red) in the Movies category; Swedish pop fairy Robyn vs. American folk-rock singer Lissie in Music; Fringe‘s John Noble vs. Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser in TV, and So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley vs. the Dancing With the Stars band in Reality TV. Check out the entire bracket of 64 competitors here (click the image to zoom in), then vote in round 1 of our polls!


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