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How happy are you to see those 'Friday Night Lights' again?

Fridaynightlights_lNow that the high school football drama has returned to free network television, my Friday night television schedule seems to be vastly improved (especially because other faves of mine, like Lipstick Jungle, are no longer on).

Last night’s season 3 premiere was raw, emotional, and captivating—basically, it was everything and then some that we’ve grown to expect from FNL (you know, the kind of stuff that makes you want to scream, "How the heck have NONE of these actors ever been nominated for an Emmy??").

I am so pleased to see that Tami (Connie Britton,  pictured left) has been promoted to school principal. Her new power role is sure to provide lots of conflict— and head-butting— with Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler, right), a.k.a. her husband. I think it’s safe to say that there will also be lots of opportunity for conflict with the new superstar quarterback, freshman J.D. McCoy, and his uptight, controlling father.

For more recap and commentary on last night’s episode, be sure check out Ken Tucker’s TV Watch. And in the meantime, share your thoughts below on the series’ return to NBC. Were you able to hold off on reading spoilers from when the season aired on DirecTV? Finally, "Does anyone else out here feel like you deserve a smoothie?" Because I think you totally do.

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'Friday Night Lights' star Connie Britton to field your questions!

91043__connie_lDalton Ross will be chatting with Friday Night Lights‘ Connie Britton Friday morning, and he’s agreed to pass her a few questions from you, loyal P-Dubs. You’ll be able to check out the video interview on EW.com Friday afternoon, before the drama returns to NBC that night (Jan. 16, 9 p.m. ET). Ask any and all questions you have about the upcoming third season — but to those who’ve already watched it on DirecTV, please keep it spoiler-free.

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The Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Must List

Attention late adopters: tired of realizing critically acclaimed shows really are good while watching them on DVD long after they’ve been unceremoniously dumped by the networks? Make like my Must List and stream Friday Night Lights seasons 1 and 2 for free on Hulu before the third season begins airing on NBC next week. Catch up now and you can see The Best Show America Isn’t Watching (and The Best Show I Can’t Watch until Jan. 16 Because It’s Only on DirecTV) while there’s still a chance of a season 4! Seriously, though, FNL is awesome. It’ll always have a spot on my Must List, but it’s at the top this week because I’m getting psyched up for next week’s premiere. Watch the season 2 finale below, or start from the beginning at Hulu’s FNL page.

What’s at the top of your Must List this week, PopWatchers?List up to three items on your Must List from currentTV/movies/music/books/games/online. Don’t forget your e-mail address,in case we decide to use your submission in the magazine. Deadline isThursday, Jan. 8, at 5 p.m. ET.

'Friday Night Lights' recap: What was Tyra thinking?

Adriannepalicki_lFor those of you who are enjoying ‘Friday night Lights’ on Direct TV (and for those who just can’t wait until ‘FNL’ airs on NBC in January), we’ve decided to help satisfy your craving. If you’re perfectly happy waiting, don’t follow the jump.

Week two of Friday Night Lights on Direct TV 101, and (once again, I warn you: Spoiler Alert!)…


'Friday Night Lights' recap: A solid season 3 premiere on DirecTV

Fridaynightsmash_lFriday Night Lights is back—for some viewers: Last night the show started a 13-episode run on DirectTV’s 101 Network. NBC says it will air these new-season episodes starting in January. So for those of you without DirectTV, I’ll just say right up top, here’s a great big SPOILER ALERT. Read more after the jump.

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Austin City Limits report: FNL's Gaius Charles on Erykah Badu


Editor’s note: This post from Gaius concludes our FNL/ACL experiment, and he sends us out in style. Special shout-out to Aimee Teegarden, who turned in a review of N.E.R.D today; sadly, we’ve decided to leave it out because Porter beat her to it. Still, thanks a bunch, Aimee… and everyone who made this dream a reality. We are currently soliciting television casts shooting in Palm Springs, rural Tennessee, and Chicago for the ’09 festival season.

It was a meeting ten years in the making. Gaius Charles. Erykah Badu. I should preface this review with a little backstory: I have been an Erykah Badu fan from the very beginning. Yes, I was on Baduizm back in ’97, before the world really knew this soon-to-be-international sensation. See, “Back in the Day” somewhere around 8th grade I had a huge crush on this girl– let’s call her “Keyshia.” Keyshia was a talented singer who hummed these soulful melodies that always caught my ear. When I finally got up the nerve to ask Keyshia about those tunes she gushed and told me all about her favorite new artist, Ms. Erykah Badu. Well, you know what happened next: Erykah instantly became my favorite artist too. Baduizm turned out to be the keystone that brought my 14-year-old soulstress and me together. But sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Keyshia ended up getting with a varsity football player when we went to high school, much like Smash Williams (define irony). But on the plus side I ended up becoming an Erykah Badu superfan.

Crazy enough, I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing her perform live. So when I found out she was going to be playing at ACL, I had to be there. And though we have been filming Friday Night Lights in Austin for almost three years, this year was my first year attending. In a word, ACL is MASSIVE. As I entered the main gates I was immediately taken aback by the sea of people, literally thousands and thousands gathered to feast on what Austin does best: live music. Waiting for the concert to begin I ran into Minka Kelly and Jesse Plemmons, who were equally excited to see the show. And then, out of nowhere, a soulful riff pierces the air, and it’s on. A stunning Ms. Badu takes the stage in a smiley face tee and stiletto heels and works the crowd like the veteran she is– and oh yeah, she’s pregnant. No matter, if anything her precious “baby bump” makes her all the more mesmerizing. She proceeds to glide through her repertoire effortlessly, like light changing color in a kaleidoscope. Beginning with a sample off her new album, New Amerykah, she remixes chart-topping favorites like “On and On” and “Apple Tree.” Somewhere in the middle of it all she takes a water break and riffs on the words “s–t” and “damn,” a comic reminder that she is only making it look easy. Erykah wraps it all up with her new song “Soldier,” and stresses the need to stand up in the face of today’s unprecedented world events.

I wish I could conclude by saying that I went backstage and was finally able to meet Erykah. But as I made the attempt to profess my love, birthed in the tragedy of adolescence, the heat finally did get to her and she was being attended to accordingly. It’s ok, though– I had an unforgettable experience and enjoyed the performance to the fullest. Besides, I can always catch her when she hopefully comes back in 2009, right? Ten years in the making– what’s eleven?

addCredit(“Gaius Charles: Virginia Sherwood; Erykah Badu: Whitney Pastorek/EW.com”)

Austin City Limits report: FNL's Connie Britton on Beck, the Raconteurs, and chaos


Ok, here’s the thing. I suck.

Well, the problem is that, as I suspected, my friends from out of town got in to the fest at the same time that Beck was going on. Actually, it was a whole drama because I was at the Black Keys and my phone stopped working and they actually stood outside at the ridiculous red arch and waited for me for 45 minutes before I even knew they were there. So… my perspective of the Beck show is spotty, incomplete, and from a very distant vantage point. Truthfully, my two favorite shows were Spiritualized and the Kills. (Seeing the Kills perform at 1:30 p.m. on a Sunday when both of them looked as if they had seen the sun NEVER was the greatest.) My problem is that I really don’t know either band, so it’s pretty great because I got a new introduction to both… but I don’t think I could very accurately write about them since I don’t know a single song!

On the flipside, I saw the Raconteurs from the side of their stage and then hung out with Jack and Brendan in their dressing room after cuz they are friends with my friends from out of town. I had the set list sitting right in front of me the whole time…I should have grabbed it!…and I’ve seen them twice before and am a huge fan. I could do them if you want, though I don’t know how fast I can get it to you since I’m now in NYC doing an insane two days of meetings and press for our premiere on Wednesday. (And sorry…yesterday I had a 5:30 a.m. calltime, then got on a plane for the airport straight from work to fly to NYC.)

Let me know if you want me to try for the Raconteurs later in the week and I’ll try to pull it off…

Editor’s note: I think we’re not going to force Connie to give us any more than she already has, which I think we can all agree is a lot. And anyway, most people spend 95 percent of these festivals missing sets and trying to find their friends, so this was actually pretty perfect.

addCredit(“Connie Britton: Michael Muller; Austin City Limits Fest: Whitney Pastorek/EW.com”)

Austin City Limits report: FNL's Jesse Plemons on the Black Keys


Editor’s note: Our ongoing experiment continues to work, as Mr. Plemons here follows his castmates into the fray. I got one last holdout I’m working on, but in the meantime… hey, did you see we put up my pictures today?

First off, I’d like to apologize that I wasn’t able to write about my ACL experience earlier. I went all three days this year, which can be pretty exhausting. If anyone else has done the same, you know that all you want to do after the third day of madness is shower, apply lots and lots of aloe vera to your third degree sunburn, and then sleep. This year was especially good because I managed to make it through the entire festival without getting burnt to a crisp. Who knew that Neutrogena made a sun block with SPF 85! (No, I’m not kidding, that’s the only thing that does the job.)

OK, well with that being said… THE BLACK KEYS! I had planned on only talking about one Keys concert but actually ended up seeing them twice in two days. I saw them once at ACL on Saturday night, and again Sunday night at an ACL-sponsored after-show at Stubb’s, a great venue for live music in Austin (and they have great BBQ, so that’s a plus).

The Saturday show was great. We actually lucked out and got to go on stage for their show, which was pretty surreal. In an hour they played a set with at least one song from every one of their albums, including one of my favorites, “Stack Shot Billy,” with an extended guitar intro/solo that made my face scrunch up… in a good way. They then finished things up with “I Got Mine.” The most amazing thing about seeing them live was hearing all this noise and only seeing two guys playing: Dan Auerbach (guitar/vox) and Patrick Carney (drums).

Sunday night’s show was the cherry on top to a wonderful weekend. This time I was able to see the show from the front, which was completely different. I was able see their faces in a little bit more of an intimate setting. Patrick played the drums so hard you would have thought they had insulted his mother, and he was drenched in sweat by the third song. Dan played most of the songs with his eyes closed and would open them up for a few seconds at a time and look around as if he had almost forgotten where he was. Being a guitar player myself, I love watching different people’s playing styles, and I have to say I have never seen anyone play the way he does. I’ve never seen anyone so comfortable with a guitar in their hands. It seriously seemed the guitar was an extension of his body because you could barely tell that he was playing, it was so effortless. He played a solo on the song “Busted” by beating the saddle of the guitar while he used his slide with his left. Basically, It was kind of incredible. All in all, one of the best live show I’ve ever seen.

After the show, someone made the mistake of letting me backstage, which had me feeling a lot like Patrick Fugit in Almost Famous. I ended up meeting Dan briefly, and all I could muster was a corny, “I love your music, man, and thanks for coming to Austin.”

addCredit(“Jesse Plemons: Virginia Sherwood; Dan Auerbach/Black Keys: Whitney Pastorek/EW.com”)

Austin City Limits report: FNL's Adrianne Palicki on Blues Traveler


Editor’s note: If Palicki wasn’t our favorite before, she most certainly is now.

So last night at Austin City Limits, I got to participate in the viewing of one of my personal favorite bands, Blues Traveler. One thing is for sure: they did not give us the “Run-Around” this time.(Come on! That was good!)

[Editor’s note: That was a good joke! But to minimize confusion, they did, actually, play “Run-Around.” I think it was the second song of the set. Which was nice, cause then I could go do something else. Anyway. Adrianne! Please continue.]

Can I just say, Who the hell taught John Popper to play the harmonica? That man is a mad genius. Between the harmonica, the guttural vocals, and the drinking and smoking thatensued on stage, I am surprised that man has not had a heart attack. Starting the night off with “I Want You To Want Me,” and ending it with “Hook,” no fan in the audience could have been disappointed. Traveleralso played soon-to-be-hits from their new album. The entire band is amazing. Watching these guys perform brought about a nostalgia that can only be reminiscent of my days in junior high, when “Run-Around” wasnumero uno on the charts, and Saved By The Bell was still on TV. Oh, Zach Morris… I digress… Point is, these guys still have it– or, shall I say, never lost it.

addCredit(“Adrianne Palicki: Paul Drinkwater; John Popper: Whitney Pastorek/EW.com”)

Austin City Limits report: FNL's Scott Porter on N.E.R.D and the Swell Season


Editor’s note: Porter is the second Friday Night Lights cast member to successfully guest blog, and we’re glad he did. Meanwhile, our fingers are still crossed that we’ll get to read Jesse Plemons’ impressions of the Black Keys. No pressure, Jesse.

When Whitney hit me up with the idea of writing a blog about one of the acts at Austin City Limits, she asked me to send her a list of groups I’d be interested in seeing.  I sent her back a list of over twenty.  Everyone from Blues Traveler to Beck to Del tha Funky Homosapien to Flyleaf to local favorite Dan Dyer… it was hard to pick just one.  It’s taken me until Sunday night to write this because I wanted to give you the best bang for your buck here.  I know it’s late, but hopefully it’s worth it…

If any of you have ever lived down south of the Mason-Dixon line, you know that late September still means summer heat.  Any music festival that runs during a weekend with temperatures in the 90′s better have a lineup just as hot.  If you don’t know Austin, their slogan is "Keep Austin Weird."  Austin City Limits’ slogan should be, "Keep ACL Ridiculous!"  Using "ridiculous" in the same way some folks use "sick", "hot", "amazing", or "dope" (if you’re nasty).

I saw a ton of groups this weekend and I have strong thoughts on all of them. However, I doubt you have the time to listen to me whine or ramble about all of them, so I just chose two.  A little double dipper if you will.  Hope you enjoy.

After the jump, Porter breaks down N.E.R.D/Swell Season, and reveals a little more about castmate Aimee Teegarden than she’d probably like him to.

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