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'Friday Night Lights': Follow the newly renewed Texans on Twitter

Fridaynightlights_lChalk up another win for EW’s Michael Ausiello: Friday Night Lights has officially been renewed for two more seasons, just like he reported weeks ago. This is obviously awesome news for fans of FNL, a.k.a. the best drama on network TV and it’s not even close. I know many of you are still watching the in-progress season 3 on NBC, so I won’t give away any spoilers — but having seen the end of this season, suffice it to say that there are definitely some exciting new directions for this show to grow with new and old cast members. It looks like season 4 will likely be premiering on DirecTV before coming to NBC, just like season 3 did. I can’t wait for those first new episodes to show up…at which point I will once again have to find some alternate means of watching, since I don’t have a satellite dish (sorry, DirecTV).

In the meantime, I’ll be amusing myself by keeping up with the FNL Twitter accounts that my girlfriend recently showed me. You’ve got distinguished Dillonites like Matt Saracen, Coach Taylor, Julie Taylor, Lyla Garrity, Tyra Collette, Landry Clarke, and more posting in-character updates and responding to fans. The best has to be Tim Riggins, whose sardonic observations are dead-on. (MINOR SPOILER: "I’m just not sureI can take midweek trips to Mexico & NYC in college like I did inhigh school. But if Garrity goes with me….") I don’t know if these Twitter accounts are officially sanctioned or what, but they’ve gotta be the next best thing to reading PopWatch’s exclusive blog posts from the actual FNL cast members. Anyone else tiding themselves over for season 4 this way?

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Minka Kelly, Jason Dohring cast in the CW pilot 'Body Politic' (Double entendre?)

Dohringkelly_lOnly on The CW could you potentially have a series called Body Politic, and have it not be about the newly appointed Attorney General (Tim Matheson). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Friday Night Lights‘ Minka Kelly has been cast as his daughter Hope, who leaves Michigan following her mother’s death, finds her long-lost dad in D.C., and begins working for him. Jason Dohring (of Veronica Mars, Moonlight, and PopWatch Duel fame) will play a reporter with The Washington Post. Our nation’s capital hasn’t looked this sexy since Hollywood invaded for Obama’s inauguration the 2000 WB series D.C., starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jacinda Barrett, and Daniel Sunjata.

Friday Night Lights fans, breathe. Kelly would be able to return for multiple episodes of that series should it get the fourth season order that Michael Ausiello says is in the works

After the jump, more of our pilot season coverage.

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'Friday Night Lights' eyeing two more seasons: Dare to dream?

Our own Michael Ausiello just broke the news that NBC and DirecTVare in talks to give Friday Night Lights another two seasons. That hasto be the best news I’ve heard since the show was miraculously saved fromgut-wrenching cancellation last year under the unique shared-windowexperiment that runs the season on DirecTV before it airs onNBC. I couldn’t wait, went out and found a buddy with DirecTV last November and have already gobbled up the season still airing on NBC. (Not sure that’s exactlywhat DirecTV was aiming for, though I’m sure they’re happy that their subscribers are less likely to be lonely at least once a week for a few months.) I’m glad I did, too. This past seasonrivaled the first in terms of story quality (the Smash arc, the Tyra-Landry romance, and more football games!) and performances (Connie Britton and KyleChandler rule — check out the clip of Chandler’s Coach squirming while Matt’s grandma heaps praise on him just moments after he dropped by to bench her grandson).

It seems from Ausiello’s report that the new deal again hinges on the DirecTV arrangement. Yet I had a hard time tracking down a friend who even has DirecTV. Is that just the sad state of my social life or are people not exactly lining up to subscribe for DTV’s original content? How about you PopWatchers? Psyched about the prospect of more FNL? How many of you watched via DirecTV last year vs. catch it on NBC? Take the poll below and discuss in the comments.


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'Friday Night Lights': Scott Porter blogs last Friday's show

Scottporter_l Well. I’m supposed to be here blogging about Episode 3.8 (what we call it in the biz, 3rd Season, Episode 8, New York, New York) of Friday Night Lights. There’s only one problem. I haven’t actually watched it. I haven’t watched any of my episodes this year. Don’t know if I ever will. I can’t really explain why, it’s just something that I haven’t gotten around to. They are sitting there on my entertainment center, in DVD form. They are also resting on my DVR, ready to be Slingbox’ed to my computer for my viewing enjoyment at any time. They might collect dust for a little while longer. I don’t know when that time will actually come.

I watched Gaius Charles’ exit episodes and was touched beyond belief. The final scene with him flashing that Bazillion gigawatt smile that electrified FNL for three years was just perfect. I wish I could’ve been there, wish Jason would’ve had more interaction with all these other amazing characters on our little show that could, and did. I wish I would’ve had a scene with Jesse Plemons, who basically was my little brother in Austin. I wish I would’ve had more time with Aimee and Connie and Adrianne. It would’ve been a pleasure, but I’ll just sit back and enjoy their work from afar. And applaud them. After those four episodes I stopped watching. Maybe it’s that I just want to remember those five weeks of filming my exit from FNL, as I remember them. Not how they’ve been edited together to fit into 42-minute episodes for commercial enjoyment. That month was slightly surreal. It was wonderfully bittersweet.

So, that’s what I’ll talk about here…the steps that led up to Jason Street leaving Dillon, TX, and how Scott Porter remembers it. I got the call in June that Jason Street would be wrapping up and moving on from FNL, that I was becoming a guest star in Season 3. That his entire exit would be told in four episodes. I was at a comic book convention in Philadelphia (Wizard World) getting ready to go sing karaoke with all my nerdy friends. Jason Katims and Peter Berg called me together on a conference call. Conference call? I knew that wasn’t a good sign. Sure enough they broke the news to me. Thank God for Pete’s straightforward nature, the honesty was refreshing.

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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' trailer: Explode-y!

The final trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine landed today, and maybe I’m still recovering from yesterday’s Public Enemies trailer because…this just didn’t do it for me. I mean, yes, lots of things blow up, and Hugh Jackman does have luscious muscles, but now I’m worried.


'Friday Night Lights': Jesse Plemons blogs last week's show

Jesseplemons_lMuch like my friend Connie Britton, I have very little experience with this whole blogging thing. So, after staring blankly at my computer screen for a half hour or so trying to figure out how to sum up Friday Night Lights into one perfect piece of blog art, I decided to re-watch the episode and see what happens. I immediately got sucked into the episode and forgot all about the blogging that was supposed to be happening. It’s amazing the things that you catch the second or third time you watch an episode. One of the things I love about our show is that it is full of so many moments and nuances, which really make the show what it is. Anyway, my eyes are clear, my heart is full, and now I’m finally ready! Here are some of my favorite moments (and just random thoughts) from the episode.

This week picks things up with the wonderful Garrity family at the Dillon Airport (a.k.a. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport). It’s a family reunion for Buddy, his kids are back from living "with their mom…in Northern California…with some vegetarian…raising figs!" In the entire three seasons I have known Brad Leland I have yet to call him by his real name. He is, and always will be Buddy G. to me. I think that says something about how good an actor is when it’s even hard for his cast to separate his character from real life. Also the Taylors take a trip over to the McCoy estate for dinner. I loved the random miniature poodle with blue and gold bows that Mrs. McCoy is holding when she opens the door. Hilarious! Such a perfect detail that I missed the first time I watched. The scene at the dinner table between Coach and Joe was a great setup for their scene outside the locker room at halftime. This is just the beginning of the drama between these two. Just you wait.

We don’t really see much of my friend Matthew Saracen in this episode. The last time I checked he was still crying about how he lost his job to Joe Doyle. I tried to tell the guy he needed an angle, but he just didn’t want to listen. I mean, have I ever steered him wrong? Well, maybe that one time with the Members Only jacket. But that’s it.

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'Friday Night Lights': Zach Gilford blogs last night's show

Zachgilford_lDrama in Dillon. After Smash road off into the sunset of College Station, Tex. (and he will be greatly missed), everyone’s lives kept going. Tami is all up in everyone’s business, trying to keep Tyra from dating a pill-popping cowboy, and freaking out that Julie got, in my opinion, an extremely tacky rope-heart tattoo. Watching this story unfold was extremely special for my parents and me, because at the young age of 13 the words "pip 33" were inked into my flesh (still there today). These scenes with the Taylor family were so similar to the "discussions" (me being yelled at) that took place in my house; it felt like I was watching home movies.

In other Panther news, Street is back. He’s teamed up with a lovable band of idiots (Herc and the brothers Riggins) and trying to flip Buddy’s house to raise a "nest egg" for his new born, Noah (a "nest egg" is actually the act of putting a pseudo egg in a hen’s nest to encourage it to lay more; the connection between this and financial savings is not entirely clear to me, but oh well). And after, heroically, coming in as a sophomore, stepping into the huge shadow of Jason Street, after valiantly leading the team to a Texas state title, after almost three, I may say, courageous seasons as the starter, young Matt Saracen has been benched for the younger, and apparently better, J.D.

McCoy? Really? C’mon coach, he’s a freshman…and he’s not even cool. (Everyone is thinking it, I just said it.) Seriously, though, his name is Joe Doyle and he likes to brag about the fact that his parents bronzed his first diaper. Lame.

Bring Voodoo back, fine, he was kinda intimidating and nefarious. A good Goliath to Matt’s David. Even his name was scary, "Voodoo," petty creepy. But Joe Doyle? The kid has a trust fund, what’s unnerving about that? Of course he’s good, his daddy hired a private coach who used to play QB for USC or some fancy school like that, but Matt has heart. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player ever because he made the players around him better. Matt Saracen makes his team better. This McCoy kid is a question mark. Eric Taylor said it himself, "I know Matt Saracen, I don’t know your son." Well where’s that mentality now coach? Funny how quickly one loss can make you forget the little people that helped you get that pretty ring on your finger (not the wedding ring, the state championship ring).

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'Friday Night Lights': Gaius Charles blogs last night's show!

Smashwilliams3_lOver the last three seasons, there are few times that I can remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I read an episode of Friday Night Lights. The ones I can remember are somewhat random: Episode 104, "Who’s your Daddy," August 7, 2006 (these dates are approximate so don’t get all "Smoking Gun" on me). I was sitting in my car, outside a coffee shop in Austin and blasting my AC as I battled a 100-plus degree wave (welcome to Texas). Episode 201: "Last Days of Summer," July 16, 2007. I was lounging in my hotel room at the Beverly Hilton in L.A. (trying to resist the mini bar), and getting ready for NBC’s TCA convention later that evening.

But I’ll never forget where I was when I read episode 304, "Hello, Goodbye." August 5th 2008. I remember coming home after getting some grub on another record hot day, which by now I had actually gotten used to. As I came up the stairs, I saw a package on my doorstep watching me, waiting for me…though I had also been waiting on it.

It was pretty easy to fall back into the rhythm of filming the show. I quickly reacquainted myself with the sights and sounds of Austin/Dillion and our outstanding cast and crew…but it was all of course all bittersweet. For as early as July, the announcement had been made that "the Smash" would only be around for a limited engagement. So from the beginning of season 3, there was always a lovingly sentimental vibe that trailed me on set.

Now the only question was, how would it occur? Jason Katims, our brilliant head writer, had given me some bullet points as to the overall arc of the four episodes, but he was keeping the details air tight. Now here’s a little TV production "inside baseball." The crew of the show always gets a production draft of any given script ahead of the actors. And if you got a friend on the other side of the line, they’ll keep you informed in the gap as to what’s coming down the pipe. We had already started shooting episodes 1 and 2 of the new season and my sources were telling me I should be getting episode 3 any day.

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'Friday Night Lights' cast blogs: Next up, Gaius Charles

Gaiuscharles_lOur Friday Night Lights‘ cast blogs continue tonight with Gaius Charles, who’ll take you inside the shooting of Smash’s last episode (NBC, 9 p.m ET). A tease: "I’ll never forget where I was when I read episode 304, ‘Hello, Goodbye.’ Aug. 5th, 2008. I remember coming homeafter getting some grub on another record hot day, which by now I had actuallygotten use to. As I came up the stairs, I saw a package on my doorstep watchingme, waiting for me…though I had also been waiting on it."

Charles’ take will post right here at 1 a.m. ET. In the meantime, how do you want to see Smash go out?

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'Friday Night Lights': Connie Britton blogs last night's show!

Fridaynightlights_l Well, here’s the deal: I’m not really much of a blogger. Is blogging like clogging? I’m not much of a clogger either, actually. But I did tell my friend Dalton at EW that I would blog for episode 303 of Friday Night Lights, and so I’ve been trying to figure out what that means. I started by re-watching the episode. And MAN, there are some great freaking actors on our show! So while I’m not sure if this counts as a legitimate blog, I’d just like to give a little revelatory shout-out to them as I watch this show….

Let’s start at the beginning, where we have our white trash section of Dillon…the strange amalgam of the Riggins brothers, and the Collette women. There’s nothing better than watching these great actors riff on a quintessentially Texas set like the one at Hills Cafe where they are dancing to a little country-western music. These Texas locations really make the show, and so do these actors. As Tim and Billy (played by Taylor Kitsch and Derek Phillips) drive off, talking about how much the Collettes can eat, we enter into the other side of the white trash world they live in…the scary side. I get really freaked watching some of the stuff Billy pulls Tim into…pretty crazy for a 17 year old, and you feel that every step of the way. Moving onto the football field, we meet creepy Joe McCoy, played by D.W. Moffett. Right from the beginning you can tell he is going to be one diabolical dude!

Next up is a scene with me and Kyle-my TV husband-Chandler. Any scene that starts with, "I don’t give two farts about the booster’s anxiety" is okay by me. And we had a good time shooting this scene, because Kyle thought he was soooo funny putting one over on me (Tami) about the booster BBQ by saying, "I promise that maybe we’ll have it somewhere else" when I ask if we can not have it at our house next year. He thought his "maybe" promise, followed by a big smooch was hilarious.


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