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Watch the trailer for 'Gotham Begins,' the prequel parody to the prequel series


Batman had his origin story in Batman Begins, and Gotham has its origin story in… Gotham. But what happened on the streets of Bruce Wayne’s city even before Gotham?


A deep dive into the glorious time-suck that is 'Simpsons World'


The good news: As of Tuesday afternoon, every episode of The Simpsons is finally streaming online for free.*

The bad news: Thanks to hordes of rabid fans like you and me, the website and app aren’t working particularly well—think long load times, endless buffering, and frequent error messages. Sure, these bugs will undoubtedly get ironed out as the initial rush on Simpsons World subsides; as of today, things are already running a lot more smoothly than they were when the site officially launched yesterday. But for those who have been drooling in anticipation, Homer-style, since the site’s advent was announced over the summer, this totally expected development is still a little frustrating. At least the 404 messages are cute: READ FULL STORY

R.I.P. 'Enlisted': You deserved better

There are no words to describe the loss of Enlisted. But there are words to describe my anger at how this show never got a chance.

In a nutshell, Enlisted followed Pete Hill on his journey from super soldier in Afghanistan to the leader of a Rear Detachment platoon at an Army base in Florida. He went from dodging bullets to dodging his younger brothers, and guess what? It was hilarious. For starters, Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young played the three Hill brothers and gave us one of the most believable sibling dynamics on TV. Their chemistry and their realistic portrayal of family anchored the show, but that’s only the start of what made it great.

Enlisted took the quirky group dynamic of The Office and dressed it up in camouflage. The cast of characters was so diverse and so very, very weird that it just worked. Between Park, Robinson, Chubowski, and Gumble, I wanted to hang out with these people. I’ve seen the pilot at least four times at this point, and I still can’t get through Chubowski’s speech about Panda bears without cracking up: READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff' mobile game puts the future of Quahog in your hands -- VIDEO


Family Guy has been canceled again!

Well, kind of. The Fox animated comedy has entered the mobile-game world with Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, available now in the Apple App and Google Play stores. After a mysterious new Fox president cancels the show, Peter, Lois, and all your favorite Quahog residents break into all out chaos when it’s revealed to be Ernie the Giant Chicken! A literal chicken fight leaves Quahog in ruins — which is where you come in! First, watch the all-new introduction video to the game voiced by the original cast: READ FULL STORY

'X-Men' spinoff poll: Which X-Men character should get their own movie?

On May 23, Fox will release X-Men: Days of Future Past, the studio’s bold attempt to connect the various strands of its decade-old mutant franchise. And Fox has already made plans for further expansion of the X-Men universe. X-Men: Apocalypse will open in 2016, followed by another Wolverine film in 2017. The studio has also announced a Marvel film for summer 2018 — the precise nature of which remains TBD. READ FULL STORY

Prince releases full-length 'New Girl' song featuring Zooey Deschanel -- VIDEO

We first fell for Prince’s duet with Zooey Deschanel, “FALLINLOVE2NITE,” when they performed a portion of the song on the actresses’ Fox comedy, New Girl, back in February. (We’re guessing the 25.8 million other people who also watched the post-Super Bowl episode did, too.)

The Purple One’s perfectly understated guest role was a gift for fans, but now he has delivered the icing on the cake: On Friday, Prince’s “funk ‘n’ roll” band, 3RDEYEGIRL, tweeted out the link to the full-length track. The soundtrack to the rest of your weekend can be found here:


'Gotham': Why the Joker shouldn't be in the Batman prequel

I’ll never forget the day Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Rumors had been swirling for months — Would it be Jude Law? Johnny Depp? Adrien Brody? Who would be brave enough to take on the character that Jack Nicholson had played so perfectly 19 years before? And then, one day after school, I was sitting on my bed when my brother knocked on my door. He opened it and simply said, “Heath Ledger.” I immediately knew what he was referencing, and after a brief pause, the first words out of my mouth were, “That could work.”

It wasn’t surprising that I supported the decision. For one, I was already a huge fan of Ledger’s work, from Monster’s Ball to Brokeback Mountain and every Candy-esque film in between. Plus, I felt that his square jaw would work with the Joker’s look, so it made sense to me. However, that didn’t stop the speculation from running rampant, both on the interwebs and within my own home — Should there even be a Joker if it can’t be Nicholson? Is Ledger going to be able to pull this off? Even I started to doubt it at times. But I remember there being one distinct moment when all the speculation ended and the anticipation began: When they unveiled The Dark Knight‘s first teaser trailer. READ FULL STORY

Fox Business is not amused by 'Lego Movie' villain Lord Business -- VIDEO

The first thing you should know about The Lego Movie: Yes, it really is that good.

The second thing you should know about The Lego Movie: Like several recent-ish family films, including but not limited to The LoraxThe Muppets, and Wall-e, it’s got an anti-conformist, anti-corporate message that’s a little hard to swallow once you consider all its tie-in merchandise. (The Lego toys, however, aren’t quite as gross as those awful Lorax car commercials.)

And as a result, Fox Business is mad. Not because of the hypocrisy inherent in the movie’s premise, but because it’s teaching kids that ginormous conglomerates are bad. Oh, and also, because main antagonist Lord Business “looks a little bit like Mitt Romney.”

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Adam Sandler stops by for a low-key Super Bowl episode

The most extraordinary thing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s big post-Super Bowl show? Besides a few unobtrusive cameos — compare them, for example, to Prince Presents New Girl: A Royal Post-Game Engagement Brought To You by Ford Focus — Sunday’s special episode was hardly extraordinary at all. Football itself came into play only once, during a brief cold open that pitted the Nine-Niners against their archnemeses in the FDNY; both A and B-plots revolved around fairly standard shenanigans in the office and in the field; even Adam Sandler managed to keep things toned down when he popped up briefly during the show’s second half. (He collects antiquities, and is writing a movie about Russian revolutionaries starring Kevin James as Trotsky — who knew!)

Happily, Brooklyn‘s low-stakes gamble paid off. “Operation: Broken Feather” was as relaxed and confident as the show’s ever been, making it a great introduction for anyone who hasn’t yet been won over by fall’s best new sitcom. And as goofy as this may sound, the episode also did a fair amount of world-building — bringing back onetime guest stars like Patton Oswalt, Fred Armisen (peering around a barely opened door, as per usual), and Dean “Dennis From 30 Rock” Winters helped to establish that Brooklyn takes place in a universe populated by all kinds of amusing minor characters, not just the ones we see each week in the opening credits. Called it an attempted Springfieldification.


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' after the Globes: Is it earning that 'Best Comedy' trophy?

See the face newly-crowned Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg is pulling in this picture — full-on grimace, crazy eyes, neck vein that might pop at any second? It’s a mug that screams “mugging,” even without the benefit of motion or sound — and it’s also a nice encapsulation of why more than one friend has told me that they’ve decided Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t for them, even without laying eyes on a single episode. Their objections generally boil down to something like this: “I might be able to get into that show… if it didn’t star Andy Samberg.”

Tonight’s all-new episode of Brooklyn — the first to air since the star and his comedy won a pair of shiny statuettes at Sunday’s Globes — may not convince those naysayers to change their minds. Its A-plot, for the most part, revolves around Samberg’s Detective Jake Peralta acting as obnoxious as humanly possible: pledging to take his quasi-love interest Detective Amy Santiago on the “worst date ever” after she loses a bet to him, hiring a children’s choir to sing a song about how much Santiago sucks on said date, wearing the top half of a tuxedo with cargo shorts. Don’t get me wrong: All these things are pretty funny. But occasionally, Peralta’s behavior seems less irritating than downright cruel; in those moments, you can sort of see why Brooklyn and Samberg might leave a bad taste in some potential viewers’ mouths.

But as those who are already fans of the show know, it’s absolutely worth persevering through the times when Peralta’s antics go too far. Because even while the Globes might have been a little hasty in naming Brooklyn 2013’s best TV comedy — we’ve only seen half a season so far! Where’s the fire, Hollywood Foreign Press? — it is still the network season’s most promising new sitcom, give or take a Trophy Wife. (P.S. Why aren’t you watching Trophy Wife?)


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