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The Annoying Orange will become a TV series on Cartoon Network

Watching an Internet meme become an actual old-media product is always cause for bittersweet joy. On one hand, you feel proud: They’ve successfully monetized! But you also feel a little bit nervous that they might lose what made them special and become S#*! My Dad Says. So it goes with the Annoying Orange, the talking fruit that has starred in an array of ever-more-absurd videos. The series was a success on the internet — the original YouTube video is closing in on 89 million views — and now it’s graduating to the relatively major leagues of basic cable. According to a New York Times report, Cartoon Network has a deal in place to bring Annoying Orange and his perpetually-annoyed friends to television. READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef: Texas': Hugh Acheson on rattlesnake cuisine and why you never buy frozen shrimp

As told to Nuzhat Naoreen

I flew in right at the end of [the rattlesnake quickfire]. I thought it was pretty cool that they gave them such an indigenous ingredient. A lot of things are going to be very Texas. So in that way I thought it was very interesting. I bet it took a lot of people by surprise. I’ve never even had rattlesnake. I would have been a little bit flummoxed by the challenge. All [the contestants] seemed to be pretty good at getting it done in time. Nobody seemed flabbergasted. I think the only thing that took them for a loop was the possible fact that the rattlesnake was still alive.

[During a challenge], you want to look at who your judge is and what his take on things would possibly be and meet those expectations. I think a lot of the time the contestants kind of overlook that. In this case it’s Johnny Hernandez. Johnny’s a restaurateur whose cooking is very Hispanic influenced and very nuanced. He kept saying he wanted the focus to be on the rattlesnake and that’s what Dakota, the winner, did in the end.  READ FULL STORY

Hugh Acheson blogs second episode of 'Top Chef: Texas': Rough cuts

As told to Nuzhat Naoreen

[As a contender on Top Chef Masters], I was on the other side for awhile, but you know judging is definitely a lot easier. It doesn’t have the stress of actually cooking. Time constraints aren’t my problem anymore. Before this, I guest judged on Top Chef: Just Desserts, so I was familiar with the format. There’s not much hazing on Top Chef. Tom runs you around naked through Hollywood, but that’s about it.

There are a lot of people, so figuring out who’s who and what’s about to come up has been a challenge. Also, sometimes there are pretty good dishes out there that you want to get through, but there are only 16 coats to give out. READ FULL STORY

Gail Simmons blogs 'Top Chef: Texas' season premiere

Texas was hot. This season was shot over the summer and it was the hottest summer on record in Texas in several years, so that was interesting timing, but it was also amazing. We were in three different cities in Texas and we had a lot of fun in all of them. We found a lot of local culture and we were able to play to that on the show. It just has a look and feel that is totally different than anything we have ever done before which lends itself to a lot of new creative pieces we were able to put into the show.

This is our ninth season, which we’re really proud of. After eight seasons in a format, I think we all felt that we wanted to up the stakes. We wanted to make it bigger and better because that’s what we strive for every year. We do that in a number of different ways this season, and you’ll see that as the season moves along, but specifically we thought it would be great to bring the viewer into the casting process and make that a really big piece of the show. It could be a little bit confusing because we’re trying something totally new but I think it really pays off in a great way. You get a different cast than you would have if it had been 100 percent just chosen by the producers.  READ FULL STORY

'Top Chef: Texas' countdown: Yes, everything is bigger in Texas

Top Chef is back, and it’s cooking up a storm all throughout the Lone Star State! As one would expect, there’s a lot of mention of things being bigger in Texas — and it looks the competition is growing as well. As great as the All-Star season was last year, we’re excited to see new faces — a lot of new faces. The premiere tonight is a bit like a cattle slaughter: before the competition really begins, 29 cheftestants will have to fight it out over 16 spots in Top Chef’s manor-like San Antonio digs. Plus, later on, an entirely new bravotv.com web series — Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen — hosted by head judge Tom Colicchio, will pit eliminated contestants against each other for a chance to get back in the game. Think Redemption Island, Top Chef-style.

So all you foodies out there, fasten your bibs and put your eating pants on! All season long, you can check back on EW.com (starting tonight!) for an exclusive weekly blog from judge Gail Simmons, and of course, recaps!

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‘Top Chef': Where Are They Now?

McDonald's McRib is back: News that makes you McHungry or McHorrified?

Oh, McDonald’s. I already hate myself enough, and now you shove the deliciously heinous McRib back in my face? That’s right — almost one year after the fast food chain resurrected the McRib (and then sent it back to junk-food heaven to party with Surge and Tastetations), McDonald’s is bringing back the 500-calorie sandwich until Nov. 14. Strangely, the McRib is only offered year-round in one country, Germany. But that’s not the only suspicious thing about the sandwich. Vote after the jump: What’s the biggest mystery surrounding the McRib? READ FULL STORY

Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls not being sold in some stores: Have you had a taste yet?

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls yet, you’re not alone. It seems the limited edition, delicious (dish) ice cream inspired by the oft-quoted Saturday Night Live skit hasn’t been available at certain grocer locations since it was unveiled last month.

According to the Associated Press, some chains have opted not to sell the flavor, which came under fire from the American Family Association group One Million Moms, who called for a boycott of the ice cream because of its “vulgar” name. READ FULL STORY

McDonald's launching an in-store TV channel: What should they air? (You know, besides 'Super Size Me')

In what sounds like something that could be the brain child of Liz Lemon, McDonald’s will be launching an in-store channel, called, you guessed it, the McDonald’s Channel. It will be a digital network featuring “exclusive original content” aimed at folks who like their fast-food with a side of television.

The channel will be rolled out in nearly 800 McDonald’s California locations over the next few months, with original programming that includes 20-minute “pods” such as a “McDonald’s Channel Music News” (which one can only hope will consist of playing the late, great Wesley Willis’ “Rock N’ Roll McDonald’s” or the Filet-O-Fish jingle on repeat). Here’s some other ideas for more programming the restaurant could air on their in-house entertainment channel:

–An America’s Most Wanted segment chronicling the Hamburglar. He is, after all, one of this country’s most notorious criminals. READ FULL STORY

Find the 'Cougar Town' cast... on all your other favorite shows!


No amount of time spent with Big Carl will help me get over the fact that ABC’s Cougar Town won’t premiere until next year. I curse whoever made the decision to keep the Cul-de-sac Crew off the air until that mid-season premiere date (which has yet to be determined).

But it seems that the powers that be read my mind and made the decision to at least get Jules & Co. back on my TV, even though they can’t deliver any new Cougar Town episodes. Earlier this week, the show’s creator Bill Lawrence tweeted that his cast “will be on more shows this fall (this week even) than any cast on tv.” What quickly followed was Lawrence’s announcement of the “Find the Cougar Town Cast” project. READ FULL STORY

Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls leaves a bad taste in an American Family Association group's mouth

The American Family Association affiliate One Million Moms is vehemently against Fair Trade vanilla ice cream mixed with a hint of rum, fudge covered rum balls, and milk chocolate malt balls. That can be the only reasonable explanation for their crusade against Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor, the Saturday Night Live-inspired ice cream Schweddy Balls.

Actually, One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the flavor for because of its “vulgar” title. In the opening paragraph, the group complains, “Schweddy Balls is the best they could come up with.” Valid point, “No one can resist my Schweddy Balls” would have been way funnier. READ FULL STORY

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