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'Firefly' Fridays: Mal is SO good at hiding things

It’s almost as if he puts so much thought into the extra-legal ways he obtains his shiny treasure, he doesn’t have much thought left for concealing it.

Speaking of concealing…


'Firefly' Fridays: Oh, mercy, mercy me...

What, you didn’t think I was gonna leave you hanging, this fine, fine holiday, did you? That would not be the mark of a great man…

Have a great long weekend, folks. Mazel.

'Firefly' Fridays: 'I'll be in my bunk'

Another Jayne twofer, simply because I miss the big lug.

Bounce past the jump for summore.


'Firefly' Fridays: Wakey wakey

When people ask me why I’m such an evangelist for this show, this is the sort of thing I point them to.

Because Firefly, like every Joss Whedon show, isn’t about the action, or the funny, or the incredibly attractive people doing incredibly awesome things. It’s about family, and how those without a family of their own band together to make one.

'Firefly' Fridays: Hurting the ones you love

Nothing brings friends together like team torture.

Seriously, this just one example of Firefly‘s masterful writing: Even though the dialogue has Mal all but threatening Wash at every turn, we can tell that Mal is keeping him angry to keep him alive. (And the performances don’t hurt, either.)

Special Bonus Intimacy Scene after the bounce.


'Firefly' Fridays: Mal's Destructive Criticism

There comes a time in every employee’s career when they’ve got to face the harsh light of "the performance review." Or, in Jayne’s case, the harsh cold of absolute zero.

'Buffy' academic conferences. Discuss.

Buffy_lThe third Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses (SC3) kicks off todayat Henderson State University in Arkansas. It’s not the first scholarly gathering devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I remember speaking to Joss Whedon in 2002, about a UK academic conference called Blood, Text, and Fears. He said he wished he could be there to hear the live debate on the paper titled "The Spike/Buffy Relationship: Law, Morals, Rape and S&M; orYou Always Hurt the One You Love." Still, more than 90 papers will be presented at SC3, which covers BtVS, Angel, Firefly, and Whedon’s film career. You can check out the program on the conference’s site. Which titles speak to you? My picks:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
• "’When You Kiss Me, I Want to Die': Gothic Relationships and Social Taboos on BtVS"
• "A Sexy Fuddy-Duddy and a Woman Who Knows How to Moisturize: Adulthood, Authority, and Sex in BtVS" [Giles and Joyce!!!]
• "’Kicking Ass Is Comfort Food': Girlie Feminism, Violence, and the Slayer"
• "… And Yet': The Limitations of Buffy’s Feminism"
• "’It’s Just… Painful': Love and the Wounded Vampire"
• "The Buffy-Riley Leitmotif and Musical Evidence for the Romantic Conflation of Angel and Riley" [No idea what that means, really, but I like the word conflation.]
• "’Here Endeth the Lesson': Spike’s Torturous Romances and Life Laid Bare"
• "’You Let Him Domesticate You': Anya/Anyanka and Insensitive Interpretations of Consumer and Domestic Stereotypes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
• "Lies My Mother Told Me: Moms and Offspring in the Buffyverse. Is Death the Only Gift Mothers Can Give?"
• "’It’s Only Our Methods That Differ. We Use the Latest in Scientific Technology and State-of-the-Art Weaponry, and You… Poke Them with a Sharp Stick': Various Methods for Teaching with Buffy" [There are teachers and professors who use Buffy in the classroom? AWESOME.]

addCredit(“Sarah Michelle Gellar: Richard Cartwright”)


'Firefly' Fridays: My Favorite Wrench Wench

I’ve had a lot of mechanics. Seriously: I once had an ’83 Mercedes Benz with almost 200,000 miles on it, and "Rudy" — as I fondly named her — required more care than a newborn puppy. But none of my mechanics were as awesome as Kaylee. Or as cute.

(Just to be clear: I don’t mean to demean Kaylee by calling her a "wench." I just liked the alliterative rhyme.)

'Firefly' Fridays: Beauty and the Beast

Well, I know why I love Zoe…

And it’s painfully evident why Wash loves Zoe. But why do you love Zoe?

'Firefly' Fridays: Home Sweet Home

They all can’t be funny… nor should they be.

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