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'Firefly' Fridays: The Early catches the Kaylee

As a show, Firefly does lots of things. It makes you laugh, cheer, cry, go out and buy a long brown duster and pick fights on Unification Day. But every now and again, Firefly also makes you scared. And not with gooey make-up or "boo-something’s-in-the-mirror" camera gooses. Just with a man, the bounty hunter Jubal Early, making his intentions crystal clear.

And damned if Jewel Staite doesn’t act her ass off.

'Firefly' Fridays: Only the Penitent Mal Shall Pass...

Sometimes, even the captain needs to get himself some. Otherwise, what good is it being the captain?

'Firefly' Fridays: It's a Small World

Yes, this one’s a shorty (pun most definitely intended). But I still can’t stop laughing.

'Firefly' Fridays: Jayne wants to sex you up

It would be, should be so easy to hate Jayne Cobb. He’s a lout, a turncoat, a profiteer of other folks’ misfortune; he’s crude, rude, and lewd…and he probably smells funny. But he’s always good in a fight and always good for a laugh.

'Firefly' Fridays: Striking fear into the hearts of men's pants

Sometimes, a man should be able to handle his weapon in peace.

'Firefly' Fridays: Saffron is the spice of life

Okay, I’ll admit it right here, right now. I didn’t initially get hooked on Mad Men because it’s good (which it is). Or because it’s a pitch-perfect evocation of bygone, smoke-filled era in which men were men and top shelf was the elixir of life (again, which it is). No, I first tuned in because I heard that Christina Hendricks was on it. Whom I’ve been slightly smitten with (actually, slightly is a slight understatement) since I first spied her as Saffron on, yes, Firefly.

If I’ve gotta be thrown into certain danger and almost killed by a deviously delicious fictional ex-wife, she’s at the top of my list.

'Firefly' Fridays: This one goes out to the ladies...

Don’t say I never did nothing for you.

Note: It’s always kind of weird drinking with a dude you’ve seen naked. I mean, it’s already weird if he’s famous and ruggedly handsome and carved from a marbled chunk of awesome. It’s just… weirder.

Crochet community stalking Joss Whedon (with Jayne hats)!

Jayne_l_2Never crocheted a damn thing? Perhaps you and I should start. Turns out crocheters are our people, if by our people you mean obsessive Joss Whedon fans. Get this:

The founder of Crochetme.com, Kim Werker, is launching a grassroots campaign to interview Whedon after he joked in a recent interview that the buzz for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog has yet to hit the pages of Crocheting Monthly. (Thanks to Craftzine.com, and my friend Eva, for the tip.) Werker makes a great case for why Whedon should speak to her people: For starters, there’s a year-old group on the knit and crochet website Ravelry for fans of his work — called Whedoknitters & Crocheters. It currently has 979 members. The Big Damn Knitters, the site’s group for Serenity/Firefly "knitfans," has 1,916 members. Both groups proudly handmake hats like the one Firefly badass Jayne Cobb (Adam Baldwin, pictured) wore. (CrochetMe has a free pattern.)

We wish Werker well on her Whedon hunt.

Mal Monday: A Boy and His New Ship

Sorry, gang. I got all wrapped up in the San Diego Comic-Con’s highs and lows, joys and heartbreak (okay, not so much heartbreak) and I forgot to deliver a Firefly Friday for y’all. My apologies. And I didn’t remember until Saturday night, at the EW/Sci Fi Comic-Con party, when Nathan Fillion and his brother showed me how to drink beer from an iPhone.

So, here’s a make-good, brought to you by Captain Tightpants himself.

'Firefly' Fridays: A River runs through them

There are times, not many, mind you, when I wish that they’d hired Joss Whedon to write and direct the American big-screen remake of La Femme Nikita—you remember it, right? The lame-ass Point of No Return, with Bridget Fonda? (Maybe it’s better if you don’t remember it.)

Because, clearly, Joss knows a little something about waif-like girls who just happen to be killing machines…

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