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What is Fox's mysterious Marvel movie? -- THEORIES

In Hollywood, Marvel’s biggest superheroes are controlled by three different studios. Over at Disney, home-brewed Marvel Studios owns the Avengers and lots of lesser-known characters that it hopes you’ll like as much as the Avengers. Sony is hard at work turning its solo Spider-Man franchises into several Spider-Man franchises, which would inspire a joke about the Clone Saga if we hadn’t all agreed years ago to never mention the Clone Saga. Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox has spent the last few years in recovery mode, mashing together its various X-Men sub-franchises into the anticipated Days of Future Past while rebooting Fantastic Four with a hip young director and a hipper young cast.

In a sense, Fox is trying to split the difference between Marvel and Sony. (Days of Future Past is to Avengers as Fantastic Four is to The Amazing Spider-Man.) And earlier Friday, Fox announced its own aggressive slate of superhero movies, sprinkling its franchises across the back half of this decade. A new Wolverine solo film will arrive in March 2017, one year after the already announced X-Men: Apocalypse. Summer 2017 will bring Fantastic Four 2. But the real news is another film, currently lacking a title, a concept, or anything more concrete than a release date: On July 13, 2018, Fox will release some kind of Marvel movie. What could it be? Here are three totally likely theories, plus one somewhat less likely theory and one extremely-unlikely-but-totally-awesome theory. READ FULL STORY

Who should play the Fantastic Four? (Plus: Will Doctor Doom be a woman?)

We don’t know much about Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, besides the semi-fact that Michael B. Jordan is maybe-probably playing the Human Torch. (Though Michael B. Jordan is also maybe-probably in every movie coming out between now and 2016.) But The Hollywood Reporter claims that the 20th Century Fox film has begun the casting search in earnest, auditioning new actors to play the cosmic ray-ified superheroes. The report also claims that Michael B. Jordan is definitely playing the Human Torch, although Fox would not comment on that or any casting detail when contacted by EW.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument/awesomeness that Jordan is playing Human Torch. Who should play the roles of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and The Thing — not to mention Doctor Doom, the Four’s number one baddie? Let’s take a look. READ FULL STORY

Will the 'Fantastic Four' reboot cross over with the 'X-Men' franchise?

2015 is overcrowded with uber-geek movie projects: An Avengers sequel here, a Batman/Superman crossover there, Jurassic Park IV, Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, and even a freaking Star Wars sequel. By comparison, Fox’s planned Fantastic Four reboot is currently flying under the radar. The film will mark the first studio effort by Josh Trank, who made last year’s sleeper hit Chronicle; supposedly, Chronicle (and Fruitvale Station) star Michael B. Jordan is in the running to play Johnny Storm. Morever, the film will mark a complete break from the continuity of the mid-00s Fantastic Four series, which are mostly live on as artifacts of the pre- performance-capture era when poor Michael Chiklis had to walk around wearing orange rocks.

Although little is actually known about Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, rumors have abounded that 20th Century Fox has big plans for the reboot series. The studio also owns the big screen rights to the X-Men franchise, the longest-running series of the modern superhero era. In this post-Avengers moment, Fox is moving forward aggressively with the X-Men, with next year’s Days of Future Past uniting all the various franchise strands into one time-hopping mega-movie. Would Fox seek to link together X-Men and Fantastic Four, creating their own version of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe? READ FULL STORY

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