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Rupert Grint's rejected 'Super Clyde' is now online: Wish CBS had picked up this pilot?

Here’s why CBS ultimately rejected the high-concept comedy Super Clyde, according to EW’s own James Hibberd: It “was deemed off-brand for the network and the net’s other comedies came in strong. Plus, successful comedy blocks are about creating flow, and there was also nothing compatible that CBS had to pair it with.”

That reasoning is understandable, if disappointing for fans of ex-Harry Potter star Rupert Grint. But after watching the pilot for Super Clyde — available now on CBS.com — I can’t help but wish I had a time-turner, which I’d use to travel back and urge the network to change its mind.


'Super Fun Night' premiere: Is the Rebel Wilson comedy super fun?

Did you love Pitch Perfect? Did you leave Bridesmaids wondering who that Australian chick was? Then you will love Super Fun Night — which is to say, if you weren’t in the Rebel Wilson fan club before, the ABC comedy won’t change your mind.

As Kimmie Boubier, Wilson is the same charmingly goofy funnywoman she’s been in her past roles. This time, she’s a junior attorney in New York who, after a big promotion, is inspired to trade her Friday nights in with best friends Marika (Lauren Ash) and Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) for exciting new adventures — or at least a piano-bar outing.

As someone firmly in Wilson’s corner, I’m excited at the prospect of weekly doses of Rebel. That’s not to say the show is perfect; it isn’t. But there’s a lot to love here — which wasn’t intended to be a weight joke, though the show boasts plenty of those (Spanx are at the center of no fewer than four gags in the premiere).

So let’s take a closer look at some of the best lines and moments from our first look at Super Fun Night:

'The Goldbergs': Are you rolling it out?

You could do a lot worse than The Goldbergs, the new ’80s-set comedy following ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s got a cute premise, the cast is hilarious, and underneath the flashy fashion throwbacks and ALL THE YELLING, a strong and realistic family dynamic is cropping up.

Sure, I’m a sucker for a solid father-daughter coming-of-age TV moment like the one we got at the end of tonight’s episode 2, but whatever. Sometimes that’s all it takes. My heart has been warmed! Wendi McLendon-Covey’s absurdly hot roller rink moves have inspired me to wear more off-the-shoulder sweaters this fall! They’ve got me. I’m in. This better not get canceled.

Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and McLendon-Covey (Reno 911, Bridesmaids) play gruff tough-lover Murray and overbearing ball-breaker Beverly, who love to raise their voices but only because they so passionately want to “parent the sh*t” out of their three aging-too-quickly kids. Despite the intensity of their antics, I find them both believable as parents, and as a couple. Didn’t we all know obnoxious yet huggable people, growing up? These are just some of them! READ FULL STORY

'Parks and Recreation' premiere recap: London, baby!

[Caution: Spoilers for tonight’s season 6 premiere!]

Okay, so nobody actually uttered Joey Tribbiani’s temporary catchphrase during tonight’s supersized Parks premiere. Still, I can’t be the only one who thought of Friends‘ big season 4 trip  when Leslie, Ben, Ron, April, and Andy briefly ditched Pawnee for stately London, home of goofy nobility, multiple rom-com bus tours, and something called Picadilly Circus that isn’t even a real circus. (Quoth Andy: “There’s no elephants, there was no cotton candy, there’s no clowns. One bearded lady — she got all rude when I marveled at her.”)

But while the Friends went to London to celebrate a wedding, the Parks and Rec crew were there to celebrate a major professional achievement. (Obviously, the achiever was Leslie; less obviously, April was the one who nominated her for a big award.) While there, each member of the group had his or her own separate adventure — as their pals at home experienced subplots of their own. Maybe it’d be easiest if we took things character by character:

Join us live right now for a hangout with 'Trophy Wife' star Malin Akerman! -- VIDEO

The Trophy Wife series premiere was last night on ABC,  join us this morning at 8:45am PT/ 11:45am ET for a Google+ hangout to recap the episode with star Malin Akerman and get a sneak peek of the season to come! The new show follows the antics of much-married Pete (Bradley Whitford), his third wife Kate (Akerman), and their blended families (including two ex-wives played by Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins).

Submit your questions in the comments below, on the Google+ event page, or on Twitter using the hashtag #EWtalksTV.

Watch with us now!

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'2 Broke Girls' season premiere: The 10 dirtiest jokes from the 'soft opening'

Here is how showrunner Michael Patrick King describes 2 Broke Girls: “Under all those caustic put- downs and edgy dirty jokes, 2 Broke Girls is really a show about two girls with a dream: Max and Caroline, two girls from completely different backgrounds who have found a way to make the hard reality of being broke a little softer by being there for each other.”

Here is how I describe 2 Broke Girls: In the climax of tonight’s third season premiere, a homeless man forcibly sprays fresh urine all over one of the girls’ hair.

So yeah — two years later, this series is still proudly aiming for the lowest common denominator. (Remember when we believed things could be different someday?) How low, you ask? Allow me to answer with a list of the episode’s raunchiest groaners — sorry, awesomest edgy gags. Accent on the “gag.” [Pause for laughter]


Join us now for a Mindy Kaling and EW Live Google Hangout!

Will Mindy and Pastor Casey stick it out long distance? Will Jeremy please go back to being buff? Mindy Kaling, star and creator of The Mindy Project, will take your questions about the new season live Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. PT/noon ET in a Google+ hangout with EW’s Laura Hertzfeld and a few lucky fans. We’ll talk about boys and James Franco and writing and the Emmys and all things Mindy.

Neil Patrick Harris joins us for a Google+ hangout -- VIDEO

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Emmys this weekend on CBS, but first he’s joining us for a conversation with EW’s Laura Hertzfeld and a few lucky fans live on Google+ today. Tune in at 8:45 a.m. PT/ 11:45 a.m. ET and watch the hangout here. To join the chat and submit a question for NPH, click over to the event on Google+.

Watch with us! READ FULL STORY

Join Neil Patrick Harris for a pre-Emmys Google hangout

Have a burning question for Emmys emcee and How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris? EW and Google are teaming up for a live Google+ hangout with the host with the most on Friday, Sept. 20 at 8:45am PT/ 11:45am ET to chat about this weekend’s Emmy awards and what’s coming up for Barney on the upcoming final season of HIMYM. Add the chat to your calendar by clicking here and check back to EW.com Friday morning to watch the hangout live online.

To submit a question for the chat, add your question on the Google event page or tweet us @EW with the hashtag #EWtalksTV.


'Masters of Sex' series premiere react: 'Watch out for the dildo'

In 1956, a national renowned fertility specialist met a former nightclub singer. Ten years later, they published a scientific study, which revolutionized our understanding of human sexuality.

And so Masters of Sex starts off innocently enough — with title cards and an awards dinner. But soon after there’s a doctor hiding in a closet as he watches a man have sex with a woman prostitute. Ah, that’s why this is on Showtime. Based on the real Masters and Johnson scientific study on human sexuality, Masters of Sex follows Dr. William “Bill” Masters (Michael Sheen) as he builds his study on the questions that have plagued him over the years, such as “Why would a woman fake an orgasm?” He may not have needed a study to find out that question, but it’s a start. READ FULL STORY

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