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We 'Like' this: 'Downton Abbey' fake Facebook newsfeed

Credit: HappyPlace.com

Credit: HappyPlace.com

[Spoiler Alert for those who have yet to see this past Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey.]

Think you’ll never laugh again after witnessing the most recent episode of Downton Abbey? HappyPlace.com feels your pain and is turning it into laughs, however inappropriately timed they might be. The site, which has put up a “Facebook recap” for every episode this season, has gone viral with a fake Facebook newsfeed covering all the characters’ plots on the show from episode 4. All the highs, such as Thomas’ borderline-stalking crush on Jimmy, and lows — obvious — from this past week’s sobfest are there. One million ‘Likes’ for jokes such as “Ethel Parks left a job at Loving You Long-Time.”

For those who were hoping Mary and Edith would finally bury the hatchet after Sybil’s death, this page isn’t for you. For those that agree, however, that Matthew probably has quite a few follow-up questions for Dr. Clarkson (and some ill-timed ones for Mr. Murray) click on over and see when in the hour Mary and Matthew check in to “The Really Crappy and Gross Part of Downton Abbey.”

Does anyone know a good marriage counselor near the Downton area?

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Facebook introduces reusable gift cards: Do you like?


Remember that goofy “gift shop” Facebook introduced in 2007, which allowed users to pay real money for tiny virtual icons of pizza slices and toilet paper? The social networking giant shut down that initiative in 2010, only to add a new service called Gifts late last year. This revamped store enables users to buy physical presents for their friends via Facebook — and starting today, the site’s members can also purchase renewable gift cards for use at retailers including Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target.

Once a user buys a card, the gift’s recipient will be notified immediately; shortly thereafter, a physical gift card (bearing Facebook’s logo) will arrive in the mail. The coolest part of this initiative is that each card can hold multiple gift balances for different stores or restauraunts; users can see their gift balances on Facebook itself, under their account settings. Those balances are updated in real time as amounts are added or spent.


Facebook Super Bowl map bleeds 49ers red, but what about Mequon, Wisconsin?

Super-Bowl-mapThe San Francisco 49ers are about a 3.5 point favorite to win their sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday, and judging by the finely detailed Facebook map representing Niners/Ravens partisanship, that outcome will please most of the country. Not surprisingly, red spills all over the western half of the country, but there was also little love for the Ravens in the northeast — where Giants and Patriots fans are still licking their wounds after crucial losses to Baltimore.


Mark Zuckerberg gives $500 million to charity

It was a topsy-turvy year for Mark Zuckerberg, the failed Jesse Eisenberg impersonator currently employed as the CEO of Facebook. On one hand, he acquired buzzy start-up Instagram and got married; on the other hand, the lawsuit-plagued Facebook IPO was a disappointment, and also Instagram has totally sold out to the man, man. Zuckerberg also fell a truly embarrassing 22 spots on the Forbes list of the Richest People in America. Fortunately, per the last census, that still makes him richer than 311,591,882 in America. And earlier today, Zuckerberg reaffirmed his devotion to the noble cause of “not being a horrible rich person” by giving roughly half a billion dollars to charity. READ FULL STORY

The Great Instagram Freakout of 2012: New Terms of Service raise new privacy concerns

When Facebook agreed to purchase Instagram last April for about $740 million, users of either social networking web service had to know this day would come. On Monday, Instagram announced a new Terms of Service, scheduled to take effect on Jan. 16, that declares its right to use your uploaded photos in advertisements on the site, minus any compensation to you. Also, your personal information — as you must already realize — is not so personal, and Instagram has the right to share it with Facebook and third-party advertising partners.

Many users immediately voiced their displeasure with the new policies, and some are promising to abandon the free service. READ FULL STORY

Tops on Facebook in 2012: 'Hunger Games,' fun., Channing Tatum, and (no joke) 'Duck Dynasty'

This morning, Facebook announced its “2012 Year in Review,” a series of lists of the top trends of the year. And befitting a website that boasts hundreds of millions of users, popular, youth-skewing taste ruled the day — with one very hairy exception.


Cop whose random act of kindness went viral appears on 'Today' -- VIDEO

On the cold night of Nov. 14, Arizona native Jennifer Foster was walking through New York City’s Times Square when she saw something even more captivating than Broadway’s giant marquees or LED screens: a police officer giving a freshly-purchased pair of boots to a shoeless homeless man. She snapped a photo of their interaction and sent it to the NYPD, who posted the photo to their Facebook page on Tuesday — where it quickly went viral, drawing over 500,000 “likes” and countless retweets and Tumblr reblogs.

This morning, Foster and the heroic cop she immortalized — Officer Larry DePrimo — appeared on the Today show to discuss the photo and its aftermath. Foster explained that she took the photo because DePrimo’s actions reminded her of her own father, who was a police officer in Phoenix for 32 years. DePrimo accepted compliments from her and NBC’s Savannah Guthrie but remained humble, insisting that he just did what any other cop would have done.

The whole thing is pretty darn heartwarming, even if it does make you wish that Today had brought that still-unnamed homeless man to its studio as well. Check out the feel-good segment below:


Your move, Hollywood: Couple names their newborn Hashtag

Obligatory disclaimer: It is entirely possible that this photo is fake, and that Baby Hashtag Jameson actually has a totally normal name, like Bookcase, or Sandstorm, or maybe Hat.

But considering a guy in Egypt really did name his firstborn “Facebook” — to commemorate the role social media played in 2011’s Egyptian revolution — anything’s possible.

So watch out, celebrities: Normals have seen and raised you in the poker game that is bizarre baby namery. If you want to continue dominating the table, you’ll have to up the ante. Uma Thurman might be able to give you some ideas.

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No, that copyright thing won't protect you and 5 other Facebook hoaxes

You might have noticed an uptick in the legalese on your Facebook feed of late. Something about “the Berner Convention” and “UCC 1 1-308-308 1-103.” No, it’s not your friends embracing an as of yet undiscovered passion for pre-law. Rather, they’re declaring themselves to be under the protection of copyright laws with a lengthy notice they’ve copied and pasted from other people’s statuses. The kicker? It’s a hoax, Slate reports.

Alas, that Elle Woods-worthy regurgitation is nothing more than empty words. Share it all you want, you’ve already sold your soul to Facebook (as detailed in its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities) and there’s not a thing you can do about it. And you know what’s really sad? This isn’t even the first time this has happened. In fact, it’s not even the first time this year. Back in June, the same legal mumbo-jumbo was shared by countless users after the company went public. The message was discredited then and people still shared it a second time around only months later. So in honor of this latest of Facebook hoaxes, we commemorate our five favorites and hope to keep you from falling prey to any of these offenders ever again.


Justin Timberlake gives Myspace a fresh start

“Imagine what the room would be like if Andy Warhol, Liz Taylor, and Stanley Kubrick all got together,” Justin Timberlake said yesterday. “What was that conversation like? What type of collaboration did that breed? And how can we make that happen?” The answer, he hopes, is the new Myspace.

Thursday, a small group of journalists were invited to the sleek SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills to preview the beta version of Myspace. Chris and Tim Vanderhook, COO and CEO of Myspace, want to be very clear that the new site is not a relaunch. It’s something new. It’s something that we haven’t seen before. And yes, Justin “Sean Parker” Timberlake is a key figure. READ FULL STORY

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