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Netflix will now let you select which TV binges you share on Facebook

For those of you that don’t want the world to know about your embarrassing binge-watching habits, Netflix has made discreet entertainment a whole lot easier: The streaming service has changed the way its Internet video subscribers link to their Facebook accounts.

Before, everything that you watched on your queue would be disclosed to any other friends on the social media site that also had the two accounts linked. Starting Tuesday, the new system allows the subscriber to specifically select which videos they would want to recommend and to which of their friends. If you prefer to not let anyone else know how much you’re enjoying that sushi documentary or Friday Night Lights, you can simply turn the sharing feature off. READ FULL STORY

As revenue drops, the makers of 'FarmVille' announce sports games

Former social gaming giant Zynga is going for the ol’ Hail Mary: The company announced Thursday that they’ve struck deals with the NFL and pro golfer Tiger Woods to develop a series of sports games for mobile devices.

While new sports games for mobile phones aren’t much to get excited about, the fact that Zynga has locked down an NFL licensing deal is an interesting development in the company’s years-long struggle to pull itself from the brink of disaster.

USA Today reports that the deals came just as Zynga shares dropped 7 percent in after-hours trading when the company’s second-quarter earnings failed to meet expectations.

For a brief period of time, Zynga was inescapable. If you had a Facebook account and any number of friends, chances are that between posting photos and commenting on statuses, you had a farm to run. FarmVille was Zynga’s magnum opus, the amusement that perfected the company’s addictive Facebook-game formula of giving players Pavlovian diversions while encouraging them to spam friends and pay small amounts of money in order to advance more quickly. Within days of its 2009 launch, FarmVille had 32 million people playing every day. It would eventually spawn a sequel.

But in December 2011 Zynga went public, and its troubles began. Seven months later, the company’s stock crashed, serving as a reminder of the truth behind that old cliche about keeping all of your eggs in one basket. Ironically, the company had taken steps to distance itself from that basket—Facebookjust one month prior.

Although Zynga hired Don Mattrick, the former head of Microsoft’s entertainment division, to help turn the company around last year, Zynga still lacks another bona fide, Candy Crush-level hit.

The company’s Tiger Woods golf game will launch in 2015. The first football game, NFL Showdown, a management sim, is “coming soon.

Facebook buys Oculus Rift for $2 billion, thus freeing humanity from the cruel tyranny of actual reality

Social media juggernaut and baby-picture delivery system Facebook officially launched a war against the last remnants of concrete reality on Tuesday, purchasing Oculus VR for $2 billion, or roughly $1,985,000 less than the United States paid France for the Louisiana Territory. “Oculus VR” might sound like the name of the evil cyborg crime lord from the fifth-worst science-fiction film of 1991, but it’s actually the virtual-reality technology company behind the Oculus Rift — and “Oculus Rift” might sound like something near which Roy Batty saw C-Beams glitter in the dark, but it’s actually a virtual-reality headset which hopes to change how people interact with the Internet while also making everyone look like guests at the world’s laziest Geordi La Forge cosplay party.


How the Disney princess story might be different if Sheryl Sandberg steps in

Earlier this week, media circles were buzzing when Anne Sweeney announced she was leaving her position as co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney/ABC Television Group. After 18 years at the company,  Sweeney is now going to pursue her dream of becoming a director.

Dubbed “Hollywood’s most powerful woman” by The Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney’s exit nearly immediately incited speculation regarding her successor. Whomever Disney CEO Robert Iger taps next will be handed an immense task: overseeing ABC’s broadcast programming and Disney’s cable slate, and matching — or topping — the impressive $2.6 billion in profits Sweeney helped generate for the company last year alone. Among the names reportedly in the mix for a race that’s being compared to a political election are Disney CFO James Rasulo, Disney parks chief Thomas Staggs, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.


Walter White's cheesy 'Facebook Look Back' slideshow is like time-lapsed 'Breaking Bad' -- VIDEO

Mark Zuckerberg got everyone the same present for Facebook’s 10th anniversary: Personalized, cornball retrospective slideshows, which automatically pull photos and status messages from every user’s timeline (slash “wall,” if you really want to get Facebook retro) and set their progression to a Google-ad-esque orchestral tune. The whole thing, in fact, seems pretty clearly inspired by Google’s emotionally manipulative (but extremely well-made) commercials, right down to the way the slideshow swipes from one image to the next.

But that’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that enterprising South African comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues decided to spoof the slideshows by creating one for Walter White’s theoretical Facebook profile. The result is a video that tracks Walt’s journey from mild-mannered chemistry teacher to meth kingpin to broken, sickly dead man walking — all in a single minute. And yes, the pizza on the roof does make an appearance.


Ian McKellen pays tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Sir Ian McKellen is the latest celebrity to take to social media to remember Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was found dead in his New York apartment on Feb. 2.

McKellen updated his Facebook page with a post remembering Hoffman’s work as Konstantin in The Seagull, a production McKellen attended at New York’s Central Park in 2001. “He was without doubt one of the most accomplished screen actors of our time,” he writes.

More recently, Hoffman saw McKellen perform at the Cort Theatre. Sadly, however, the pair never met. Read McKellen’s tribute below:

'Breaking Bad' on Facebook: The most active fans reside in ...

For Breaking Bad, season 5 has brought in more viewers than ever before, breaking ratings records week after week. But viewers haven’t just been tuning in for one hour of television every Sunday night. Between predicting the show’s ending and finding an outlet to express their feelings — poor Jesse! — viewers have taken to Facebook to spread the word of Heisenberg. READ FULL STORY

Emmys 2013: The show's top five social moments were ...

In today’s world, when something happens on television that you either agree or disagree with, your reaction goes as follows: You scream at the television (in joy or rage), and then you take out your smartphone (or your iPad, laptop, etc.) and see what social media is saying. Twitter! Facebook! It’s how you manage not to watch anything alone. So after last night’s Emmys, which were packed full of surprises, which moments managed to get the most Facebook attention?

1. Breaking Bad wins Best Drama Series: Topping the list of most social moments on Facebook is the big win that Breaking Bad fans had been waiting for. And luckily, for East Coasters at least, they got to watch it happen live without missing even a minute of the show’s penultimate episode. And you know what? It almost made up for the fact that neither Aaron Paul nor Bryan Cranston took home a statue of their own. Almost. READ FULL STORY

Emmys: 'Breaking Bad,' 'Big Bang Theory' will win big, according to Facebook buzz

Long, long ago, in a faraway, pre-social-media universe, the public would let their voices be heard using such unusual methods as storming capitals, setting things on fire, writing passive-aggressive letters, and, well, actually speaking. Nowadays, we have Facebook as our virtual voice box.

Which is convenient when talking (or, rather, typing) about awards-show odds. The Primetime Emmy Awards air this Sunday (Sept. 22, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS), and unless you’re a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, your vote as a mere fan doesn’t much matter.

But Facebook, numbers-savvy voice box it is, has been tracking all U.S. mentions of Emmy nominees since Sept. 1, and from your chatter, Facebook has determined the buzziest nominees so far.

Some results of their analysis are not at all surprising. Most mentioned for Best Comedy Series? The Big Bang Theory. (Girls is second; Veep is sixth and last). Most mentioned for Best Drama Series? Breaking Bad, followed by Homeland.

If Breaking Bad fans had it their way, the 2013 Emmys would be a Bad sweep, with Facebook users mentioning Aaron Paul the most for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (he won in 2012) and Bryan Cranston for Actor in a Drama Series.

According to Facebook’s stats, you are also a benevolent bunch, chattering the most about Sofia Vergara for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series; it’s her fourth nomination in the category for playing Modern Family‘s Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, and she has yet to win.

And you also seem fatigued of The Daily Show‘s decade-long winning streak for Variety Series. Most Mentions? Saturday Night Live, followed by the Colbert Report.

Check out the entire list of your top Emmy mentions here:

Giphy gives the gift of GIFs for use on Facebook


Today marks a revolutionary day in Internet expression. GIF search engine website Giphy announced its latest development in posting this image on its blog. READ FULL STORY

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