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The toddling dead? New 'Walking Dead' onesie -- EXCLUSIVE

Is there such a thing as “too young” when it comes to displaying your devotion — or that of your parents — to writer Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead zombie franchise? Apparently not.


POLL: Your favorite May finale wedding dress?

Best Wedding Dress wasn’t a category in our annual Season Finale Awards, but it could have been. There were at least eight ceremonies planned for May (some of them, of course, failed to go off without a hitch). Which of the dresses below was your favorite? READ FULL STORY

The 'What Not to Wear' live season premiere felt almost as weird as a bath mat worn as a jacket

Last night Stacy London and Clinton Kelly got a little cuh-razy on the social-media-happy season 10 premiere of What Not to Wear — it was live! Agggghhh! No! So awkward!

“You have to keep quiet so she doesn’t suspect anything,” Stacy warned the crowd of over 200 people. Wait. Strike that; reverse it. “But when she walks in, GO NUTS!”

I applaud the team for trying something different (and hooray for Ted and Carmindy sharing the stage), but WNTW is not meant for the live studio audience world. READ FULL STORY

Style Hunter: Get Rachel Berry's Big Apple necklace as seen on the 'Glee' finale

What better way to bounce back from last night’s bittersweet Glee finale than with a little retail therapy?

From her rising star and diamond chain to her Finn nameplate charm, Rachel’s necklaces have always stood out on the series. But her latest accessory — a pendant in the shape of an apple — made quite a statement as she bid farewell to her friends at McKinley High and set out for New York City. (No need to shed too many tears though, she’ll still be around when the series returns.)

“This season was all about Rachel going to New York to start her Broadway career, so Lea and I had a conversation about what the necklace should be. We decided that a little apple, like taking a famous bite out of the Big Apple, would be appropriate,” says costume designer Lou Eyrich, who commissioned go-to jeweler Ryan Ryan to create the piece. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of the Finals!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Three words: gem-encrusted cheese. No, I’m not talking about the whole DWTS franchise, I’m talking about Donald’s wife’s cheesehead hat! That. Was. Awesome. If Donald doesn’t win the mirrorball, at least he’ll always have the mirrorcheese.” –Jem H, endorsed by Melissa Walker, jmm, orville1970, Fridgedancer, Liz, teachmusik, Lorie, Kristen, Ellen, Lily, chattypatra, joan, Daphne99, NFLRocks, Twickenham, Lady Viola, MLM, Kevin M. Kawa, GemDog
“A new gourmet line from the Gavin DeGraw collection? I wonder if they’re edible…” –WiltedYouth


Maxim Hot 100 list: Bar Refaeli, Amanda Knox, and...Stephen Colbert?

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is the hottest woman alive. It’s science. Actually, more reliable than science: It’s a popular vote of Maxim‘s readers. The 26-year-old former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model was named the men’s magazine’s hottest pin-up, displacing last year’s trophy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (who dropped to 11th this year). Click below for the rest of this year’s Top 10, and some commentary on other notables, including the hottest cartoon mom, the hottest athlete, and the hottest late-night TV host. READ FULL STORY

Tyra Banks takes a stand against too-thin models -- VIDEO

In response to 19 Vogue editors’ pledge to no longer hire models with visible signs of an eating distorder, supermodel-turned-media-mogul  Tyra Banks is weighing in. The America’s Next Top Model creator/host penned an open letter to The Daily Beast and appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to recall her own experiences with dangerously thin coworkers and explain her stance on the industry. Watch below. READ FULL STORY

Skechers Shape-ups won't make you look like Kim Kardashian after all


If you really want to keep up with Kim and co., wearing Skechers Shape-ups won’t give you an extra boost. The Los Angeles Times reports that Skechers has agreed to pay $50 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by the Federal Trade Commission and the attorneys general of 44 states. The plaintiffs’ complaint: Skechers’ Shape-ups don’t live up to the company’s hype. The shoe giant said their rocker-bottom sneakers deliver greater fitness benefits than other workout shoes. This suit follows a similar case brought against Reebok last year.

Both Kardashian and ex-quarterback Joe Montana appeared in ads for Skechers’ toning trainers. In his commercial, Montana claimed that Shape-ups improved his shape and posture; in hers, Kardashian flirtily cooed that they did more for her than her personal trainer. And this isn’t the first time the reality star has been connected to a shady product — in 2010, the State of Connecticut led an investigation of the Kardashian Kard, a debit system that apparently charged its users with numerous, excessive fees. Maybe this is why that guy on IMDB is so mad at her.


Red Carpet Watch: Whose 'Snow White' gown was the fairest?

We saw London, we saw France, we saw Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart in strikingly sheer gowns at the U.K. premiere of Snow White and The Huntsman. While Theron flashed a pair of sexy hotpants underneath her Christian Dior Haute Couture, Stewart worked a more goth version of the layered look in Marchesa’s lace dress and embroidered skeleton illusion bodysuit.


Scent of a man: Brad Pitt is Chanel No. 5's new face

Admit it: We’ve all wondered at some point what Brad Pitt smells like. A rugged, masculine melange of sandalwood, cinnamon, and freshly trimmed beard? An intoxicating cocktail of True Romance and 12 Monkeys? A faint whisper of whatever Angelina Jolie happens to be wearing? A weird old man baby?

Thankfully, this burning question has just been answered. E! revealed today that the Oscar nominee has signed on as the new face of Chanel No. 5 — a classic scent beloved by the world’s glitterati since the 1920s. (Marilyn Monroe allegedly claimed once that she wore only a few drops of Chanel No. 5 to bed.) Though reps for Pitt and Chanel aren’t commenting yet, E! says the star will film an ad for the fragrance in London this week and net a seven-figure paycheck for his trouble. That’ll buy a man a lot of perfume.


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