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Product placement rankings: last-place NBC is the shilliest network; Fox and ABC tie for second

Welcome to the fold, X Factor! In a list just released by Nielsen, Simon Cowell’s latest endeavor was the only newbie to rank among 2011’s top 10 shows in terms of product placement tie-ins. Then again, it’s no surprise since Cowell’s former stomping grounds American Idol ranked first, with an egregious 577 advertiser-friendly placements over the course of season 10 — and that’s even without Cowell.

Interestingly, Fox wasn’t the most product-laden network. That dubious honor went to NBC, where The Biggest Loser, The Celebrity Apprentice, America’s Got Talent, and even beloved drama Friday Night Lights (the only non-reality show on the list) all found a place in the top 10. Which other shows shamelessly pimped their advertisers’ merch this year? Read on… READ FULL STORY

Without 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' on the air, which show will make you cry most?

Though there will be the occasional special in the future, ABC has announced that the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bus will run out of gas after its 200th episode airs Jan. 13. Without that show to pull on your heartstrings, where will you turn?

While my colleague Kristen Baldwin was quick to send me the note, “Don’t forget Undercover Boss!”, I tend to shy away from reality shows that induce tears (unless we’re talking season 6 of Deadliest Catch). I love it when scripted shows take me there unexpectedly. I’ve found myself sobbing watching The Vampire Diaries before (I lost my father at the end of September, so Anna’s reunion with Pearl hit me hard) and tearing up on a semi-regular basis to all the moments TVD EP Julie Plec mentioned in our Best of 2011 (Behind the Scenes) chat about the series. I’ve been surprised at how often Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope has made my eyes misty this season: SPOILER ALERT! That fragile look she gave Adam Scott’s Ben when she told him she was done steam-rolling people and asked him how he felt after baring her soul; Ethel reading aloud the transcript and hearing Ben say that losing his job was worth it because he loves Leslie; and Leslie’s friends (minus Jerry) announcing what roles they would take in her city-council campaign. I’ve said it before, Liz Lemon used to be the character I related to most on TV, but now I’d much rather be a Leslie than a Liz. Leslie is appreciated and loved, and there’s never any question of whether she’s deserving.

Your turn. Which shows start the waterworks for you?

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'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' scales back: Sign of the times

Ty-PenningtonImage Credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC“I think our hearts were in the right place, but we just got carried way. It can be extreme without being the biggest house you’ve ever seen.” That’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition interior designer Tracy Hutson explaining the ABC reality show’s new directive to the Wall Street Journal. According to the article, a handful of the more than 140 families who’ve appeared on the show have struggled to pay the higher utility bills or tax assessments for their grander homes, and/or have fallen behind on higher mortgage payments after choosing to tap the equity of their spacious new digs. At least one home fell into foreclosure. So, the producers have gradually made changes to accommodate the economy we’re all now facing. Houses are averaging a less-garish 2,800 to 3,000 square feet, swimming pools are only being added if the family has physical therapy needs, things like solar paneling and low water-flow toilets are being installed, and the landscaping is matching, well, the landscape. (“We’re not going to New Mexico, the desert, and trying to put sod down,” executive producer Conrad Ricketts said.)

The show getting “carried away” with its original goal — renovating homes for deserving families — was attributed to the generous donations and ambitious builders that flocked to the program after it became a hit, as well as producers trying to deliver dramatic television. “Like many homeowners in the nation, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition families aren’t immune to the current state of the US economy,” a rep for the show says in a statement to EW. “EMHE has always strived along with our volunteer builders to create not only ‘extreme’ homes, but homes that work for the owners for years to come. As always, we are striving to build greener, more affordable and environmentally responsible homes, and redoubling those efforts for years to come. We’re proud that we’ve been able to help over 140 families get a new start.”

Has a less extreme makeover affected your enjoyment of the show? Or have you not even noticed?

Does David Cook look like Jason Bateman in a hard hat?

Settle this for us, PopWatchers. I say the American Idol winner (or Rock Singer, according to this semi-unfortunate chyron), who helped build a house in Indiana on last night’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, reminded me of Jason Bateman on a Bluth Company construction site in Arrested Development. I don’t know, I just got a vibe. Office miscreant Michael Slezak, on the other hand, says hell to the no he they look nothing alike! Whatever. The blue tone of the hat corrupts the comparison. Either way, it was a good thing Cookie Monster had a hard hat to cover up his hair, and Slezak and I both agree that David Cook should not hesitate to incorporate a hard hat into his next music video. We are on the same page again! The page is called POPWATCH and it is Solid As A Rock. Oh and the title of this post should really be “Annie comes up with lamest excuse yet to bring up Arrested Development.”

Speaking of Idol, the Ford sponsorship on Home Edition is out of control. It was especially poignant when Ty told the Cowan family their brand new Ford F150 and then explained, “It’s built Ford Tough. Just like your garage.” Anyone else tune in last night to watch David Cook auction off homemade pillows for a grand each?

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