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EW Exclusive: New poster from 'The Simpsons' celebrates 20th season

All this poster is missing is Waldo. Tied to the DVD release of The Simpsons‘ 20th season (out Jan. 12), Fox has created an updated poster of their famous shot from 2007’s The Simpsons Movie. Because, clearly, they did not fit enough characters on their first poster. Slackers. (You can only enjoy this new and improved poster in larger form here—this shot is exclusive to EW!)

Springfield folks I’m glad made the cut this time around? The Golem from “Treehouse of Horror XVII,” the angel skeleton from “Lisa the Skeptic,” and Ray Romano’s Ray Magini from “Don’t Fear the Roofer.” But I’m absolutely stoked to see one of my favorite characters, Eleanor Abernathy (a.k.a. Crazy Cat Lady), if only because she reminds me of who I will be in 30 years’ time.

Personally, I could study this poster and soak up warm feelings of nostalgia for hours. But do you love the new poster, PopWatchers? Have Matt Groening & Co., missed anyone?

Image Credit: Fox

'Tron Legacy' visuals revealed: Check them out here!

More visuals from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie have hit the Web, and just like the trailer before them, they’re absolutely stunning. Pictured here are hottie Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hudlund caught in a very sultry moment. (Sizzle!) I honestly have no idea what’s going on between the pair, but we can assume it’s romantic, yes? It’s intriguing: Are they about to kiss each other — or punch each other? Maybe both! Either way, a sultry moment. Wilde plays the confidante of Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn, and Hudlund is Bridges’ son Sam. The movie poster and whatnot were also released (poster after the jump), and truly, they’re about what you’d expect, based on what we’ve already seen. Neon-y, dark, futuristic. Oh wait, you haven’t seen the trailer/footage that’s already been released? Check that out after the jump as well.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Do seeing these new bits of the Tron release get you excited for next December? (It’s only a year away!)

Photo Credit: Disney

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'General Hospital' sneak peek: Chad Brannon's guest spot

It’s always nice to see old flames together, like in this shot from Chad Brannon’s Dec. 22 return to General Hospital sitting next to his former onscreen love, Natalia Livingston (Emily/Rebecca). In his one-off appearance, Brannon’s not playing Zander, Emily’s great love before Nicholas and also Elizabeth’s baby’s daddy, but rather an airplane passenger who has a conversation with Rebecca as she leaves Port Charles

This trip down memory lane comes on the heels of Jonathan Jackson’s October return to the role he originated, Lucky Spencer.

Does seeing the old lovebirds together make anyone nostalgic for a simpler time on GH? Or does it just make you smile?

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First Look: 'Family Guy' spoofs 'Empire Strikes Back'

After the success of Family Guy‘s 2007’s Star Wars spoof, Blue Harvest, Seth MacFarlane and his writers decided to parody Empire Strikes Back. The result? Something, Something, Something Dark Side, an hour-long episode that will be available on DVD and Blu-ray Dec. 22. (In this photo, Stewie Griffin reprises his role as Darth Vader.) Even though MacFarlane & Co., had experience parodying the franchise, the Family Guy creator still said it was still a challenge the second time around. “It’s a lot of work, and it’s mainly because of what the movie was, and how visually impressive the movie was,” MacFarlane says. “If you look at the storyboards that our artists did for the episode, they could be the storyboards from the film. So in many ways, it’s like you’re remaking the Empire Strikes Back, which is a challenge.”

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

First Look: Inside (a shirtless) Daniel Radcliffe's bathroom

Want to see Daniel Radcliffe shirtless? Photographer Tim Hailand’s got you covered! In his photo-driven book, One Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe, Hailand features photos of the Harry Potter star rehearsing for his stint in the Broadway show Equus, eating his breakfast, and…stepping out of the shower.

“There are a lot of young girls that want to get close to Dan,” Hailand says, “and this is a way to get close to him.”

Hailand, who is donating a portion of the book’s profits to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, also enjoyed snapping pics of the star without his famous wizard garb. “You mostly see pictures of Dan as Harry Potter or in paparazzi photos,” he says.

Go to onedayinthelifeof.org to order the book and check out the issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday for more exclusive shots of Radcliffe.

Photo Credit: Tim Hailand

First Look: 'The Addams Family' on stage

Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth star as Gomez and Morticia in The Addams Family, a new musical about the famously creepy family (now in Chicago until Jan. 10, then opening on Broadway April 8.) To develop his own take on the character of Gomez (famously played by Raul Julia in the 90s movies and John Astin in the 60s TV show), Lane dissected clues provided by the show’s script, which is based on the original New Yorker cartoons penned by Charles Addams. “[Gomez] obviously has family money, and he doesn’t have to work. So he has time for things like the tango and sword fighting. He’s around the house 24 hours a day, so he has time for everyone and their problems,” says the actor. “He’s sort of the very kinky version of Ozzie Nelson.”

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Exclusive: Meet the season 2 cast and watch them werq!

We’ve got a treat for all you RuPaul’s Drag Race fans out there—a glimpse at the season 2 cast! The show is set to debut in February, and Logo just dropped this exclusive video into EW’s very happy, drag-loving little lap. Take a look:

Like Ru says: “You betta watch!” As you can tell, it certainly seems like the show hasn’t lost any of the copious amounts of verve and panache it served up so heavily in the inaugural season earlier this year. (And, here’s a dream within a dream: You can still watch all the episodes from last season online.) In fact, based on the video, I might just love this coming season even more than the last–mostly because of that glorious pink hair that Ru is wearing when she tells her finalists to “Lip sync for your life!” But also because of one particular contestant we see in the above video. That’d be Mystique, the rather curvy and full-figured queen you amazingly saw do the splits. I can tell you already that I’m already gunning for that gurl. Lastly, I’m loving that it looks like Ru slaps someone! That’s right, queens, Ru don’t take no lip! But, the video isn’t the only scoop we’ve got on the new season—after the jump, we serve up some more details from Ru herself…


First Look: 'How I Met Your Mother' Thanksgiving episode slaps

Don’t worry, How I Met Your Mother fans: There will be slaps. Not only will the series’ Nov. 23 Thanksgiving episode feature a guest star — Chris Elliott (pictured), as Lily’s estranged dad — but also the long-awaited fourth slap in Marshall and Barney’s Slap Bet. (The Bet’s hardly over though — Barney’s still anticipating one more strike!) “There’s a little bit of a twist on the slap this year,” says executive producer Carter Bays. “The Slap Bet commissioner makes an interesting ruling that I can’t reveal.” What Bays can reveal is why they invited Chris Elliott in on the fun. “He’s a hero of mine,” he says. “We realized we hadn’t ever met Lily’s dad, and I felt like, at this point, why haven’t we met him?” We bet Barney will wish he never had.

For more slaptastic action, head over to Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page for four additional slap shots.

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

First Look: Freddie Prinze Jr. in '24'

24-sutherland-prinze_lBack in May, we found out that Sarah Michelle Gellar hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. would be a big part of the upcoming season 8 of Fox’s 24 (which premieres Jan. 17), but now we’ve got an EW exclusive first look at one of his early scenes with Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer.

The former teen heartthrob plays Cole Ortiz, head of field operations for a reconstituted CTU in New York City, where the action takes place in the upcoming season. “We’ve attempted to call him a young Jack Bauer, but he really is his own character,” says 24 executive producer Howard Gordon.

Much of Prinze’s storyline concerns his character’s romantic relationship with Dana Walsh, an agent at CTU played Katee Sackhoff. (Sci-fi nerds, try to contain yourself!) “We’ve got a really interesting story to tell with these two,” adds Gordon. “What we learn in short order is that she may not be who she says she is, and it has to do with her past, which comes back to haunt her in the present. This wonderful Boy Scout is about to learn that the woman who he’s about to marry—she’s kind of the perfect girl—has secrets. In the tradition of 24, work and personal lives don’t mix.”

But now to the big question: Does he get along with top-dog Jack Bauer? “The dynamic is that, from the very first moment, Cole is enamored with Jack,” Gordon reveals. “But he has a few encounters with his hero that make him question that—sometimes you don’t want to meet your heroes. But the two wind up having a great deal of respect for each other.” But is that a revelation? Anybody who watches 24 knows you better have respect for Jack Bauer—or, well, you know.

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Zachary Quinto talks up the new 'Star Trek' DVD

star-trek-behind-the-scenes_lWhile Zachary Quinto cracked not much more than a knowing smirk while playing Spock in director J.J. Abrams’ re-vamped Star Trek – out on DVD Nov. 17 — “we did do plenty of laughing off camera,” chuckles Quinto. Anyone who’s seen the leaked gag reel from the movie that’s an extra feature on the impending DVD (it’s out Nov. 17) knows what he’s talking about. “J.J. leads with a sense of humor,” Quinto adds, “and that makes it a lot easier when you’re undertaking something as large as this project was.” So who had Quinto cracking up the most? “Simon Pegg was a big culprit in making me laugh all the time,” Quinto says, but he also singles out co-stars Chris Pine, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood and Karl Urban. “It’s really a funny group of people.”

In one of the making-of documentaries on the DVD, Quinto also talks about when meeting his on-screen namesake for the first time, the very first thing Leonard Nimoy told him was that his life was about to change rather radically. So, has it? “No, not at all,” Quinto laughs, although he’s not joking. “I don’t know — maybe I should be chased down the street by rabid Star Trek fans. But I engage fans on a personal level, and I engage them as myself, [not as Spock]. It’s really important that those boundaries are clear, and that’s always been the case in my life. It seems to be working.” Hopefully, that means Quinto’s career will live long and prosper.

Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal

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