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Kim Kardashian wants a star on the Walk of Fame. Does she deserve it? POLL

Grace Kelly. Nicole Kidman. Kim Kardashian? While the reality star isn’t likely to snag a Best Actress statuette anytime soon, someday she might have something else in common with those ladies: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At least, if Kim gets her way.

“I think there was a quote where somebody said that reality stars will never get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” Kanye West’s current flame told V Magazine in a voice that, according to writer Patrik Sandberg, sounds like “that of a Disney princess… or a phone-sex operator.” Kardashian kontinued, “So, of course I’m so competitive that I think that it would be a huge achievement and a goal that anyone would want. I would love to break that mold.”

It’s not entirely true that there are no reality stars on the Walk of Fame; both Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest have plaques.  READ FULL STORY

'Gallery Girls' vs. Ukraine's real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' art installation: Which is worse?

Where’s the art? I’m stumped.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “living fairy tale” exhibit (see video below) at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, at which any male suitor above the age of 18 may kiss a young painted lady who’s pretending to be asleep. If she opens her eyes, they must get married. This is real! Look at her ear doilies! It’s all so bizarre and disease-y — but after settling in for some Monday night cable, I had to ask: Is it worse than Gallery Girls on Bravo?  READ FULL STORY

'Health Inspectors' on Food Network: Can you stomach more?

Will a show about a health inspector turn out to be the next break-out reality hit? Maybe.

The Food Network aired a special last night called Health Inspectors, which followed inspector-turned-hero Ben Vaughn — the profession’s best hope for repairing their reputation since Larry the Cable Guy ruined it — as he helped clean up the situation at Big Momma’s Chicken & Waffles in New Orleans.

Simply put: Big Momma’s was filthy, a sizzling cesspool of salmonella, the capitol of cross contamination. But perhaps the most disturbing thing at Big Momma’s Chicken & Waffles & Roaches? The lack of knowledge about food safety. Chicken had been left to defrost in a sink of water and was left there long after it was thawed. Some ladies refused to wear hairnets. (“My hair is too nice to put in one of those,” one lady claimed. It wasn’t.) And one manager didn’t even know his friers could be moved and cleaned.

By the time Vaughn was done with Big Momma’s, though, they passed their state inspection. (By the way, the “cleaning” portion of the special totally excited my inner OCD Monica Geller.) But after watching this, will anyone eat at Big Momma’s ever again? I wouldn’t, but I would watch another episode of this disgusting show.

Much like TLC’s Extreme Couponing, which aired as a one-hour special on the network before being given a series order, Health Inspectors has the potential to be the next late-night food-TV fodder that I consume several episodes at a time. Question is: Will I be able to stomach it?

Follow Sandra on Twitter: @EWSandraG

‘Step by Step’ vet Christine Lakin talks new series ‘Lovin’ Lakin’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
Bristol Palin’s reality show ratings tank

Gross your mom out this Mother's Day with a Tanorexic Action Figure!

Looking for a last-minute gift for Mother’s Day?  Here’s a thought: Instead of showing Mom your appreciation for everything she is, why not try showing her your gratitude for everything she’s not? If you decide to go that backwards route, then be sure to pick up HeroBuilders.com‘s Tanorexic Action Figure (left) based on the burnt-to-a-fake-crisp mom Patricia Krentcil.

The Connecticut-based company is selling the action figure for $29.95 a piece, touting it as “A perfect gift for your tanned BFFs.” Because what better way to show your friends and family you care than by bestowing them with a red-faced hero with tanning superpowers?

Krentcil is currently facing child endangerment charges after allegations that she brought her then 5-year-old (she’s since turned 6) into a tanning bed. Since the news broke last week, Krentcil has set pop culture ablaze, with pokes from Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, and receiving the grand honor of an emulation by Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Watch a toast-making Wiig smoke after the jump. And, as a friendly reminder, don’t forget Mother’s Day is just 5 days away.


Please, please don't try this at home: Jimmy Kimmel and John Cusack drink hand sanitizer -- VIDEO

Dumb teenagers will do anything to get a quick buzz. (Or, alternately: The media will seize on any story about dumb teenagers doing weird stuff to get high, regardless of how true that story actually is.) “Butt chugging” and “vodka eyeballing” have now, supposedly, given way to something that might be even more disgusting — drinking hand sanitizer. The anti-bacterial stuff contains extremely high levels of ethyl alcohol; downing it is similar to knocking back a shot of hard liquor, according to soap authorities.

Hey, you know what else is similar to a shot of hard liquor? “A shot of hard liquor,” Jimmy Kimmel joked last night after bringing up this unhygienic trend. He went on to urge teens to get back to basics when they feel the urge to get crunk: “Steal a shot of Jack Daniels from your parents’ liquor cabinet, and refill it with iced tea like normal American kids! Get a homeless guy to buy it for you, like our forefathers did!”

But peer pressure can be a powerful force. When cool guy John Cusack arrived later in the show to chat, he opened his interview by suggesting that the two of them take a shot of the Purell sitting on the host’s desk. Though Kimmel was a little flummoxed, he decided to go along. “I should point out that this is not a planned thing, so we didn’t think to put some fake Purell in there,” he said as he grabbed the innocent-looking bottle. And then he and the Say Anything star squeezed the sanitizer straight into their mouths.

What happened next? Find out yourself: READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Lohan ages 25 years in 68 seconds. Beware, this WILL keep you up at night -- VIDEO

Here’s a jolt of horror, sprinkled with a dash of gross, topped with an OH HELLLL NO cherry to go with your Thursday morning.

Thanks to a new YouTube video, you can now watch Lindsay Lohan’s face morph from adorabe ginger tot, to a budding and freckled pre-teen, to a ghostly Havisham-y mess, all in 68 seconds. READ FULL STORY

Alicia Silverstone feeds her infant son, baby-bird style. Ugh, as if! -- VIDEO


Michael Bay isn’t the only person determined to sully your memories of the ’90s. A few days ago, Clueless star Alicia Silverstone wrote a blog post about sharing breakfast with her son. Sounds cute and harmless — until you get to this part: “I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his.”

Wait. Stop. Rewind. Cher Horowitz feeds her kid by spitting her already-chewed food directly into his mouth? I’ve heard of locavorism, but this is ridiculous.

While playing her most famous role, Silverstone advised girls to eat in front of the boys they liked, since “anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, “Maybe not anything.” Check out a video of the feeding below — if you think you can stomach it.


'American Idol': If Jermaine Jones is out, should there be another elimination this week?

American Idol‘s “gentle giant” Jermaine Jones — who, let’s be honest, probably would have been the next person kicked off Idol anyway — has reportedly been disqualified from the show for concealing multiple crimes and outstanding police warrants in 2011. According to THR, “Jones’ departure will pan out in dramatic fashion on Wednesday night’s broadcast.” Ewwwww.

Jones had been brought back into the Idol fold for an “incredible second chance” on February 28 as part of the Top 13 Guys. He had previously been eliminated by the judges on the green mile. At the time, Idol had highly publicized the “extra guy”‘s return, eventually naming Jones as the lucky contestant over former hopefuls Johnny Keyser, Richie Law, and David Leathers Jr.

Jones jumped the gun on Wednesday’s disqualification by announcing his departure over Twitter Tuesday night: READ FULL STORY

Calling all bachelors! Kate Gosselin is looking for love -- VIDEO

Kate Gosselin could be buying a classifieds ad near you, and it might read something like this: 

WANTED: Former reality star seeking young, able man, preferably with a one-syllable name. Must really, really love kids, hate the paso doble, but love the open sea. Also must inherently know to never, ever eat the last piece of pizza.

Yes, PopWatchers, Kate Gosselin is ready for love and wants the world to know it. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant tearfully confessed to feeling lonesome amidst her brood of eight when she stopped by Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers this week.

“I am lonely,” she wept. ” I clean up the house, put kids to bed and there I sit. Ideally, I would find that person.” Watch what else Gosselin had to say after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Lana Del Rey's Hunger Games': Amazing. -- VIDEO

Does this image just piss you off so much??? (I felt dirty making it, but the “crowd reacting to subject in horror” motif just worked so well.) Then maybe you don’t want to watch a double parody of The Hunger Games and Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” as performed by Second City comedian Holly Laurent. But you should anyway, because it’s hilarious. READ FULL STORY

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