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Watch celebs do their best Matthew McConaughey impersonation -- VIDEO


Matthew McConaughey is known for many things: His voice, his catchphrases, his abs, and most recently, his McConaissance. But over the years, other celebs have taken the opportunity to impersonate the one-of-a-kind drawl that McConaughey takes with him everywhere he goes.

From Matt Damon to Kate Hudson, we’ve rounded up some of the best McConaughey impersonations. Watch our supercut below: READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries': Say goodbye to Katherine Pierce by reliving some of her best moments -- VIDEO

It’s official, Vampire Diaries fans. The evil doppelganger we fell in love with in season 1 has left the building. Literally — she was dragged out of the church (seemingly to hell).

And as dramatic and Katherine-esque as that exit was, we will forever miss her coy little smile, her witty remarks, and of course, that walk. So to honor the fallen Katerina Petrova, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite oh-so-Katherine moments from seasons 1 through 5 for one last look at the first woman who stole (and then broke) the hearts of both Salvatore brothers.

Watch our supercut below: READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards': All of Frank's best asides in one handy video

Get on Frank Underwood’s bad side, and he might just brutally murder you. If you’re lucky, though, he’ll simply respond with a catty aside to a camera you can’t see — which, in its own way, is just as harmful. Maybe. (Wait, no, it isn’t at all.)

Anyhow: If you’re yearning to see a version of House of Cards that excises all the boring political intrigue and visits to superhackers and long shots of people staring, smolderingly, as they plot their revenge, you’ve come to the right place. Our latest supercut is nothing but Cards at its best — that is, Frank breaking the fourth wall and making like a bitchy southern belle who’s just emerged from a particularly taxing Junior League meeting. He’s sort of like the Dowager Countess of Washington, D.C., except the Dowager Countess stages fewer suicides. READ FULL STORY

Watch Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf fall in love, get married in our 'Gossip Girl'/'O.C.' mash-up -- VIDEO

Blair Waldorf Cohen? We suppose it could’ve happened. After all, Seth Cohen did always want to live on the East Coast, so what was to stop him from moving to the Big Apple to pursue a comic book career after graduating from RISD? And with Summer off trying to change the world, the two could’ve understandably grown apart.

And then there’s Blair and Chuck, who were no strangers to breaking up. Can you imagine those two trying to negotiate a divorce settlement? We could imagine why Blair might need a caring shoulder to cry on. And with Dan now married to Serena, it’s not unrealistic that she turned to another curly-haired artsy hunk.

No matter your feelings on the “reality” of any of this, the love story of The O.C.‘s Seth Cohen and Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf has been a hot topic ever since actors Adam Brody and Leighton Meester started dating and, most recently, tied the knot. But instead of continuing to paint pictures in your head, we’ve put together a supercut of their love story, ending in holy matrimony.

Watch it below: READ FULL STORY

So you think you can ice dance? Watch our Olympics supercut -- VIDEO

Dancing with a partner requires rhythm, muscle memory, and hours upon hours of practice. Add ice into that equation and things can get a little complicated (and dangerous).

We’ve created an ice dancing supercut to celebrate the many steps, kicks, costumes, and stunts that come along with an Olympic ice dancing routine. So (carefully) kick up your skates and check out the video below: READ FULL STORY

Learn the essentials of ice skating in our Olympic supercut -- VIDEO


Whether it’s a singles competition or a doubles, every ice skating routine has a beginning filled with anticipation, a middle filled with lifts, twirls, and the occasional fall, and an ending, complete with one final pose. Relive those very moments with our ice skating supercut, which recaps everything from the grace of the sport to the relief of completing a routine.

Watch our ice skating supercut below:


Discover 'The Curling Effect' with our Olympic supercut -- VIDEO


Curling is a winter sport that requires precision, focus, and, apparently, really distinct  facial expressions. So in honor of the Olympic fan favorite, we’ve rounded up evidence of what we like to call “The Curling Effect.”

Watch our supercut of curling footage below:

Watch Katherine Pierce be 'So Very Katherine' in our 'Vampire Diaries' supercut -- VIDEO


After 500 years on the run as a vampire, Katherine Pierce is finally human. And with The Vampire Diaries‘ 100th episode centering around the potentially dying woman, we thought it would only be fair to relive some of Katherine Pierce’s feistiest moments. After all, this is the woman who made both Original brothers fall for her hundreds of years before she made both Salvatore brothers fall for her. Then, five seasons ago, she burst onto the Mystic Falls scene in the Vampire Diaries‘ season one finale. She was Elena’s evil doppelganger who had a flair for flirting, a bit of a jealousy problem, and a definite love of the dramatic threat.

Watch Katherine Pierce be “So Very Katherine” with our supercut below: READ FULL STORY

Watch a supercut of the funniest moments from the SAG Awards -- VIDEO

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, a.k.a. the night when Hollywood’s most talented actors gather in one room, play drinking games, and discuss the surprising weight of their new award.

So to catch you up before this year’s show, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest moments from the past 20 years. From the Scorsese drinking game to Betty White’s love affair with her new statue, watch a supercut of memorable SAG moments below:

Golden Globes 2014: Relive the top moments in two minutes -- VIDEO


The 2014 Golden Globe Awards were full of moments we won’t soon forget. From Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s opening bit to Breaking Bad‘s triumphant win and whatever that was Jacqueline Bisset was doing, we’ve rounded up the top moments from the show. If you dare, take two minutes and relive Jared Leto’s thoughts on waxing, Diane Keaton’s surprise musical number, and so much more.

Watch all the show’s best moments below: READ FULL STORY

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