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'Workaholics' guys reveal first crushes and get to the bottom of Ace of Base lyrics -- VIDEO


There isn’t much we haven’t seen Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm do on Comedy Central’s Workaholics. So sitting down for an EW Pop Culture Personality Test with their co-creator/occasional co-star Kyle Newacheck was easy — until DeVine quoted Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants.” Watch the video below.  READ FULL STORY

'Downton Abbey': Meet Julian Ovenden, the man playing Mary's newest suitor (and Wink Murder) -- VIDEO

The Feb. 2 episode of Downton Abbey introduced a new man to Lady Mary’s circle, Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden). Mary thought he’d be staying at Downton as he completes a report on how family estates can be saved, while he’s actually there to determine what effect their demise would have on the food source. Neither one seems to think much of the other now, but that could change. “I immediately take a very strong dislike to Lady Mary partly, I think, because we’re very similar — quite alpha personalities,” Ovenden says of Blake. “I see her as someone living in the past, not living in the present. I’m a modern thinker: I believe in equality, not downstairs and upstairs. I think the aristocracy should take much more of a responsibility with their privilege, and that doesn’t sit so well with Mary, which is great to play because Michelle [Dockery] has created such a great, strong character. I wanted to push the character as much as I could, so it would take her into a different realm. Often men fall at her feet pretty easily, proposing after two minutes. I wanted to work against that.”

Whether Mary and Charles make nice is something Ovenden had to keep a secret, first from his sister, who pressed him for spoilers, and then from someone he met at Showtime late last year. “She said, ‘Look, I’m desperate. You can tell me. We’re in the same industry.’ I was like, ‘This is what we’ll do: You tell me about Homeland, and I’ll tell you about Downton Abbey.’ No deal,” he reports, laughing. He will, however, tell you how the Downton cast entertain themselves: “Those dinner scenes are interminable, because there’s so many people to shoot. So you’re siting there for hours eating the same bit of mackerel or whatever. You have to devise games to play, so we’d be playing Wink Murder: Someone’s got to be the murderer, and the way you kill somebody is you wink. Someone dies, and someone has to guess who the murderer is. A lot of times that’s quite funny,” he says. “Sometimes during takes.”

To get to know Ovenden better, we gave him an EW Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

'Black Sails' star Luke Arnold confesses first celeb crush, go-to karaoke song, and more -- VIDEO


The second episode of Starz’ pirate adventure Black Sails airs Feb. 1, but Aussie Luke Arnold, who plays John Silver, is already teasing the season 1 finale. “There’s one scene in it — it takes about 30 seconds, but we spent the whole night shooting it — it was just nuts,” he says of the eighth episode. “It was my favorite day of shooting anything, ever. This show is really physical, and not just for the actors but for the crew. Generally, we look like a pirate crew: we’ll be running up the sand, or jumping off ships, and the camera guys will be doing it as well. It was just a night that very much felt like we were in the trenches together.”

After he wrapped the eight-episode first season (a second has already been ordered), he had two weeks to get ready for the upcoming two-part INXS biopic Never Tear Us Apart, in which he plays late frontman Michael Hutchence. It premieres on Australian TV next month. “I locked myself in a house in Melbourne. I woke up everyday, had a beer, would generally have a baggy sweater and some tight jeans on,” Arnold says. “The walk was the biggest key in. Once you dress the right way and you start moving in the right way, that informs a lot.”

To get to know Arnold better, EW gave him a Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

Hank Azaria talks new docu-series 'Fatherhood,' dueling celeb crushes, and his own 'lameosity' -- VIDEO


Hank Azaria wasn’t always sure he wanted to be a dad, and he’s got a new docu-series to prove it. Fatherhood follows Azaria as he asks his friends about what it’s like to be a dad, an idea that originated at a poker game.

“I was talking to my poker buddies who are all dads and I said, ‘The only thing I’m qualified in life to do is prepare for a role, so if Katie ever walked in and said she was pregnant, I would just follow you idiots around to see how you’re a dad, because I don’t know how to do it.’ And a buddy of mine at the table went, ‘That wouldn’t be a bad documentary.’ And that’s what we started doing,” Azaria said. “Then, in the middle of it, we unexpectedly got pregnant. Then the documentary changed from, ‘What if I was a dad?’ to ‘I’m going to be a dad, please help me.’ And that was it.”

In the series, Azaria talks with a number or recognizable faces, from Kevin Bacon to Bryan Cranston. “Kevin Bacon was incredibly wise,” Azaria said. “Before I was a dad, he said, ‘The phases will drive you crazy, the phases of childhood. Nobody tells you that they pass. Whether you love the phase or hate the phase your child is in, it’s going to change soon.’ And Bryan Cranston said he asked a rabbi what’s the most important thing for a father to do, and the rabbi said, ‘Love your wife,’ which was really profound advice — especially coming from Walter White.”

Now years into fatherhood, Azaria is a changed man, but not everything about him is different. For example, he’s still the “horrific” dancer who once hid under his seat while watching Poltergeist. At least, that’s what he told us in our Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch it below:

'Being Human' star Meaghan Rath admits she lied to friends about having kissed JTT, wins our Personality Test -- VIDEO


Being Human co-stars Meaghan Rath (ghost Sally) and Sam Witwer (vampire Aidan) have had four seasons to get to know each other well, but taking our EW Pop Culture Personality Test together taught them a few more things. Watch the video below to see what all Rath confesses to, and to hear Witwer do an excellent impersonation of Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown.  READ FULL STORY

'Black Sails' star Toby Stephens treasures his 'Star Wars' VHS that 'hasn't been tampered with by George Lucas' -- VIDEO


Perhaps you’ve already watched the first episode of Black Sails online. If not, you can catch the action-packed pirate adventure when it officially premieres Saturday on Starz. Toby Stephens fronts the drama as the enigmatic and charismatic Captain Flint. “Because he’s a pirate captain, he has to be feared by both his men and by people who sail in those waters. He has to cultivate this image, and he does it very carefully,” Stephens says. “The violence is very, very shocking — very real — but it’s designed specifically by him to make people afraid of him. He’s not some sort of brute; it’s actually for political reasons. And I enjoy the way that works.”

He cites the brutal final moments of the first episode, for example: “Captain Flint is on the back foot. His crew is getting [disenchanted] with him. They want to kick him out and get a new captain in, and he’s trying to save his position. So the audience isn’t sure about him,” he says. “I won’t give it away, but the end of it stamps him: You go, ‘That’s why he’s the captain. That’s why he’s the right guy to be running this ship.’”

While Black Sails is all about making the politics of piracy relatable — “We’re trying to make it as present as possible, so they just happen to be wearing these costumes, they just happen to be in a different century,” Stephens says — we discovered Stephens is a bit of an old soul himself when he visited EW. Watch him take our Pop Culture Personality Test below. (Star Wars purists will find it particularly relatable, as the headline implies.) READ FULL STORY

Richard Madden fondly recalling his first celeb crush is priceless -- VIDEO


While Discovery’s miniseries Klondike, which stars Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden as prospector Bill Haskell, will teach you a thing or two about the gold rush, EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test will reveal a few fun facts about the actor. Watch the video below to learn his first celebrity crush, which award-winning TV show he’s behind on, the movie he tries to watch twice a year, and the one romantic comedy you might be able to get him to sit through.  READ FULL STORY

'Sleepy Hollow': Tom Mison, Orlando Jones reveal first celeb crushes, go-to karaoke songs, and season finale teases -- VIDEO


Sleepy Hollow airs its two-hour season finale tonight (8 p.m. ET on Fox) with John Noble returning as Sin Eater Henry Parrish and Victor Garber guesting as the estranged father of Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison). Since Mison – whose character is still trying to free his wife Katrina (Katie Winter) from purgatory while battling evil with Abbie (Nicole Beharie) – and costar Orlando Jones, whose Capt. Frank Irving must answer for the deaths surrounding his daughter’s demonic possession, couldn’t offer too many spoilers about the genuinely unexpected twists that lie ahead, we asked them to reveal a few details about themselves instead. Watch them each take the EW Pop Culture Personality Test below. Then, see what teases we were able to coax out of them.


Kiernan Shipka's great taste in TV will give you faith in her generation -- VIDEO

Mad Men‘s 14-year-old Kiernan Shipka enjoys playing darker roles, and she’s found another one as captive Cathy in Lifetime’s adaptation of Flowers in the Attic, which costars Heather Graham as mother Corrine, Mason Dye as, let’s call him dependent brother Christopher, and Ellen Burstyn as evil grandmother Olivia. “Working with someone as amazing as Ellen, you’re completely pulled into the scene,” Shipka says. “There’s a couple really intense scenes with Ellen and I where I totally, the whole time, forgot about everything but that moment because it was so intense…. I’ve done plenty of different scenes with different actors in general where they’re like, ‘Ah, I was so mean to you!’ But it’s all in good fun.”

While Shipka watched the 1987 version of Flowers in the Attic on Netflix the night before she read for the part and will tell you The Shining is the scariest film she’s ever seen, she will happily lighten up when asked to reveal her first celebrity crush, the TV show she always quotes (Arrested Development!), what she’s watching now (Parks and RecreationVeep!), and the movies she’s seen the most times (confirming what her mother correctly guessed after the interview, this is the first time we’ve gotten Air Bud as an answer).

Watch her take the EW Pop Culture Personality Test below. Flowers in the Attic premieres Jan. 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. READ FULL STORY

'Community' star Gillian Jacobs takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test (while Jim Rash grades it) -- VIDEO


Just because Jim Rash has co-starred on Community with Gillian Jacobs for five years doesn’t mean she can’t surprise him — which we found out when we invited Jacobs to take our EW Pop Culture Personality Test while Rash watched. (He’d already taken a quiz alongside his writing/directing partner Nat Faxon when their film The Way Way Back hit theaters. Revisit that one here.)

Warning: Massive Game of Thrones spoiler in the video!

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