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Yael Stone of 'Orange Is the New Black' has a thing for Papa Ingalls, does a mean Sinead -- VIDEO


“Can we talk about how terrifying the words ‘personality test’ are?” asked actress Yael Stone — whom you may know best as red-lipped, self-deluded Lorna Morello on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black — right before sitting down to take EW’s very own pop culture-slanted quiz.

Luckily, the bubbly Aussie passed our “test” with flying colors — waxing rhapsodic about the torch she still carries for Michael Landon’s character on Little House on the Prairie, singing Lauryn Hill songs from the very depths of her soul, and the sci-fi touchstone she saw way too young. (A guy with a melting face is involved.) Before the references started flying, she also opened up a bit about her character’s quirky manner of speaking, which is sort of like a 1940s moll by way of Bora Bora Bora: “It’s like a Long Island sound with some Boston vowels in there, with the ‘ahh’ stuff,” Stone explains. “I wouldn’t like to say that I’m really wonderful, like, that’s my thing — but I really like accents, and I like learning about people’s accents.” READ FULL STORY

'Fargo' star Allison Tolman is still Texas Forever (and all about 'The Little Mermaid') -- VIDEO


Allison Tolman was unemployed and unsure what she was going to do next with her life in Chicago when she sent in an audition tape to play Molly Solverson on FX’s Fargo. “I wore earmuffs, I think, for one of the scenes to signify it being cold, because I’m a master of my craft,” she remembers. A couple of weeks later, she heard her tape was still being considered. A couple of weeks after that, she heard it again. “I thought, ‘That’s awesome! Maybe the Chicago casting directors will get a bug in their ear and they’ll know who I am, and I’ll book a commercial for the Illinois lottery,’ which would’ve been cool.” Eventually, she got the call to come to New York and test. “I distinctly remember playing ‘Domino’ by Jessie J in my hotel room as I got ready. It’s not a Molly Solverson song at all,” she says, laughing, “but it was a good pump-me-up song.” And five days later, she finally had the part.

We got to know Tolman, a Texas native with a BFA in theatrical performance from Baylor University and Second City’s conservatory program on her résumé, when she stopped by to take our Pop Culture Personality Test. Watch the video below to find out which movie scene she acted out as a child (the photo may be a hint), which TV series she’ll insist you watch (Texas Forever!), and which shows helped shape her sense of humor. READ FULL STORY

Terry O'Quinn shares two very important life lessons (only one of which we had to bleep) -- VIDEO


Lost’s Terry O’Quinn is back on TV starting May 22, starring in Fox’s gritty new show Gang Related (Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET), created by Chris Morgan, writer of The Fast and the Furious franchise since Tokyo Drift. Ramon Rodriguez (Need for Speed) is at the center of the drama playing Det. Ryan Lopez, a member of Los Angeles’ elite Gang Task Force headed by O’Quinn’s character who also has ties to one of the city’s most powerful gangs, the Los Angelicos. While Rodriguez will offer a story of memorable ride-along he did to research his role, O’Quinn just laughs if you ask him if he has one. “I let Ramon and Rza [who plays another team member] take care of all that kind of stuff,” he says. “I just sit behind the desk and let the young folks work. If you see me runnin’ up and down stairs, be surprised. It does happen once or twice.” READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family': Jesse Tyler Ferguson teases the wedding, makes a few last-minute confessions of his own -- VIDEO


On Part 2 of Modern Family‘s season finale (airing May 21 at 9 p.m. ET ABC), Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) should finally make it down the aisle. “The second episode continues on with that thread of pure chaos just trying to get this wedding to go off ,” Ferguson tells EW. “But what I’m really proud of that you’re going to see is the real emotion. The writers were really great with handling that moment of the actual wedding. They let Mitchell and Cam exchange vows. I’m sure they’ll cut around a lot of it — that language can get a little dry at times — but for us, it was really beautiful to be able to say ‘I do’ to each other and to really have that moment of being married.”

The show’s writers had a lot to live up to: “For my real wedding [to lawyer Justin Mikita last July], we had Tony Kushner officiate our wedding. He won the Pulitzer Prize and Tony for writing Angels in America and is an Academy Award nominee for writing Lincoln, so I definitely put the pressure on our writers,” Ferguson says. “I said, ‘We had Tony Kushner write our ceremony…so good luck.'”

Expect to see Mitchell and Cam’s first dance as well. “I’m not sure if the song that we actually danced to is the one that they’re going to use, but for the purposes of shooting, we were dancing to ‘At Last,'” he says. The classic Etta James version? “No. The Jesse Tyler Ferguson version,” he deadpans. “I re-recorded it. It’s available on iTunes.”

For more of Ferguson’s trademark wit, check out his EW Pop Culture Personality Test below. He reveals his first — and current — celebrity crush, what he’ll really sing if you get him karaoking, and why he’ll never live down his senior portraits.  READ FULL STORY

Why Wilmer Valderrama wants to thank Robert Rodriguez, Antonio Banderas... and Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas? -- VIDEO


Wilmer Valderrama is a sentimental guy. He has the text Robert Rodriguez sent him telling him that he’d handcrafted a role for him in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series framed and hanging on a wall. “It’s been my dream to work with Robert since 1995 when Desperado made accents really cool, which helped my upbringing,” Valderrama says. “If you had an accent as strong as Antonio [Banderas]‘ back then, it was either really tough, or eventually when the movie came out, it was really awesome.”

When Valderrama arrived in Austin, Texas to begin filming the series — which airs its season 1 finale May 20 at 9 p.m. ET on Rodriguez’s El Rey Network — he hadn’t read a script and had no idea he’d be playing criminal overlord/vampire Carlos Madrigal. “I went to the wardrobe department, and I put on this long leather trench coat, and I looked at Nina [Proctor], who is the guru of all of Robert Rodriguez’s wardrobe, and I said, ‘So, important question: What am I playing? She goes, ‘You don’t know? Robert never tells anyone anything. You are one of our main villains.’ I said, ‘What? Excuse me?’ Because it’s so not the meeting that I had had with him. It came out of nowhere,” Valderrama says, laughing. “I said, ‘Okay, cool. Let’s rock ‘ roll,’ and 24 hours later, I was putting on a three-piece suit with leather gloves and walkin’ around in a very, very eccentric way.” READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries': Paul Wesley teases finale, takes our Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


As fans of The Vampire Diaries brace for the season 5 finale and hope it ends with Paul Wesley’s Stefan returning from The Other Side, the cast has one recommendation: “Bring a box of tissues because you’re going to cry,” Nina Dobrev tells EW. “I did.”

While Wesley is tight-lipped on the tearjerker, we did get the following out of him at The CW’s Upfront in New York: Viewers will see more familiar faces. Will Stefan interact with them? “Maybe,” he says. Will the hour bring an end to The Other Side storyline? “I sure as hell hope so,” he jokes. And what if Stefan’s still on it if/when it ceases to exist? “Well, s–t happens,” he quips.

Time for questions the man can actually answer? We thought so, too. Watch Wesley take our Pop Culture Personality Test below. He reveals his first celebrity crush, the movie scene that scared him as a child (particularly funny when you think about how Stefan died in season 5’s penultimate episode), his go-to karaoke song, and his most prized pop culture possession. No tears. All laughs. We swear. READ FULL STORY

'The Bridges of Madison County' stars Kelli O'Hara and Steven Pasquale take EW's Pop Culture Personality Test

It’s no surprise that Kelli O’Hara and Steven Pasquale, stars of The Bridges of Madison County (running at Broadway’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre through May 18), lit up when asked about their go-to karaoke song and junior high jams. But that’s not where the retro fun ends.

Beyond Joni, Joel, and Journey, see what got them nostalgic from back in the day, then learn what about Bridges makes them happy to go to work eight times a week. READ FULL STORY

Ari Graynor once karaoked 'Smooth Operator' with Jack McBrayer, and other things to like about her -- VIDEO


Ever since she stole the 2008 movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, you’ve probably suspected you’d be friends with actress Ari Graynor. After she popped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test, we can confirm you’re right. Currently starring in CBS’ Bad Teacher, Graynor is also headlining Second Stage Theatre’s dark off-Broadway comedy American Hero, which begins previews May 12. Jerry O’Connell co-stars in the play, and the first sign she’s as fun as you want her to be is when she speaks about the birthday present he recently gave her — “I don’t want to brag. He wrote me a poem. There I said it. It rhymed” — with as much affection as she does the mezuzah Woody Allen gave her as an opening night gift in 2011, when she was the leading lady in his portion of Relatively Speaking. READ FULL STORY

Daniel Dae Kim still tells great 'Lost' stories -- VIDEO


As fans of Hawaii Five-0 prepare for another action-packed season finale with the return of both Wo Fat (Mark Dascascos) and Ian Wright (Nick Jonas), spoilers may be tough to come by. But when Daniel Dae Kim stopped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test, we definitely got him talking… about the song he can rock in karaoke, the movie he always quotes, that time his father thought Monty Python and the Grail was a serious retelling of the King Arthur tale, and a little lie told to him while he was filming the Lost series finale. READ FULL STORY

'Arrow' star Colton Haynes explains why 'Annie' is the scariest movie he's ever seen in our Personality Test -- VIDEO


Arrow‘s Colton Haynes has been missing out on the action as of late — but with Slade’s Mirakuru army taking over the city, we’re hoping  it’s only a matter of time until Roy is venom-less and back in a red hoodie.

While you wait for tonight’s sure-to-be-epic episode, we’ve got a little something to hold you over. EW recently put Haynes in the hot seat for our Pop Culture Personality Test, during which he revealed that Christina Aguilera was his first celebrity crush, and that his go-to karaoke songs are “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding and “Smooth” by Matchbox Twenty. Why Matchbox Twenty? “You do the air guitar in between and that always gets you more points, so if you don’t sound good, at least you look good,” Haynes explained.

To find out more about the actor, watch his Personality Test below, in which he reveals the movie he always quotes and the boy band he (sort of) auditioned for:


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