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'Please Like Me' star Josh Thomas really regrets dressing like Eminem


Josh Thomas is no stranger to a bottle of peroxide. During his awkward teen years, the Please Like Me creator and star emulated Slim Shady’s style, much to his own chagrin when he looks back now.

Fortunately, Thomas is well past his teen years as PLM picks up for a new season. Though the penultimate episode of the first season centered on Josh’s (Thomas) 21st birthday, the latest batch of episodes take place a few years later. Thomas jokes, “We just had to go a bit farther forward because my face is falling apart. I look not-as-radiant as when I was 21.”

In addition to a new baby stepsister, Josh and his best friend Tom (Thomas Ward) have picked up a third roommate named Patrick (Charles Cottier), who piques a still-single Josh’s interest. Thomas says the chemistry with Patrick is “not as, like, ‘SEX!’ as [it was with] Geoffrey.” Geoffrey, for those who haven’t watched the Australian series (which airs on Pivot), is Josh’s ex played by Wade Briggs. Thomas promises the fan favorite will make a return: “Everybody wanted more of Geoffrey,” he admits. “Tumblr just wants Geoffrey to be naked all the time.”

Thomas says he “totally” gets where that impulse but is resisting the temptation to write an all-nude Geoffrey episode… at least for now. “I could do it!” he says. “The network is really easygoing; they trust my creative vision. I could say, ‘There’s this half-hour episode where Geoffrey’s just naked and, like, touching himself.’ I could come up with a creative justification… but it’s just not very compelling plot-wise, you know? So I had to not do it; I had to write, like, stories. When we kind of give up in a few [seasons], we’ll do that.”

Instead, Josh will continue to live a relatively simplebut profoundly amusinglife and receive “a constant amount of gentle sass” from his friends and family. As such, Thomas vows not to go the soap opera route with PLM: “You can get ridiculous with these stories over time where everyone’s dating everybody and everything’s happened to the same character: ‘He has cancer and then two months later he’s getting married.’ In soap operas, they have these wild lives, but we don’t want to do that, so we’re… keeping it a bit more honest.”

Below, Thomas gets honest about everything from his bottle-blonde locks to his fondness for Will & Grace‘s Jack McFarland when he takes EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test. READ FULL STORY

The 'Outlander' stars you're swooning over reveal their first crushes


Do the stars of the epic new time-travel romance Outlander, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, have good chemistry? We gave them an EW Pop Culture Personality Test to find out.

Watch the video and read a transcript below. Outlander officially premieres Saturday, Aug. 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz. READ FULL STORY

Watch Nat Faxon make his 'Married' co-star Judy Greer cry


Get Judy Greer in the same room as her Married co-star Nat Faxon for an EW Pop Culture Personality Test, and you quickly learn that the actress tears up when she laughs. You also learn that like any good fictional wife, she can predict how her fictional husband will playfully insult her.

Watch the video and read a full transcript below. Married airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.  READ FULL STORY

Lee Pace names the sex scene he's rewound... a lot


It’s a good weekend to be Lee Pace: He plays the blue-hued Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy, now in theaters, and his AMC show Halt and Catch Fire airs its season finale Aug. 3 at 10 p.m. ET.

You won’t get spoilers in our Pop Culture Personality Test, but you will learn about the actor’s love for Punky Brewster, Sanford and Son, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, and Team America: World Police. And isn’t that better?

Watch the video and read a full transcript below. READ FULL STORY

Elijah Wood on the celeb breakup he's still not over

Elijah Wood isn’t a man who gets caught up in celebrity romances, but there is one breakup that hit him hard. The Wilfred star confessed that and more when he took our Pop Culture Personality Test. READ FULL STORY

'Satisfaction' star Matt Passmore names the best sex scene men should never emulate


USA’s sexy summer series Satisfaction (Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET) will show you a lot of star Matt Passmore. But if you want to see the charming Aussie’s geeky and comedic sides, you’re going to need to watch him take our Pop Culture Personality Test below.  READ FULL STORY

Video: 'The Divide' star Marin Ireland shares your love of 'Soapdish'


Those who watched last week’s twisty premiere of WEtv’s new scripted drama, The Divide, know that Innocence Initiative case worker Christina (Homeland‘s Marin Ireland) is full of surprises—for example, she drives around Philly singing along to Mos Def’s “Quiet Dog.”

“That was [writer/co-creator] Richard LaGravenese’s pick. He just had a feeling that that is exactly the kind of music she would listen to. Of course it’s like the fastest song in the world. They were like, ‘Can you just learn all the lyrics to this song? We don’t know what part we’re gonna use yet.’ So I was about, for two weeks, walking around Toronto rapping,” says Ireland, who made her own playlist to get into character (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wu-Tang Clan, and Eminem). “When we shot the scene, I had it playing in my ear, so there was all these guys standing around, and they can’t hear the track, they just hear me going, ‘Simmer down, simmer down, simmer down.’ [Co-creator/director] Tony Goldwyn calls ‘Cut,’ and they all just burst out laughing, and he’s like, ‘Let’s do that again!’ They went five or six times just to make a fool out of me, which was adorable.”

With the season already wrapped, Ireland promises some kind of resolution to the case of who really murdered the Butler family years ago. Having lost the battle to save the death row inmate convicted of the crime in the premiere, Christina has set her sights on helping his alleged accomplice, Terry Kucik (Joe Anderson), who’s serving life and has long claimed his DNA was found on the teen daughter because they were in a hidden relationship.

While fans wait to see how the drama unfolds—did I mention Christina’s father is also on death row for a crime she believes he didn’t commit?—Ireland was happy to lighten things up by taking EW‘s Pop Culture Personality Test.  READ FULL STORY

Video: Dean Cain explains why an episode of 'The Brady Bunch' pissed him off


Fans of VH1′s Hit the Floor (Mondays at 9 p.m. ET) last saw Dean Cain’s pro basketball coach Pete Davenport unconscious in his bed after another bender. Cain can’t tell you if Peter lives or dies, but he can share a great story about how his house was built as a direct response to an episode of The Brady Bunch that infuriated him.  READ FULL STORY

Video: 'Rush' star Tom Ellis shares his lovemaking soundtrack of choice

Dr. William Rush is a private doctor with a penchant for self-medicating. His drug of choice? Eighties pop music. Oh yeah, lots of cocaine. Tom Ellis, the actor who plays the title character of USA’s new show Rush, shares a deep and abiding love for one of the doctor’s vices—fortunately, though, it’s not one that will land him in prison.

Ellis shared his fondness for shlock pop while taking EW‘s Pop Culture Personality Test: “When I got the briefing from [executive producer] Jonathan Levine about Rush’s taste in music—and it was, of course, that he has terrible taste in music—I was, like, ‘Great!’ So I opened up my backpack of ’80s guilty pleasures. The Debbie Gibson stuff and the Katrina & the Waves, all of that is on a playlist that I created for the character. All of that I actually secretly love.”

What other unexpected ’80s nods popped up during the Welshman’s Test? And how do amorous foxes figure into one of his confessions? Find out before Rush debuts tonight. READ FULL STORY

Chelsea Handler reveals her secret 'Jaws' connection


Chelsea Handler’s ideal night in, according to her responses to EW‘s Pop Culture Personality Test? Drooling over Christian Bale, quoting Pretty Woman, and watching her favorite summer blockbuster: Jaws, a movie to which the comedian has a surprising connection.

Discover the truth in the clip below—and feel free to start plotting a way to convince Handler to stop by for an impromptu Spielberg film festival. After all, she’ll have a lot more time on her hands six weeks from now, when Chelsea Lately ends its seven-year run on E! (but before she launches her all-new Netflix talk show in 2016). Bonus: Stick around after her personality test results to learn about Handler’s childhood nickname… as well as the psychological damage it caused.


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